2020 Lincoln Aviator Jumps Into the Luxury SUV Crowd | Edmunds

2020 Lincoln Aviator Jumps Into the Luxury SUV Crowd | Edmunds

MKT was kind of an odd duck. It wanted to be an SUV,
a minivan, a wagon. It’s kind of hard to tell. But the Aviator,
the MKT successor, has its foot firmly planted in
the midsize crossover category. Lincoln gave us a
sneak peek a few days before its official unveil
at this year’s LA Auto Show. We first saw the Aviator at
this year’s New York Auto Show, but that was
technically a concept. We walked away impressed by
the expressive exterior styling and high quality interior. Thankfully, the final
production model retains those same strengths. Next to me is the Grand
Touring model, differentiated by its unique grill, blue
Lincoln badge in the front, and blue aviator
script on the side. The standard engine on
this car is a twin turbo V6 with 400 horsepower. But the one next to
me is a plug-in hybrid with 450 horsepower and
a stunning 600 pound-feet of torque. Step to the side and you’ll
see the swoopy profile popularized by other
luxury SUV coupes, but importantly, without
a reduction in headroom. The first thing I noticed
when stepping into the Aviator was how impressive
this interior is. Without qualifications, this is
a true luxury grade interior. And somebody coming from a
Mercedes, or an Audi, or a Land Rover is not going
to be let down. I mean, you have this
really cool 3D texture sort of brushed aluminum look
trim extending from a dash. And down here in
the center console, you have leather coverings
all the way up here. The seat leather seems to
be really nice and supple. There’s nothing in
here that screams this is anything but a luxury car. There are, however,
a few things that we hope get sorted out before
the Aviator makes it to full production. The seat sits up pretty high. At 6′ 4″, I’m fairly tall. And this seat is in
its lowest position. And my head seems very
close to the headliner. The low roofline makes me feel
a little claustrophobic when I look out the front. And while I have plenty of
room up here on the front, the second and third
row were a little tight. I can usually sit behind
myself with little to no discomfort in
most midsize crossovers. But sitting behind
myself in the Aviator was a little tight in leg room. I also tried getting
into the third row, and there’s really no way
to do that gracefully. But the Aviator doesn’t
just do the luxury stuff. It also has all of
today’s bells and whistles that you would expect of
a car in this price range, from a 28 speaker premium
sound system to an adaptive air suspension that can read
the road ahead of you and firm up or soften the
dampers to make the ride a little bit better. It also has what Lincoln says
is the largest head up display in the industry. Has Lincoln finally
produced a worthy rival to segment heavyweights like the
Audi Q7, Land Rover Discovery, Mercedes Benz GLE,
and Volvo XC90? We’ll have to wait
until summer of 2019, when the Aviator hits
dealership lots to find out. Be sure to check out the rest
of Edmunds LA Auto Show coverage in addition to the latest
car news and reviews at edmunds.com/roadnoise.

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69 Replies to “2020 Lincoln Aviator Jumps Into the Luxury SUV Crowd | Edmunds”

  1. It looks good but it looks best in the concept color. That silver doesn’t pop as much as that amethyst color of the “preview” vehicle.

  2. was so impressed by the interior and exterior design, until i saw all that PIANO BLACK everywhere on the centre console -.- fingerrrprint scratches grime and hair galore

  3. He doesn't mention about the entire piano black all over the console. How do people not find it annoying having fingerprint prone piano black lmao

  4. Way to go Lincoln! Welcome back! For years, even a decade I thought you guys lost your identity with your cars but not now! You guys are now on my radar! Nicely done!!

  5. Nice review: I think the question is answered, if both 2nd row and 3rd row are too tight, then the aviator doesn’t match up to the competition. Very disappointed in ford

  6. I've been seeing these around Dearborn Campus…. Have yet to test the 3.0L Hybrid, but the 3.0L is a great engine and the interior of this vehicle is excellent as mentioned. I'm 6'4" and fit comfortably in the vehicle.

  7. I was looking forward to this and the new Explorer until he mentioned headroom… I hate that manufactures are raising all the seats in their cars. I'm only 6'3" but it's all from the waist up. So if he's feeling claustrophobic, my head will literally be in the sunroof.

  8. Holy Moly – 450hp… Geeezzz – And that INTERIOR??? LINCOLN is climbing to the top real fast – the whole new Lincoln lineup is impressive.. That 2018 MKZ is a really Nice car.

  9. Dude, you are just tall! Do you really think they're going to redesign the entire vehicle to accommodate people who are 6'4"?! GET A NAVIGATOR!

  10. So Acura MDX and the Infiniti Q60 are not midsize luxury heavyweights? I would think just those two models account for 2/3 of this segment!

  11. those engines will burnout fast watch u gone see, tipical, so ford follow gm with the headsup display , wow i wonder when that will happen

  12. Looks like a Kia for tea… “BMWs new cars look like Kia especially Z4” what??? This Lincoln is a mix between a Mazda,Kia and Saab in the rear.

  13. Studies show tall people are disproportionately wealthy. As a luxury brand it would behoove Lincoln to design a seat that accommodates them.

  14. It's beautiful, but the big question is, those "coming from BMW, Audi, and Mercedes", are they willing to drop $75,000 on a base model with a dealer network that's subpar?

  15. Buddy, nice review but one issue, how many people who are 6 feet and 4 inches tall are gonna sit in the third row? Yes you're tall, very tall but you want a car for you? Go for the navigator or the big mega SUVs. I like your reviews. They're short and give you just enough information. I would have liked more information about the engine specifics and infotainment etc

  16. Ha , mo plastic cladding some say ?. . . . . Body between a volvo x90 and a land rover. Front end of a continental. Inside lots of plastic ( plateable gray ) to give you that luxory finish . At the end of the day this things are make by crap motor co. And will fail just like back in the 90's.

  17. You're 6'4… What do you expect.. Its not Lincoln fault. They did an outstanding job..Audi doesn't even come close!

  18. Lincoln is on fire… The Cadillac XT6… what a dud… They won’t hire us, they won’t make sexy products, nothing has a name, they forced one of their great designers into retirement… just sad.

  19. God PLEASE make the grill larger in the production version it’s almost perfect but that damn grill is just a tad bit too small!😭🙏🏼

  20. Sat in the 2020 Aviator the other day at the dealer reveal. First row very nice… like a mini-Navigator. Second row disappointing. Cramped (and I'm not a big guy). Middle seat in 2nd row was surprisingly unusable. Literally no foot room. Not kidding. My shoes would not fit between the edge of the seat and the back of the front row console. Middle seat passenger needs to be a small child, or you will have to put your feet on the left and right side passengers foot space. The third row is unusable for anyone over 10 years old, and there's very little trunk space when it's in use. This is a common sacrifice for people wanting a third row, but not willing to drive a longer wheelbase vehicle. If I was buying one, I'd get second row captain chairs with middle row passthrough. It's the only way to make that third row usable. The Lincoln Nautilus has a much nicer seating layout by eliminating the third row. It's a shame Lincoln has not yet updated the dash in the Nautilus to mimic the new design language common to the Navigator, Aviator, and Corsair. The third row in this vehicle is a big compromise; you really pay for it in terms of seating space and trunk space.

  21. dude you are 6ft 4" what are you complaining about? name me a 3 row SUV that you wont have a problem in the 2nd or 3rd row? No 3rd row in this segment can accommodate for someone your length. cmon man be real.

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