14 Days in Japan Vlog – Tokyo, Hakone, Mount Fuji, Shibu Onsen, Snow Monkey, Disney

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100 Replies to “14 Days in Japan Vlog – Tokyo, Hakone, Mount Fuji, Shibu Onsen, Snow Monkey, Disney”

  1. Also the AIRb&b got clamped down in JP summer 2017, if anyone can let me know if they are open again now that would be great, I'l looking for somewhere central Shibuya/Shinjuku with cooking facilities.

  2. Fantastic video. Could not leave until I saw the whole thing. Amazing quality being shot on iPhones. Unbelievable. You deserve alot more subscribers. Thanks guys…..

  3. What month did you travel there? Trying to go beginning of May and trying to know what the temperature will be around the.

  4. Hi, loved your Japan vlog 🙂 I'm researching for my 3 weeks in a campervan exploring Japan. I'm from Oxford, I've been looking forward to exploring Japan for so long! I'll be there all March 2019, if I see you guys gazing lovingly at blossom I'll say hi 🙂

  5. Great job. Beautiful video. Could you tell me how big the original video is ? And is it a hard work to upload it to Youtube?

  6. This is probably the best Vlog of a holiday I've seen and since I prepare for my own holiday, I've seen quite a lot. This is just so infomative and entertaining at the same time, I highly recommend anyone to watch this if you wanna get an inside look at what a holiday in Japan can be like. Definitely worth the time!

  7. Wow this is a fabulous video my daughter has moved to Tokyo from Ireland and is presently working there .We are going on our first trip to visit her in October and loved watching and getting some travel inspiration !! .Had thought of Hakone but Disney Sea looked surprisingly good .Thanks for your informative vlog will watch out for some more .

  8. Found your channel almost by accident since I was looking for Santorini and I just could not stop watching one after another. Subbed.

  9. amazing feedback and information, thanks. We are going to Japan on the 11th April 2019 so very soon.Wish us luck!! Tokyo 2 nights then on a cruise around all the islands

  10. Hey there can you tell me pls how much it cost you in us dollar for 14 days in Japan and what about English language in Japan does japani ppl speak and understand English pls let me know thanks anyway your video was absolutely amazing

  11. Very well made absolutely the best informative travel video I've seen on YouTube. 👍🏽👍🏽👌🏽

  12. Really enjoyed watching your video! I am hoping to go to Japan next year so I have many good ideas from watching.

  13. I just returned from Japan on a 15 day trip, planned with many parts of this vlog in mind. We literally had the same cherry blossom experience! "It's impossible to get tired of looking at Cherry Blossoms!" LMAO! We did all the things in Hakone, saw some monkeys, ate too many fish for breakfast, learned how to make sushi, saw a few million cherry blossoms, spent time in the onsen and fell in love with Japan. I can't thank you enough for this video. I hope it inspires many to take the journey!

  14. Hi, me and my BF really enjoying your japan channel. May i know is it necessary to buy JR Pass when travelling from tokyo, to hakone, to mount fuji to nagano? Your channel really help me alot of where to travel in Japan.. Thank you so much….

  15. Oh my gooooood I am in my bed at a hotel in Tokyo watching your video and my back is killing me too (because of casablanca-tokyo) What did they give you for your back ? I went to international hospital and they give me pills but the pain is still here… I was hoping for an injection… what do you recommend. Help me please I m so sad to stay in… thank you 🙏

  16. Hi this is interesting piece of vlog. I would like to know what kind of camera you are using? I am quite a beginner and thinking of getting something like this 🙂 Thanks and keep vlogging!

  17. You video Japan travel time information is excellent exceting inspired to visit Japan experience japanies life place go amazing awesome beautyful lovely joyful Japan specially Fuji mountain hot springs hotspots ,unsanitary hot spring looking beautiful lovely area relaxing beautiful place nature and enjoyable experience next time video summer falls liked to see Okinawa Japan experience thank you grat video !

  18. Iloved honchu Japan very interesting inspirational experience time for travelers excellent experience please visit food delicious yummy restaurant locals ,delightful place enjoyable experience excellent wonderful tour of spring time!thank you happy travel 🧭.😇😇🥰😍👍😎

  19. Double thumbs up! I feel I was right there, thank you so much. This video is perfect! The pictures, the sound, your guide, it fun! OMG the toillet! Is it for real? 🙂 🙂 🙂 I can't wait to see more of your videos! So glad I found you!

  20. It's an awesome amazing video and the information is very useful and clear and this is the first time we see a clear and honest information from a travel blogger and we will be coming to Japan next month thank you and keep it up bless you.

  21. Hi there, SM! Was your fee of 170 pounds for the doctor's visit only? Or did that fee include also some medication or massage therapy etc.? TY for sharing 👍😊!

  22. This was a fantastic presentation, very informative and with a relaxed humour often not seen in many youtube videos. I have seen it before when viewing other material on Japan, and I am glad I subscribed to your channel you are well worth watching, keep it up.

  23. Great video! I also went to Japan last year! Makes me want to go back again! Hope you can watch my video on this in my channel! Thanks! 💕

  24. Interesting trip. Never been out there yet, seems like my next destination. Indonesia isn't too far from Japan. Great content also. Good luck on the channel…

  25. Gorgeous travel fit for a king! Wish I could have the same experience..lucky you!! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Thank you for sharing this video. It has been the most enjoyable film I have seen so far about Japan! Your presentation skills are superb! Excellent!

  27. I love this video. It's so nice to watch. Nothing too crazy or over the top happening. It's just a pleasure to watch.

  28. @2:00 Jeez, how can you be married to a Japanese woman and suck at even basic Japanese pronounciation like that?

  29. Japanese must stop supplying "Fukushima radiation poisoned foods" to tourists in Japan! . . . Stop this exporting of radioactive foods to other countries! . . This is crazy!

  30. Thank you for the awesome video. It is very beautiful, funny and informative. It makes me wanting to go back again. Beautiful country!

  31. Japan must stop supplying " Fukushima radiation poisoned foods" to tourists in Japan! . . Stop this exporting of radioactive foods to other countries! .. This is crazy!

  32. Most inspiring vlog on Japan travel!!! Is it easy to get around Japan even if there is a perceived language barrier?

  33. You are a superb storyteller. I have subscribed. 🙂 Of all the Japan vlogs I have watched over the week or so, this has been my favorite. Thank you very much.

  34. hello

    may i know what month you went there ?? im planning to go to japan in October what do you think is it ok ? and which month is the best month to visit japan ???

  35. Excellent video! I'm planning a family trip in March hopefully at Cherry blossom season and have been watching videos and yours is the best by far! Sending this on to my kids to watch.

  36. I am a man from Algeria I want friends from Japan I love the people of Japan and I love Japan😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  37. Envious that you were able to see both Mount Fuji and the cherry blossoms while in hakone. When I went it was still beautiful but raining the entire time.

  38. Love your vlog, I will be visiting Japan again this October and find your video and links very helpful. Looking forward to experiencing the onsen and food 😍

  39. Hi there. Did you fly out of Tokyo as well or osaka? I’m contemplating on buying the JR Pass. I fly in Osaka then Nara , Kyoto and Tokyo then head back to Osaka for my flight out.

  40. We're going to Japan and absolutely loved your video! Very informative and humorous! Thank you both! (You can be a professional TV presenter!)

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