21 Organizing Ideas To Clean Up Your Tiny Kitchen

21 Organizing Ideas To Clean Up Your Tiny Kitchen

The Kitchen is the heart of home But when you don’t have much space to organize it makes every inch of your kitchen work extra hard This is 21 Organizing Ideas To Clean Up Your Tiny Kitchen by Lauren Piro #1. Look Above Your Range When you store your pots and cooking utensils above your stove top everything you need is always at-hand #2. Be Narrow-Minded The skinny space between your fridge and the wall is prime real estate for organizing Put down a narrow shelf and you got one more space to store your canned food Here’s what you will need: Nail all boards together to make the main structure After the shelf comes together, drill holes for the dowels Insert dowels into the holes, use wood glue for extra support If you want, you could paint a design or a pop of color on the inside of the cabinet since no one will see this unless it’s open Attach the casters under the shelf and then attach your handle or knob to pull the cabinet in and out #3. Choose a Hollow Island From the front, this piece looks like your average island but from the back it’s storage central for everything you want cookbooks, holiday accessories but never seem to have enough space for This shelf originally comes with a door. To make it onto an open shelving simply remove the door add a few hooks on the sides of the shelf and you have easily doubled your storage space in your kitchen #4. Display What You Can Making a wall rack for your platters serves two very important purposes It creates extra storage and it doubles as wall art Create a standing shelf by attaching plaine pine boards with nail gun After the frame is built, use nail gun again to attach it to the wall and cupboard To hold the plates, you could use traditional wood strapping or if you want it to be a bit more industrial, use galvanized metal strapping Aged them by using muriatic acid with proper safety precautions and attached them directly to the shelf A simple project with a big result #5: Utilize Baskets at the top of your shelf. Easy-to-grab bins are great for corralling goodies on the tippy-top shelf Optimize your top shelf space which is usually left empty by adding small metal basket to store bottles or wine #6. Regain Your Kitchen Sink Space Get wet sponge and scrubbers off your countertop by placing them in desk organizier hung on the side of nearby cabinets (an ever underutilized space) Head to thrift store and find a small shelf and pencil holder in the office supply department Paint a little oil rubbed bronze spray paint and the hang them on a noook like this The pencill holder was the absolute perfect size for holding sponges And the small shelf fit a nice new shiny glass dish soap holder a tiny dish for the scrubber and a new friendly succulent The best part is, it utilized the side of your kitchen cabinet so you would have more space to work at your kitchen sink #7. Hang The Mason Jar Shelf Your shelf have two surfaces perfect for organizing kitchen clutter Place tins and bins on top and hang mason jars filled with nuts, seeds and spices underneath This is how you make it: First prepare this material And here is the secret, screw the lid on to a wooden shelf. It’s a good thing to use at least two screws in each lid other wise the lid might just go round and round when you’re trying to take the jar down And that’s basically it! Now you can start filling your jars with anything you like! #8. Give Essentials a Lift Counter space in a small kitchen is a precious, precious thing and these savvy baskets mean you can keep all your go-to ingredients at-the-ready without sacrificing your chopping station #9. Conceal and contain your plastic bags Is your kitchen cupboard always full of plastic bags that are taking over your cabinet space and continually falling out every time you open it? Then stuff them into empty tissue boxes for a handy and compact solution Altough each box doesn’t hold too many bags it is better than if they pile up in your cabinet. #10. Go Vertical A small shipping pallet which offers the perfect foundation for shelves for small bottles hooks for spoons and cups, and a metallic strip for knives Here’s how you make it: First Prepare this material Hammer in all nails that might stick out so you don’t hurt yourself when sanding Sand your pallet with the coarse sanding paper first then finish with a finer sanding paper Paint the pallet with your favorite color wood paint Added three wooden ledges, a magnetic knife holder and 6 white hooks plus a metal flowerpot for pens and scissors And this is the result… #11. Fully Use your Forgotten Spaces. Like the side of your lower cabinets. It’s the perfect spot to hang heavy, clunky items that are annoying to store like colanders or cutting boards Put in a few screws on the side of your cabinet and you got more space to hang pots, pans, and cutting boards #12. Show Boxes the Door Screw in a file holder inside your cabinet door and get your plastic wrap and aluminum foil out of the way by stowing them in a well-hidden magazine file #13. Build a Bench with a pullout drawers Use bench rather than chair because a breakfast nook bench takes up less space than dining chairs and It is also works double-duty with storage under the seats #14. Use Your Cabinet Doors Hang your most-frequently-used cooking utensils (like measuring cups and spoons, if you’re a baker) on the back of a cabinet door, instead of cramming them into already-full drawers. Simply nail in a thin wood and few hooks inside your cabinet door and you are good to go Just make sure that you nail the wood a little bit lower from your shelf position so the door could close #15. Utilize your fake kitchen drawers Do you have false kitchen drawer fronts that’s only there for cosmetic purpose’s? Well…you can turn your false kitchen drawer fronts into hinged drawers with a simple kit under 30 minutes First carefully removed the fronts Use a pencil to mark where the screws should go and then Drill a hole for the screws on the drawers Screw in the trays and you’ve got a extra storage and added function to your kitchen #16. Fold Down a Shelf Lets face it! Cooking requires a cookbook and a tasty beverage This savvy shelf hides on the side of your cabinet when not in use and swoops in like a superhero come perp time #17. Reposition Pot Lids Due to their awkwardly shaped handles, lids can commandeer a whole cabinet Get them out of the way by outfitting a drawer with a tension rod that holds them vertically in place. #18. Extra storage with secret Toe Kick drawer Underneath those cabinets there are extra storage space waiting to be utilize! This clever IKEA hack proves that every tiny kitchens has room for a bevy of cake pans or baking sheets Check out how to DIY this secret project at Tikkido #19. Hang Your Bags For less than $15, this hack makes it easier to tear off one bag at a time while opening up floor space under your sink for other cleaners This is the material you will need: Cut your dowel down to size and then sanded the ends so it will keep the wood from catching on your trash bag roll Drill two little hole on your cabinet and then screwed the brackets into place with a screwdriver Insert the dowels through the trash bag rolls and then hang into the bracket For just a few bucks and about an hour of time (that includes paint dry time) you now have organized trash bags on a roll! #20. Make Walls Work Harder No pantry? No problem Using these industrial Ikea shelves you could mounted vertically to facilitate storage and easy access in a space that might otherwise go wasted #21. Use magnetic Strips to organize your knifes Simply hung a magnetic knife rack in the back of the cabinet popped the blades on there, and presto! An ingenious idea for keeping blades safe and out of the way of fingers was born Andddd that’s all… Hope that all tips on this video could help you reorganize your kitchen better Please share your comment or ideas below Also don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more fresh and creative organizing videos Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next videos

