Agar Tum Na Hote (HD) –  Rajesh Khanna – Rekha – Raj Babbar – Superhit Bollywood Movie With Eng Subs

Agar Tum Na Hote (HD) – Rajesh Khanna – Rekha – Raj Babbar – Superhit Bollywood Movie With Eng Subs

“I would have
no desire to live on..” “were it not for you” “I would have
no desire to live on..” “were it not for you” “How can I explain..” “what you mean to me” “You sustain my life” “How can I explain..” “what you mean to me” “You sustain my life” “Hopes I would have none..” “were it not for you” Consider my state!
– Silly of me! I forgot! I am to become Papa!
Of my darling little girl! Girl? What if it’s a boy? Not allowed.
– Hey! Hey, you’re going to
the hospital, aren’t you? And you’ll be there
for oh-so-many days! How am I going to live
for so long without you? You should’ve thought
about that before. Good Morning Sir.
Good Morning. Good Morning Sir. Good Morning.
– Good Morning Sir. Good Morning.
– Good Morning Sir. Good Morning. Please sit down.
– Thank you. Uncle Shakur, good day. Try that other one.
– Shut up. Don’t disturb me. When did you come? Will this lottery-fever ever end?
– This time, he’ll hit the jackpot. It’s never going to happen. Never? Are you God? It hasn’t happened yet.
– It’s a lottery! Sometime or the other, I’ll strike! He has pinned his hopes.. ..on Allah’s mercy.
– And you will be blessed? Silence. I’m here because this conference
was fixed two months ago. Else.. Is your wife all right?
– She’s all right. But.. What is it? Anytime now..
she will have to be hospitalized Gentlemen, this is the first time
we are entering the cosmetic field. And we have to be the best. We don’t want any risks involved.
Yes, Suzie, what is it? Call from your house.
Mrs. Mehra is in the hospital. I won! Didn’t I say it’s going
to be a daughter? All right. You win, I lose.
– Pay up the bet. Look at what you’ve
done to yourself. Don’t digress. Pay up my bet! First you will wash your face.
– I won’t be able to get back in! Why?
– The whole town is agog. The party must have started already.
Who’s going to let me get away. But I’m spending
the night with you! Hey.. Mr. Mehra, she’s under sedation. She’s feeling sleepy.
Let her sleep. Let her sleep. I won’t disturb her. I’m going to play with this one. Listen, go home. Why should I? Everyone will say that
you’re slaving for your wife. But I am my wife’s slave! Mr. Mehra, you aren’t allowed
to stay here. Oh! Heard that? Now go home.
But don’t you stay up all night. Be back early tomorrow.
I’ll be here to wake you up. Promise? Promise. Even if I’m awake, I’ll open my
eyes only when you call out to me. Why should I call you?
I’ll wake you up like this! Will you look away, please? Yes. Yes. I miss you. Now you can look back. Hello, everybody. Silence, Silence.. Cheers to Nina, to the
new-born baby and to the slave! “True. It’s no slander” “Who isn’t a slave to his wife?” “True. It’s no slander” “Who isn’t a slave to his wife?” “It’s every man’s first virtue” “But he has his
eyes on someone else” “That’s why he’s so scared” “Day-and-night,
he panders to her whims” “As if he doesn’t have
anything else to do” “Who isn’t a slave to his wife?” “Slaving is such fun!” “Ask anyone who knows” “The more the apple-polishing..” “the bigger a secret it is” “For love’s labor goes in vain” “Who isn’t a slave to his wife?” “Other women are more desirable” “So the wooing is on” “But when word gets out..” “the lashing begins at home” “The long and the
short of it is..” “Lashing begins at home” “Taking a lashing isn’t bad” “For who isn’t
a slave to his wife?” “True. It’s no slander” “Who isn’t a slave to his wife?” “Say it!
– Who isn’t a slave to his wife?” “Once again!” “Who isn’t a slave to his wife?” Ashok, I’m calling from the hospital.
