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THE 100 Comic Con Panel 2015

81 Replies to “2016 Supernatural VanCon J2 Afternoon Panel”

  1. That was fun to watch. Thanks for recording and uploading it 🙂 I can't thank you enough for everything you do, to those who can't go to spn con these videos are amazing 🙂

  2. Speaking of celebrities on the 30th minute or so…. J2 outshine every other hollywood celebrities out there and they have no idea!!!!

  3. What an absolutely great recording of this panel. The whole Eddie Vedder and Kristin Wiig bit, along with the "woooos"; nonstop happiness here. Thank you!!

  4. I hated that question about the photos and how Jensen's sell out quicker. You can tell they both felt uncomfortable and it just seemed mean to Jared.
    Great video though, thanks for recording

  5. Jared Freaking Adorable Padalecki and Jensen Rugged and Handsome Ackles.
    I went to Vancon last year with full intent on coming this year but they jacked up the prices to almost double 🙁 I would have loved to sit in that room for this panel. Thank you for uploading as I can live vicariously through you and everyone else!

  6. this is just one of those panels that instantly became my favourite like right of the back
    such great questions and awesome answers, and also Jared and Jensen seem more open and hilarious (more than usual if that's possible) maybe it was because they were in their second home as Jensen put it
    i can't even pick a favourite moment from it was just that amazing
    and thank you for posting, for people like me who don't have the opportunity and privilege to go to panels you are a life line so thank you

  7. Thanks for this. Have never gone to one. Do not worry about missing the intro segment.
    I checked it out on another site. Jared was not the only one embarrassed.
    Truly crude classless and CRINGE WORTHY!!

  8. I love this family 🙂 I am a new member. My life has become happy again now that I have somewhere to call home 🙂

  9. That whole thing about meeting famous people hits home right now – I was at a wedding last weekend – about 50 people – and chatted with Joe Bonamassa and his beautiful girlfriend Sinead Burgess for about 2 hours, ended up dining with them at the reception. I am a HUGE fan of his and am still in shock, but was able to keep my cool and not spaz completely. Not sure if I could keep my cool meeting these two guys though. A 46 year old mess is what I would be! 🙂 Did I mention I had to stand up there and do the wedding ceremony too? Yeah…

  10. Listen to all the camera shutter clicks at about 10:07. Everyone's taking pictures of Jared whispering in Jensen's ear.

  11. Thank you so much, Sherry, for this awesome video. I haven't laughed or girl screamed in a long time. I needed that! 😊 ^_^

  12. i love how they dont know what to do when the other is seriously complimenting them and try to make a joke out of it…just goes to show how humble they are
    and it goes without saying that the camaraderie between them is just…it just warms my heart

  13. Amei o vídeo!Pena que não está legendado!estou super feliz pelos paineis desse ano estar muito leve,e o Jared e o Jensen estão super feliz e animados.Também estou muito feliz por eles estarem em sintonia.Eles são as almas gêmeas que se completam.Um é a metade dou outro.Eles se comunicam apenas pelos olhares e sorrisos.Torço muito por eles.Deus os abençoe sempre!

  14. I forgot Jose Manzano's (the focus puller on Supernatural, as everyone knows) wife had a baby boy. That's the baby Jensen was talking about. Good job me 😀 Lol!!!!

  15. I'm gonna be really sad when SPN ends. I know it has to and they deserve to spend more time with their families, but I'm gonna miss Jensen and Jared. This show has gone on so long I've watched J2 grow up right alongside Sam and Dean. Finally saying goodbye to all four is like saying goodbye to your kids.

  16. Jared's toes are fine, saw them in the premier of season 12. He is a tall guy, they are long and match with his tall frame. I guess he is just teasing him!

  17. not gonna lie, when he said he had funny shaped toes and we would see them in episode 2, i legit looked up the blowtorch scene, where i knew there was a good shot of his feet, and paused it right at that moment to study his toes. and i will just say that Jensen was not lying

  18. The toe part reminded me that my brothers Friends from Eastern Europe told him they had no word in their language for toes. He was confused and asked what they call them and they said feet fingers. My bro and I found this hilarious.

  19. I know I'm late to the party here on this video (bingeing con vids I love it) – but who is the girl Jensen said he likes? Who knows Felicia? I couldn't make it out. (story starting around 38:00) thanks 🙂

  20. Thank you so very much for posting this video with subtitles. It's the first time I could watch an entire set and actually understand what they are talking about and most importantly get all the jokes.

  21. Whoever did the captioning: thank you. Like, seriously. From the bottom of my heart. Your time dedicated is appreciated so damn much. I'm not even kidding. THANK YOU

  22. 4:15 In a recent 2018 panel, Jared was saying how Jensen says the word "ruin" funny and I just heard him say it again 😂

  23. Is it just me or does anyone else get a little exasperated when people ask questions about their private life? Especially when it comes to their family. The guys are great sports & willing to answer but I sometimes I feel like a voyeur by proxy even though I didn't ask the question. Unless you are having a personal conversation with them and sharing anecdotes about your family as well I just find it weird when ppl pose questions like that to them in front of a large audience.

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