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37 Replies to “21 Organizing Ideas To Clean Up Your Tiny Kitchen”

  1. Your kitchen is like 15x bigger than my tiny apt kitchen. If I had a kitchen that size, I wouldn't need these hacks. Why don't you try doing hacks for a kitchen the size of a coat closet. One that has no eating nook, let alone a freaking island.

  2. All your ideas a wonderful but I live in a old house with a very small narrow kitchen. There's no way I could have a island or the shelf next to my fridge. You have to get ideas for us folks with smaller kitchens!

  3. Our house was built in the 30s, approximately 4.5 ft. by 10 ft. making these 'small kitchen' ideas just laughable. You have no idea how lucky you are if you can stand in front of your oven when it is open instead of having it hit the drawer pulls on the opposite side of the kitchen. We had to remove the doors from the upper cabinets to have more accessable open shelving and to free up almost the usable wall space. I've had to buy some new pans recently and the only remaining space to put them is above the door. If you have a kitchen nook, you do not have a small kitchen. We hardly have a dining room because it's mostly a pantry now, with an upright freezer and a folding table. We often call it our 'kitchen extension' because it doubled the kitchen space we had. So all those pics of big bright with kitchens you have? Total joke. We are lucky to have a window. And even that is used for storage space.

  4. Lower the music volume so your voice stands through, it kind of dies out with all the music. To close in sound together

  5. I keep 2 wooden 'TV' trays in my kitchen. They give me 'extra' counter space when I need it. I can sit down on a folding chair to do prep using the tray(s). I can put pans and cookie sheets on trivets to cool on the tray(s). I can also cover the tray(s) with plastic garbage bag(s) and put down a towel to use for drying pots and pans and other overflow stuff if I am having a general 'cleaning up day', or doing lots of bulk cooking.
    Thanks for starting this topic. Great video.

  6. Most spices and herbs are supposed to be stored at room temperature or cooler to make them last. Squeezing them between a wall and a warm refrigerator isn't the best idea. Maybe cookbooks or hanging cooking utensils would be wiser. I slide a ladder in between the space and built a spice rack secured to the back of a door instead.

  7. these are really useful tips! Am thinking of tiny home living and boy are these space saving!! Thanks much. 👍

  8. That isn't what I call a tiny kitchen! I've never had a kitchen that size–always much smaller. There isn't room to use most of these ideas for me.

  9. I liked the dish soap and sponges on the side of the cabinet. It looked really cute and utilized some stealth storage!

  10. I'm concerned about the sponge, etc dripping down the side of the cabinet. No matter how much I dry such items, they always manage to drip.

  11. This was a good one! I've watched over 10 with the same tricks I've already figured out on my own, this one had some fresh ideas, thanks for the post!

  12. I use the sides of cabinets (over sink) to hang my cutting boards and drainers (colanders) so I cant do the shelves for sponges. 🙁 but I needed that area to save space elsewhere, and I am ALWAYS using them when I cook.

  13. Number 1 tip will make everything on top of the stove yucky oily! Unless your stove is only for display.

  14. When you are renting it is pretty hard to drill/screw or build into the kitchen cabinets. And whilst I like the ideas, in my case, my small kitchen, I need to think outside the square.

  15. I use a dollar store dishpan with a plastic zippered pillowcase bag, unzipped for plastic bags I use for my trash can & tuck folded paper bags on the side

  16. And FYI, instead of getting a dedicated magnetic knife rack from ikea or somewhere else, you can pick up a magnetic tool rack from harbor freight for less than $5. It’s not as pretty, but it works just as well, if not better, because it’s meant for tools.

  17. Even though my apartment kitchen is have the size there are still some tips I can use, just maybe smaller in scale. Thanks.

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