Adam Schiff: Ignoring Trump Obstruction Hurts Congress Oversight Power | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “Adam Schiff: Ignoring Trump Obstruction Hurts Congress Oversight Power | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. President Trump's approval among blacks and Hispanics is really high. Democrats; once you lose that you will never have the electoral college again.

  2. Trump and Pence have done more to destroy America and our way of life in 3 short years than any of America's adversaries have done in the past 100 years ! Get Trump out of office now !

  3. “””””””””””””””””””””””””””
    “”” TRUMP 2020”””

  4. Trump needs to be stopped❗️ The safety of the entire NATO members are at risk. It has only been used once, for the USA and trump complains about $$.

  5. Reason they're so scared of Trump being in power is because all of these Democrats are associated with people accused of pedophilia, pizzagate was real and so is pedophile island. Epstein was black mailing democrats in powerful positions

  6. lock all those republican criminals up already they are lairs thieves and straight funking criminals that have thrown away their oath to the constitution for a mad rabid dog and never need to have a job serving the pubic ever

  7. Schiff is a total weasel. He's the type of pandering sniveling politician that talks about the "integrity of democracy" but will cover for a illegal alien invader voting block to subvert the will of citizens-actual. Garbage politician. I would like to put him on a giant wooden plank and just push him out to sea.

  8. the dems definitely rolodex all the "minorities" as a way to show ws always in the background. smh. And again stop using them against myself dems, desperate acts of desperate ppl. I swear how many media ppl act like scorned women when I say NO. Im not on any political plantation.
    Negligence on the part of dems and reps and the impeachment inquiry should show when it comes to lackluster protection of US sovereignty its bi-partisan.
    Im running for President as an Independent, not jewpendent.
    Join my campaign: Restructuring America For A Better Tomorrow
    To contribute on this #givingtuesday contact: [email protected]

  9. Barr's father hired Epstein as a teacher despite he had no qualifications.

    -What did Epstein have on Barr senior???

    Epstein was in Barr's care when he "killed" himself… sure.

  10. If Sekulow suborned Cohen't perjury, it was at Donnie Dipshit's direction. I can't wait for Sekulow to be put on the hot seat and questioned under oath, now that he's seen what happens to those who lie.
    GOP congresscretins, of course, will be all "perjury is OK if you're a Republican president."

  11. you are impeaching russia trump is russia spy he gave russia billions and billions of dollars trump gave russia letting russia take over military aid to Turkey Syria and Vinaswalla what is a g 7

  12. #MSNBC execs, including #Maddow, are friends and supporters of #Trump in private (Google photos of the all of Trump and MSNBC honchos wining and dining together in #Manhattan). MSNBC is state-controlled media: they support Trump's upcoming reelection because it provides the failing media conglomerate with better #ratings.

  13. Two anti Trump moron's trying to justify why they are oposing the best president ever just look at what he has done compared to the lieing democrats largest military in the world highest unemployment biggest oil production in the world highest GDP ever doesant take a wage and gives back to the American people and you idiots want to impeach him on a phone call I'm from the UK and looking at the democrats from the outside and you really are the laughing stock of the world and prey tell me what have the democrats done in the last 3 years diddly squat except make a Fool of yourselves like Russia gate his tax returns you have nothing and you will never get into power again unless you stop this NWO crap and arrest Soros

  14. The Republican cold civil war song for 2020; here's the chorus. All together now!
    Banana Republic, Ba-nah. Banana Republic, Ba-nah. Banana Republic Ba-nah.
    Banana with Trump!

  15. I'm so glad to hear Schiff pointing out the importance of pursuing obstruction charges, despite what I perceive to be Pelosi's wish not to pursue those crimes. The argument has been made before: if this Congress neglects to impeach Trump for obstruction of Congress, then the precedent is set for future Presidents to ignore Congressional subpoenas with impunity.

    There has been an attempt to convince Republicans that the next President to do that might be a Democrat. But there's a hitch to that. The Senate has been feverishly stacking the courts with the most pro-Republican, partisan judges the right-wing think tanks can provide Trump with. So it's not really a 50-50 probability that a Democratic President would also be able to get away with obstruction. Republicans have seen to it that more courts in future will be presided over by judges who will favor Republicans over Democrats if obstruction charges are brought against a President. The President has been nominating and the Senate has been confirming judges not only in spite of their apparent lack of moral compass, but because of it!

    Look up Steven Menashi, folks. That should make it clear what the Republican agenda is (if Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh weren't enough to convince you).

  16. Adam is a pair son artist Hillary Clinton used the FBI under Obama to spy on Trump 2016 Lisa page helped there going to jail

  17. Jay Sekolou told Michael Cohen lie to Congress about Trump Tower Moscow did he? The bar association should consider revoking Mr. Sekolou's law license.

  18. Lol ……Obstruction of Congress
    No such law also its called Executive privilege ……
    All you Dems weren't crying when
    Obama used it a couple hundred times …..

  19. Adam needs to look at Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton got millions of dollars off of Ukraine and Russia under Obama Lisa page illegally used the FBI spy on Trump 2016 for Hillary Clinton under Obama

  20. History will look back at this time as a War between the Elite who own and run this country . It will not favor them. Understand when Media no matter it be Fox or CNN , it will show how they tried to defy a Republic by spewing narratives and false accusations. It will strengthen our country and will regulate the Power of the Media. They will be held accountable to the People.

