$500 Lottery Ticket Challenge  – Man Vs Youtube

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100 Replies to “$500 Lottery Ticket Challenge – Man Vs Youtube”

  1. With 4 million dollars I would buy a life time supplie of chocolates for when I want some or when I’m pmsing so yes

  2. Don't throw losing scratch offs out ever. Take them with you when ya cash the winners in…I bought $27 worth once. Had the gal double check the losers. Won over $100. Another, spent like $140. Won $400 off the losers cards. This has happened 3-4 times. Sometimes just the serial number or whatever they number the cards, are winners. 😉

  3. The 4,000,000 over 20 years would work out at $537 a day so it's still a fuck ton that could last a life ti e hahah

  4. I would dress up like a giant dick balls and all waving the middle fingers around to each fuck tard I work with as I ride off into the sunset on a hot pink scooter ordered from Amazon!

  5. I'd donate some for research for 3 "orphan" arthritis disorders that aren't being funded, Sjogrens, Ehrlos-Daniels & Anklosing Spondilitis; I'd help fund research for pain relief that is NOT opioid based and helped more-like medicinal marijuana, meditation, and specific physical therapy that really helps, not "this should make you feel better"-really listen to the person to get feedback!! If you don't have chronic pain, you don't understand chronic pain. So I guess I want to help others in ways that arent being utilized now-but should be by the medical "professionals"

  6. I would go fly to go see y’all. Give y’all a diy,and hugs,and maybe gonna give a pic. (And secretly a middle finger)

  7. id donate a large portion of my winnings and use the rest to buy a space to make into my own art/movie studio

  8. Once I bought 5 dollar scratch and win tickets and I won 10 off 3 and 20 off 1.. and I lost on 1 ticket 😎

  9. i would buy a house than inside that house there would be a toilet than in that toilet and in that there would be my crap and i would send it to you ; )

  10. I read the actual “IT” book, so much more complexe than the movie🤡🤡🤡🤡💿💿💿

  11. I would buy a iPhone X and a lot of Starbucks also I wouldn’t tell anyone that I had $4,000,000 hahah🤑

  12. Tfs. This kept my interest. I mean , it was funny and I love scratchers, that's what I call lottery tickets. So I just lived vicariously through you!

  13. I would get a bionic pancreas. Move to Scotland and buy all of the puppers and live happily ever after

  14. Ok, I'm almost certain that I can't win this book subscription any more, but if I won 4 million dollars I'd travel the shit out of this earth! (OK, in all seriousness though, I just calculated it, and if I just put all that money into an account and payed myself 4 500$ a month which should be enough to live I could live ok for 74 years, a little bit less if you account for extra expenses) Or I could invest in real estate for a million (condos) and then become a tennant (student appartments are usually a bit more expensive then they should be, so I'd buy some of these…)

  15. Not gonna lie, I'd spend it on a college education since the only reason financial aid isn't working out for me is because I can't afford tutoring so therefore I failed to the point where financial aid stopped supporting me. I'd spend the rest on a nice house for me, my boyfriend, and my parents. They are starting to get old and I only live in a one bedroom apartment. :[

  16. I would get a bigger house set money out for college and buy a hole bunch of crochet Material and the harry potter book series and moves

  17. If i won i would buy my grandparents a better house and help my family with medicine and care stuff.

  18. Don’t know about there but with the New York lottery there are three letters around the barcode that basically tell you if you’ve won’t and how much

  19. Rob, you can enroll your losing tickets into the weekly lottery draw for a chance to win 20,000…oh, wait, you can't bc this video is a year old and the tickets are expired.

  20. If I won 4 million dollars, I would buy an armys worth of 3 ft tall Star Wars dolls and pose them in fake attacks against neighbors that do something I find irritating (like letting your dog s**t on my porch and leaving it there all winter). I would set them up in the dead of the night with a giant Darth Vader leading the charge and motion capture cameras to see the reactions.

  21. My dream if I had $4,000,000….
    I live in Utah (I am not a Mormon), I would buy a very large mobile home so my three cats could be comfortable on the drive to Washington State, Seattle. I already have a blue print of what house I want built and would want to live in. I would want to live across the bay from Seattle so I could see the beauty of the night lights. I would make more money by doing crafts and selling them like: crochet, 5D crystal pictures, cross stitch, making clothes, and other crafts to keep myself busy, and buy a whole bunch of the green stuff and have it every day.

  22. I would bury the 4 million in a secret place and then conduct an international treasure hunt. Contestants would be given a starter clue, which would lead them to another clue. All of these clues would be spread around the world.

  23. I would build the dopest cat sanctuary-house in EXSISTANCE. ladders and climbs and holes in the wall AND THERE'S NO REAL DOORS only the cats can travel unless you know where the HIDDEN DOORS are is it that tome or do you jerk that dragon that looks like a penis WHO KNOWS WHO FUCKING KNOWS

  24. With 4 million, I would fix the truck you see in my little thumbnail pic, instead of trying to sell it and two other cars to try and get enough money for a good down payment on a newer more reliable car or truck.. and also buy a nice daily driver for when I don't need to go all offroady in my big gas guzzling truck that my dad built and left to me that I don't really want to sell but have to because that 4 million ain't happening. 😪

  25. I would save the money in the bank where it would gain interest for a couple years to then get my mum a house, give my dad long vacation, my brother the education he wants or a holiday whatever. And get myself a flat or a average house or education depends. And if there is anything left leave it in the bank for years so it can gain interest again.

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