Adam Ruins Everything – How Tourists Turned Mount Everest into a Dump | truTV

So, you said
your name’s Birch? Is that a nickname or– Pull me up!
Pull me up! Of course.
Sorry. (grunting) Thank you.
(sighing) Now, if you will
excuse me, I will be continuing
my Everest summit solo. I came up here to get
away from people. Hate to break it to you,
but Everest is actually
way too full of people. And this avalanche
of tourists is turning this
majestic mountain into a depressing dump. (scoffs)
I’m no tourist. I’m on a spiritual journey.
Summitting Mount Everest is the pinnacle
of human achievement. Sure, it was,
the first time. When mountaineers
Tenzing Norgay
and Edmund Hillary summited Mount Everest
in 1953, it was a feat never before
achieved by humankind. Huzzah, we’ve done it! And now, no one else
ever has to do it again. (Adam)
But today,
budget tour companies help over 100,000 amateurs
climb Everest every year. Unh!
(camera clicks) Ha-ha, crushing Everest A-F.
(imitates explosion) What?!
But he’s not
seeking enlightenment, he’s just a tourist!
Yeah! And to make matters worse,
these tourists are total slobs! So many climbers abandon
tents, equipment, and other items
on their climb, every year the mountain
accumulates around 50 new tons of trash. Ugh. Dude, can we Postmates
a maid up here? Oh, that is shameful! I will be taking all
of my waste with me. Yeah?
Well, don’t forget about your human waste. Everest tourists
annually leave behind around 26,000 pounds
of pee and poop. And since it takes longer
for waste to disintegrate at high altitudes, that means
this majestic mountain is now covered
in our poop-sicles. So much human waste
has built up over the years that local villages’
major water sources are now completely polluted, and their yaks
frequently get stuck in ponds of human poop. I can’t imagine anything
more disturbing. Well, it gets worse. Because Everest is also
covered in dead bodies. This once-pristine peak
is steadily becoming the world’s tallest
frozen cemetery. (thunder crashing) Hundreds of people have
died on Everest. For every ten
successful summits, there’s one dead body. And since the temperatures
are so frigid, they’ll never decompose. There are so many
frozen corpses on Everest, climbers actually use them
to navigate. Holy shit, is that a dead guy? Tight– that means
we make a left. But Everest isn’t just
dangerous for visitors. The indigenous Sherpas
are the ones taking the real risks– mapping out routes
and securing guide ropes, all while babysitting
these amateur alpinists. Ah, dude, can you take
a photo of me? (Adam)
It’s one of the deadliest
jobs on the planet. A third of people who die
on Everest are Sherpas. Oh, back up more so you can get that cloud
that looks like a –. Ahhh! Oh!
Whoa! He’s okay.
My trash broke his fall. This is appalling! Not only are these
narcissistic tourists ruining this sacred mountain, but they’re getting
people killed? Why hasn’t the government
of Nepal limited the amount
of people who can climb? They can’t afford to. Nepal is a very
low-income nation, and Everest tourism
is a major industry. Sorry, how many people
are in your tour? 200. My girl wants a destination
wedding at the summit, and then we’re all
gonna paraglide down. Ha! I am nothing
like that guy! I’m afraid you are. I know it’s your dream
to climb this sacred mountain. But the impact that you
and others have when you indulge
in that dream is turning Everest into
a poop-covered trash coffin. Oh, you’re right. I am no better
than those monsters who picnic in national parks. People ruin everything!

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