「English Cover」 This Is The Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee  (Utata-P / Vocaloid)【Jayn】

「English Cover」 This Is The Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee (Utata-P / Vocaloid)【Jayn】

Attention ! Images clignotantes. Contient des paroles et sujets douteux. Comment est-ce possible que tout le monde soit aussi heureux ? Toutes les choses que le monde peut offrir Montre les moi toutes Amène les moi toutes Me penchant pour mieux écouter, L’eau m’entraîne tout près et m’y fait rentrer L’excitation est proche maintenant N’est-ce pas, Ondine…? Bonjour à tous ! Ecoutez car c’est réellement important à savoir ! Toutes les questions que vous vous posez ? Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir ? Et bien devinez quoi ? Je vais tout vous dire !! Toutes les choses qui vous ont tourmentées, je vais tout expliquer !! Hé, vous tous, désormais votre boulot est d’encourager, ne me laissez pas tomber ! Etes-vous super heureux maintenant ? C’est votre boulot de l’être. Vous ne voulez pas être viré n’est-ce pas ? Chacun d’entre nous du Comité du Bonheur et de la Tranquillité d’Esprit Vous souhaitons le bonheur le plus total Et nous ferons tout ce qui est en notre pouvoir pour vous assister Le bonheur est ta responsabilité Es-tu réellement heureux maintenant ? T’es supposé l’être Le bonheur est ta responsabilité Es-tu réellement heureux maintenant ?
Et bien tu ferais mieux de l’être Alors les chéris, soyez tranquilles Vivez le plus heureux possible, et remplissez votre devoir envers le monde ! Rappelez-vous simplement que votre bonheur est notre bonheur Vous vous sentez heureux maintenant ? Et bien vous devez l’être, d’accord ? C’est là votre seul but. Et si vous n’êtes pas heureux, et bien, nous pouvons vous aider pour ça aussi… Nœuds, cordes serrées, tranche ta gorge. Étranglement, Abattu, se noyer, vous allez tous vous incliner Décapitation, connais tes limites Crucifié, va crever Juste choisis ton préféré Bonjour à tous ! Bonté divine !

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  2. Happiness is your responsibility
    Happiness is your responsibility
    Happiness is your responsibility
    Are you really happy now? You're supposed to be
    Happiness is your responsibility
    Happiness is your responsibility
    Happiness is your responsibility
    Are you really happy now? W̸̢̺̞̮̅̄̈́̒ë̴͈̹̭́̀̍́͑̀ͅl̸̲̫̤̯̆̉́l̵̬̺̼̥̿̊ͅͅ ̸̞̮̤̋̈̚y̵͔͗̆͐̅͠o̴̧̦̻͖̐̌̓͒ú̸̺̭̪̟͚͒̊̃́̐ ̸̢̌b̵͙͔͠e̶̯͛̑̚t̷͚̙̼͋́t̷͎̥̫̗̬̩̾͆e̸̛͈͆̆̊̊͝r̷̛̥͛̌̎͠͝ ̴͕͇̘̭̐͛̐̿̉͘͜͜b̸̟͓̰͎͇͑̉e̸̛̛̼̻͈̗̳̤͛͐̉͆

  3. The words "Happy" and "Happiness" don't sound like words after listening to this song LOL
    Wasn't expecting this cover! Nice!~ <3

  4. I fucking love your voice omfg😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😗😗😗😙😙😚😚hehehe😶😶😶😶😶

  5. I hate how I listened to a parody of this before the original, and the parody sounds better than the original..

  6. I've seen maybe 5 versions of this song, and I'm confident that you sang this best. The more speaking parts that take some voice acting is what sets you apart, you did amazing with that.


    like sheesh. Everyday i feel like I have to be happy and stuff for people. I never express other emotions because people always expect me to be happy.

  8. Hey idk how to properly contact you so im probably gonna try to contact you in a few comments sections


  9. I love this artist because their songs are always so relaxed the beginning only to say "hahaha you thought this was gonna be chill"

  10. This is a weird comparison but I’m kinda reminded of Urara Kawashima from Food Wars. ‘Be Happy or Die’ parallels ‘Praise Central or Die Then’. I know it doesnt make any sense but it sorta clicked in my head….

  11. Me I'm happy all the time XD this makes me laugh hounsty lol i like how shes like smile or else lol I'm not like that but i do like making people smile lol

  12. No offence, but how did you translate this???? The song on Project DIVA F2nd has a compleatly different translation.

  13. Oh no
    I’m getting a “We Happy Few” vibes,with all the dystopian goodness in the song.Both have the same concept about forced happiness.

  14. female dictator right there but goddamn this song is creepier than fnaf 4 and that's the only game where I almost shat myself well that and seeing a ghost leviathan for the first time (shudders.)

  15. I just wanna know what that knight did to betray Ondine.
    EDIT: I got more context on it, i you wanna know then do your research. ._.

  16. Damn this is good! I'm just desperately hoping that you do a song that's similar. Don't know if it's the sequel or not? ""The Path to Eternal Happiness, I Found It". I like to think it's a follow-up, but maybe that's just me.

  17. Hey guys, can someone explain the connection between the Ondine lore and and the pressure of the society to me? I was thinking the whole last week about this song but I cannot come up with a plausible explanation.

    I understand that most people are peer-pressured into feeling happy – or at least brainwashing themselves into thinking that they are happy. I also know the lore of Ondine who gave up her eternal youth for the man she loved. However he wasn´t interested in her and chose another woman (what Ondine sees like a betrayal); then Ondine cursed this man. However, I cannot draw the line between these two.

    It makes sense that Ondines lore is used as a lyrical methaphor but who does she represent? The society who is unhappy if you don´t love it? => meaning if you don´t follow the societies standards you will also get cursed (i.e. don´t get a well paying job, be looked down, get told that you are worthless etc.)?

  18. Anyone who think that the Western World is turning exactly into what happen in this song is a conspiracy theorist. A van will come to pick you up and send you to the nearest re-education center.
    And smile.

  19. In history class, we've been discussing Trolley Problems and our teacher told us about the short story: "The Ones who Walk Away From Omelas." In the story, the narrator tells you about a city where everyone is as happy as they could be, but in order to keep this happiness one child must be locked up in a basement, tortured, and made miserable. If even one word of kindness was spoken to the child, the deal would be broken and the citizens would experience negative emotions. This song reminds me of that story.

  20. I thought this song was dark when listening to it in Japanese, but listening to the English Cover makes this a million times darker, especially how Jayney sounds during the spoken bits

  21. I am not bashing this song at all definitely major kudos for the English cover but this definitely reminded why I rather listen to it in Japanese cause it just sounds so much better lmao. This song made me cringe and actually gave me shivers lol, in a good and bad way. Some of you are probably gonna be butthurt I really don’t care. I learned Japanese as a third language yes third language to avoid this cringe and enjoy the things I love. I will respect the song by saying the emotion and the translation was on point once again major kudos

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