A Smoking Ticket

A Smoking Ticket

(Funky music) Carol Taylor Carol you have one parking ticket on Gauge Street. I know. Parking in a prohibited area. Is there anything you want to tell me about this? Um, I don’t have no parking tickets. I don’t even have a car. I don’t know how I got a parking ticket. Were you standing in an area where you weren’t supposed to stand? No, no. Carol have you registered a car for someone else? My son, a long time ago. This car is registered to you? A long time ago, yeah. But they’re saying that this is on a Honda, I never registered a Honda. Let me ask you a couple of questions. Well Carol it appears to me that you registered this car? I don’t remember. I really don’t. Yeah. This is for a relative of yours. No I never registered no Honda. Well you indicated before that your registered a car? I registered, I told you what kind of car. A Lexus… For whom….. My son Joey.. I think your son got you to sign for another one. No, no. Well it’s in your name, it’s your date of birth, it’s your address… I called the police for somebody stealing the plates. I asked if they could get the plates and they said that I had to see you first. You know put a thing on a plate, I don’t remember. I really don’t. A Honda, I’ve never registered a Honda. I don’t know who got the plate and who’s using it. I don’t know who got it. I’ve never seen it. I don’t know what’s going on. Carol, I’m going to assess a fine of $30 I think you better talk this over with your son and tell him he owes you $30. At the end of the day, you’re going to find that your son has this car registered in your name and I think, you know… My son, I talked to my son yesterday before I came here. He said he doesn’t have that. He never had a Honda. $30. It’s difficult to tell people you don’t believe them. It’s really, it’s an assault on someone. I didn’t say specifically, “I don’t believe you” but my judgment is that I’m not buying your story. And that’s a tough thing for me to do. Because in many ways, she’s a mother. She was there for her son. I’ve had countless cases where parents come in and they make all kinds of excuses for their children because they’re overprotective and many times that’s the reason why kids have difficulty. I’m not casting any aspersions on this woman. She appears to be a nice woman. It still bothers me. (music playing) Good morning your Honor. Good morning sir, good morning. I almost don’t know what to do with this because at first I thought I was going to get a warning but then when I received a ticket I told the policemen that I don’t know I can afford the $50 because I’m on Social Security, I have limited income. And he says, “Well take it to court and plead not guilty and he’ll knock it down to $5.” I’m not really sure what to do. I want to do the right thing but I can’t afford the $50. I felt like I was singled out a little bit. You were singled out a little bit? Well, I don’t know if I worded that correctly but I felt like I was singled out and he said I was going to get a warning but he gave me a $50 ticket. What did he say to you? Well let me see some ID? Why you have to have ID to smoke a cigarette? Yeah, I was waiting between buses. I get out off one bus, I didn’t know where to go like when you have a five minute window to take a…. Take a puff? So anyway, I’m not saying I wasn’t smoking. Yes I was but $50 is a little steep. How much does a pack of cigarettes cost? Well, the Newports, I like to smoke the Newports, they’re $10 a pack but I don’t smoke those any more I go to Massachusetts and I buy the bag of tobacco with the long papers and I roll my own. Oh. How much does that cost you? The bag is about 36 ounces it costs about $25 and then you got a carton of the rollies so I buy about three boxes of rollies. Are you sure you’re rolling tobacco and not rolling something else? (laughter) No, I told the policeman that. I said you can smoke the marijuana because I can see people smoke it in the park but you can’t smoke cigarettes and he goes, “Yeah I know.” All right, you’re on SSI? Yes I have my.. It’s all right. I believe you. Just relax. You seem like a real decent person. I understand that you don’t have a lot of money. I know smoking can be addictive. I know people for years have been trying to give up smoking. I know you don’t make much money and you’re trying to cut down your expenses by traveling to Massachusetts, getting a bag and rolling them. I hope you’re not rolling the other stuff but if you are then it’s your business. What do you think? There is to be no drinking, no pot, or no smoking no nothing in the parks, loitering and everything you know. Kennedy Plaza is not designated a park, you know. It’s an inter modem for transportation and if they write Kennedy Plaza, I can’t charge someone in Kennedy Plaza. If they rolled in a park, then that would be a different situation. I mean, I can pay something. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said anything, I probably stuck my foot in my mouth but please proceed. Oh now you want to run the court? I don’t really, I’d really like to get this over with. (laughing) Now we’ve got the director? All right. Mr. Piervey, Inspector Quinn has pointed out rightly the charge that they have filed against you is not sustainable. Inspector Quinn, who is the processing officer, but he is a fair prosecuting officer. And he has pointed out that the city can not sustain that charge. So, to his credit, even as the prosecuting officer, he is going to make a motion that we dismiss this. Oh thank you so much I really appreciate it. Thank you! I won’t be back here with another ticket. Remember now, you can’t smoke in the park. Okay? Yes thank you. I really appreciate it. Okay the matter is dismissed. Oh, thank you so much. I really appreciate it! All rise and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. 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100 Replies to “A Smoking Ticket”

