🔥 DOG CARE 2020 ► 15 Tips To Care For a Puppy 🐶 [NEAR ME]

🔥 DOG CARE 2020 ► 15 Tips To Care For a Puppy 🐶 [NEAR ME]

dog care 15 tips for a puppy if we have a new pet in our house but we don’t know how to start taking care of it it would be good to have some useful tips to get started we should consider some things the main thing is to have everything necessary to be able to give you the necessary care in addition to taking into account that it is suitable for us considering the fur the weather and where we will have it here is a list of tips to take care of our baby puppy 1 a vet that is comfortable and soft 2 small plates one for water and one for food if possible metal 3 food and treats for puppies of good quality for a harness and a leash 5 cleaning kit bristle brush towels dog shampoo etc 6 toys for puppy dogs 7 we must give them small portions of food and depending on their age if you have between 6 and 8 weeks four times per day if you have 12 to 20 weeks three times a day if you have 20 or more weeks 2 times a day 8 you should always have clean water in your container so you can drink whenever you want 9 try to have a safe environment always avoid having dangerous things like dangerous plants for them such as Lille’s clover foxglove you rhubarb plugs cables within reach and other possible entanglements 10 choose a veterinarian and take it for the first time he will prescribe the medicine to deworm him and tell you when you should first vaccinate him and the following vaccine eleven wash it once every three weeks or so do not wash it as often 12 they should sleep at least six hours a day and we should not disturb them while they do 13 we must clean your water and food containers every day for your health 14 it is good to clean your eyes with a makeup disc of cotton soaked in water or warm chamomile whether or not lizards 15 training him as a puppy is the best thing to compensate him with prizes praise or caresses when he does something right and when he does something wrong to say in a strong tone words like no or bad things he associates that it is not right spend time and play with him every day and remember to give your love and attention always so that you are happy and observe that you feed properly and have no signs of being sick in case of any suspicion consult or go to the veterinarian for a better care of your dog successes do not forget to like this video subscribe to our Channel and activate the bail so you can find out our next videos and if you want you can know our online store of pet products which is in the description description

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