Adam Schiff’s Historic Legal Blunder Sinks Dems Impeachment Case Says Scholar Jonathan Turley

Legal scholar and key GOP impeachment witness
Jonathan Turley just exposed Adam Schiff as a third rate hack who has no business being
in Congress let alone running something as important as an impeachment inquiry. He took Schiff and Pelosi and the rest to
task in a devastating article in the Hill. Turley wrote: “Securing an impeachment in the shortest
time does not earn you a historic prize; it earns you a historic failure. By not seeking to compel key witnesses, the
House relies on the Senate to complete its case. Since the House has maintained that the record
is overwhelming on Trump’s guilt, the Senate could simply try the case on the record supplied
by the House. Indeed, in the 1999 impeachment of President
Clinton, Democratic senators, including now Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, fought against
any witnesses and sought a summary vote without a trial.” Turley then went on to explain how the Schiff’s
historic blunder actually undermined his own damn argument for impeachment. Which is not surprising from a guy who fell
for a Russian prank call about nude Trump pictures. “The House inexplicably refused to seek
to compel key impeachment witnesses in court, burning months in which it could have secured
not just key decisions in its favor but actual testimony. Indeed, a year ago, I appeared before the
Judiciary Committee and encouraged it not only to hold a vote on impeachment but to
go to court to force the testimony of figures such as former White House counsel Don McGahn. While refusing to trigger its impeachment
powers with such a vote, it did take McGahn to court. It won that case shortly before its impeachment
vote. The case will be heard by the appellate court
this week, even without being expedited for the impeachment investigation. When faced with the embarrassing timing of
the McGahn ruling after the hurried impeachment vote, House Intelligence Committee Chairman
Adam Schiff insisted there was no time to waste in getting the case to the Senate and
that “it has taken us eight months to get a lower court ruling” to compel McGahn to
testify. He was wrong on both points. After key members claimed there was a “crime
spree in progress” and no time to delay a Senate trial, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
immediately blocked any submission to the Senate to demand the witnesses that the House
unwisely omitted in its investigation. It seems time is no longer of the essence. Schiff also was wrong on the McGahn case. The House waited until Aug. 7 to go to court
to compel McGahn’s appearance. That was roughly four months to secure a ruling
and without proceedings under an impeachment inquiry ordered by the full House, which historically
places cases on a fast track to the Supreme Court. In the Nixon case, it took three months from
a ruling of the trial court to the final decision by the Supreme Court that ultimately led to
his resignation. Even if the House waited until October to
seek to compel witnesses, it could have had ample time to secure rulings or testimony
by a March or April impeachment. We will never know because the Democrats chose
to do nothing because of the need to get to a trial that they have now delayed. Schiff is not the only Democrat undermining
the case on obstruction. Recently, Rep. Eric Swalwell, who seeks to
be a House manager at the Senate trial, declared not only that a president should be impeached
if he goes to the court rather than submit to Congress but that contesting demands for
evidence is actually evidence of guilt on all of the charged offenses. In a complete denial of core concepts of legal
and due process, Swalwell declared that “we can only conclude that you’re guilty”
if you refuse to give testimony or documents.”

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