  1. So this nitwit has money to buy cigarettes but can't pay for a ticket?  Hey moron – quit smoking and you will be able to afford your other indiscretions.  You might even be able to register in an adult education class so you can get a decent job.

  2. The first women looked like she was lying because each second she was looking away then making eye contact again. She was lying.

  3. Who cares if you were singled out — you broke the law. If someone else who broke the law wasn’t caught, that’s a separate issue. Not everyone who violates a law or regulation can ge caught and punished for it.
    The less you bellyache, the easier they might go on you.

  4. “You say you’re on social assistance ?”

    “Yeah I got the papers right here”

    “No….no I believe you”


  5. The smoking guy made me laugh he is too much look at the way he's even standing way too funny seems like a funny guy

  6. 5:00 AWWWWW!!! “You look like you’re a decent and honest person”
    “Ya well I try” this guy’s so nice and polite don’t give him the ticket please..

  7. He's my new favorite tweaker he's doing a split trying to talk to the judge wedding didn't say no cuss words or nothing I like this guy

  8. I would of looked into this a bit more about the Honda. Fraud has been committed by someone else if she has been truthful. Wouldn't take a day for some officer's to check her signature and paper chase.

  9. He has injected something stronger than weed and in the groyn by the look of the way he was standing, trying to keep his balls from touching his leg where the needle goes

  10. Anybody can tell that story was bullshit. You keep strong eye contact with her to show you are not backing off, she in return got nervous and you can tell since she kept touching her earring and looking away.

  11. 😂😂😂😂 "hope you're not rolling the other stuff …. And if you are…..that's your business" this judge is what AMERICA is all about

  12. That man in the end is so compassionate. He's like a kid in an adult body!
    (Probably took acid and never returned fully from that trip. lol)

  13. That first lady had the opportunity of a lifetime to have that ticket dismissed by the one of a kind judgement of honorable Frank Caprio and she blew it to smithereens…tough luck heh
    she would've ended on a better note with the truth…

  14. Look up Boston Italian accent on YouTube watch the first video it should be 29 minutes long And I’m convinced the main guy in it and the smoking guy are the same guy 😂😂

  15. Maybe the lady was a Malignant Narcissist Psychopath. Now so is her son. What wonderful people to care about. They would stab you in the back and be proud of it! Next time toss her in jail!

  16. If the license plate was stolen, it should be invalidated like a stolen or lost credit card. Ideally, police would look for the car using that plate too so they can look into prosecuting someone for the theft or possession of stolen property.

  17. Isn't this traffic violations only court ? All other tickets other than traffic/parking (everything not involving a motor vehicle) go to criminal court !!! Am I wrong or missing something ?

  18. You are the best judge on the planet of the Earth I wish you could have been there for me cuz I was wrongly accused of what I've done but we have crappy judges where I'm at keep up the good work. Judge

  19. Why cant Frank run for higher office. Why dont people like him run our country? Can you imagine if people with real souls ran our country.

  20. Are you kidding me, why didn't you listen to the woman and help her discover how her name was on the form and who registered it in her name. The judge was deaf to what she was saying, though she wanted further steps to be taken by the law in investing the problem. He just dismissed her. You people don't uphold truth.

  21. "hopfully your not rolling the other stuff" you mean the stuff that has killed no one as apposed to tabacco witch kills hundreds of thousands of people a year?

  22. Disgusting the states rip off these addicts for profit. 10 bucks per pack when the non-taxed sales price would otherwise be 2.00. No excuse for ripping off people like that. There's not a single vice that has such a steep tax like smoking, and a lot aren just as dangerous/unhealthy if not more so. Sad. Just more of the government trying to control people and punishing them for not obeying.

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