  21. I've yet to see MSNBC justify the House's unwillingness to force all key [parties to testify. We need this definitively handled by the courts so no future president can do what Trump is doing. They are letting the senators that are running for office take priority over getting this done properly.

  22. A law also needs to be created which would strengthen congress's subpoena power by giving congress power to give the same form of real punishment for Amy who would refuse a subpoena as would any American citizen would receive for refusing a subpoena order. That is the only way congress any power to be a true check against. executive abuse.

  23. Impeach, impeach, russia, russia this is all b.s. it is what the media won't tell you that you should be researching

  24. That's long-term thinking, Adam. And Republicans don't do that. They remember the immediate past, the immediate consequences of their actions (hence the support for the moron's economic policy) and a "golden age" that never existed.

  25. There is ZERO record of what Rachel
    is talking about and fantasizing here it’s simply Racially and ethnic hate motivated FAKE NEWS for really stupid American Idiots !

  26. I wanna see schitts back, to see if there are any belt marks on his back, sick man ,, google this scum, he is trying to impeach the law from coming after him, this freak is a joke, and I pray he pays for his crimes

  27. Trump pointing stubby fingers at people doing their jobs because of his dishonesty and abuse of power is part of his conman act. Why can't he realize he is his own worst enemy?

  28. Trump and the GOP'S have shown to be sneaky conniving static excuse a politician's. The lengths of which these individual are willing to go or money not human lives. It's something the founders plan for but again or talking about the gop's and Trump and they have no shame.

  29. No chance of Impeachment no Russian collusion wonder what's the next lie he'll be reelected in 2020 in a landslide hope all you MSNBC fans cry your eyes out on election night

  30. The last thing he said is why this whole impeachment inquiry is happening. It’s not to remove trump, it’s to pave the way for legal corruption of a president. The Left is apart of the deception not just the Right.

  31. Whenever he starts to talk, I feel sorry for those losers, sorry for the scumm that supports traitor in the White House.

  32. By ordering all of these departments not to cooperate with the Congress, proves that this moron/coward and chief does not understand the Constitution. Theres three separate branches of government trump count them! Oh that's right trump never got past preschool, so counting is out of the question.

  33. #lockbarrup #locknunesup #lockgrahamup #lockkushnerup #lockmccarthyup #lockdougcollinsup #locktrumpup
    #lockpompeoup #lockmcconnellup

  34. Trump and the GOP are going for the full crime. They will make him untouchable and destroy democracy in the process. They are basically doing a coup of the three branches of government. Take one down to nothing, and build up the presidency to the point where trump will never have to leave office because they have corrupted every part. Wake up people!!!

  35. 40% of Americans are eating up what Trump and Putin are cooking. I guess they love Treason Seasoning sprinkled over their patriotism.

  36. Who impeaches a duly elected President Of The USA based solely on thought crimes & speculation???
    This whole impeachment nonsense is a distraction for something much more nefarious…
    Time to WAKE UP FOLKS!!!

  37. "No one prevents a witness who can exonerate them from testifying." – Joyce Alene (Vance) on Twitter.
    One article of impeachment, right there. It's also indisputable.
    It's also time the Congress started dishing out a succinct lesson in quid pro quo by arresting the likes of Bolton, Mulvaney, Pompeo, Giuliani, and others.
    "Hand over your passport. Here is a new subpoena to appear and testify in the impeachment investigation. You can set bail and be freed, but if you do not appear as requested you will be incarcerated until you agree to do so."

  38. due process has been given, now its time to rid America of the plague that has swept across our country.trump and his defenders will not leave quietly, congress must get the big guns out, handcuffs will have to be used. when a body of the government feels entitled to lie, misrepresent laws, hinder due process, cover up crimes, refuse to act within the laws of our forefathers, without any consequences, they become emboldened. congress,ITS TIME TO TAKE OUT THE are the only ones who legally can save our country from the corruption trump thrives on.any republican whos thrown in jail, should be there, they break every law known to man by supporting a rogue president.

  39. I voted for Bill Clinton but thought he should have been removed by the Senate for his lies to a Grand Jury. I put my country before my political beliefs. Trump supporters love Don the Con more than our Country. How is that MAGA?

  40. Rachel Maddow and Pelosi woke me up to the tragedy that has become the Democratic Party. I started listening to Fox, Rush Limbaugh and Blaze TV. Way too many people are criticizing with facts Adam Schiff and others. Also, here in California, the Governor is being put thru two recall efforts. I heard an Oakland gentleman call Pelosi "Crazy" after his son was shot to death by an illegal. I don't think I will ever vote Democrat again.

  41. #CrookedTrump.. Yes, you got Caught. Plain and Simple. Thank you Adam Schiff for your Intellectual Thinking and Overseeing of this Impeachment inquiry Investigation. I know that this investigation will be done Professionally, Factually and Fear.. 🇺🇲🇺🇲

  42. Trump is ignoring that which needs to be ignored. Time for you Trump hating Mutts to wake up and realize that you're an American, this crap is nothing but negative

  43. The trump and his demons better leave Adam and other ethical Democrats alone. Have they heard of God raining down His wrath upon those that hate, trump and his followers. Don't forget your consequences all of you will have to live with. There is One God the Father our Creator, One God the Son Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and finally God the Holy Spirit who dwells inside us. My Bilbe doesn't mention trump unless his alias is demon.

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