Absolutely Stunning Colorado Park Model with Beautiful Interior Design and Contemporary Living Space

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14 Replies to “Absolutely Stunning Colorado Park Model with Beautiful Interior Design and Contemporary Living Space”

  1. 341k? WHAT???!!!!! Good luck with that. What a scam! No land. Livung in a park on rented land is the WORST thing anyone can to. HUGE trap for the poor homeowner who will find themselves bossed around, restricted on everything and even sometimes chased out of their home .. having to abandon their place so that the evil park owners can steal it and resale it. And Ever rising space rent. and for what? cheap walls? limited space for 341 thousand dollars>? That's offensive. If these builders are THAT greedy and unrealistic .. what kind of cheap and chinsy stuff did they do behind the walls? Too tough for me. Keep it. I an do better buying in a Country Club a REAL single family house with a golf course … club house with EVERYTHING including a dinning room with 4 star gourmet chef.. lounge … golf pro shop and much more .. For a whole lot less.

  2. I still keep coming back to this house, I'm loving it, open concept and gorgeous kitchen, curb appeal but its all of those beautiful windows that catches my eye, thank you

  3. I would rather have a video of a person walking through the home than a bunch of pictures that don’t give you proper perspective.

  4. Where can I get the blue prints for this home or is there someone I can talk with. I just absolutely want this model. Please contact me.😊

  5. I have not problem with the home itself, just with the person who staged it. The oversized furniture and its placement is making the place look smaller. JMO

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