Your wife has had a hemorrhage. Come over right away. Open your eyes, Nina. I’ve come. You said you’d open your eyes
when I call you. What is the matter with you? Open your eyes, Nina. Mr. Mehra. It was a case of post-delivery
hemorrhage of the uterus. We have tried our best, but, sorry. You swore you’d stand by me
all my life. You promised. Now you leave me all alone? Silly girl! Who am I to live for? Ashok.. Son.. Day and night you stare at that
portrait. Will it bring her back? You are so morose. You’ve stopped
going to the office. You’ve even stopped eating.
How long will this go on? I’m helpless. The more I try
to forget her, the more I miss her. I understand your sense of loss. Be patient. Learn how to live life. If for no one else,
do think about Nina’s baby. I’ll have this portrait put away. Allah willing, our new product
will create a stir in the markets. But we need a first class
publicity campaign. You’ve surely thought
about something. I’ve even selected a photographer. Bedi is a wizard with the camera.
He’s a bit headstrong, though. He will see you at 10 tomorrow.
Handle him properly. Yes. Mr. Bedi? Mr. Mehra. I told Shakur Miya that
I have only an hour to spare. Welcome. 20 minutes are over.
That leaves 40 minutes. You want to discuss the campaign
and the product all in 40 minutes? The cosmetics I make,
are renowned the world over. But due to superior campaigns by
foreign brands, our volumes are low. Because Indian managers expect low
budgets to produce good results. I’m not one of them.
– After you’ve seen my campaign.. won’t talk of competition. Your price? 2 lakh, 50 thousand in advance. Here’s 50 thousand. If you
need more, let my office know. Pending the outcome,
we needn’t meet again. Mr. Mehra. Who discusses the campaign with me? I’ve hired the best man. I want the campaign
ready in 2 months. It’s creative work Mr. Mehra. I need two months
to hunt for a model. Papa, all the kids have Mummies.
Where’s my Mummy? Your Mummy has gone to God. She left me? Didn’t she love me? No! She loved you very much!
– Really Papa? Really. Did she love me very much? Then why did she go away? God calls on the ones
who are dear to Him, early on. So Mummy will come back? When God sends her back. Will she come soon? I don’t know. If Mummy doesn’t come soon enough,
send me to her. No! You shouldn’t say that.
Don’t you ever say that again. Your Mummy will be back very soon. Promise Papa? Promise. Shall we go home?
– Yes. Excuse me, have you seen
a girl in pink? She walked into that building. You want her to work for you?
– Yes Not possible. Hello Radha.
– Hi. Hello Radha. Hello. You! How dare you come in here? Where else could I have gone? To the police station. You’re thinking about the future.
I’m talking present tense. Rupa, call the police! Please! Excuse me. I am a professional. In the fashion world,
I’m known as Bedi. Bedi.. ..still photographer? Yes. I need you for
a new assignment. I’m sorry. I have no interest in modeling. And
I’ve heard about your escapades. It takes two to tango. And the loser
always blames it on someone else. And I’m amazed that you have
no confidence in yourself. You have an interest in modeling.
But you aren’t sure of yourself. When you are confident of yourself,
call me. I’ll pay you 20,000
for this assignment. Hello. I am fully confident of myself. Are you sure?
– Yes. Hello. Hello! Are you paying us back
for bringing you up? No. Just lessening your burdens.
And I have the right. Uncle Sunder..
– Yes, my child? Do you know where God lives?
– Yes. Far up, in the skies. Can you get there.
– Why not? But why so soon? You have some work over there?
– Yes Uncle. What?
– Go over. Bring Mummy home. Going there isn’t up to me.
– Then, let’s do something. What?
– We’ll write a letter.. ..asking her to come home.
– Silly! Do letters go so far? How did Mummy go so far?
– How am I to answer that? I’ll give you the answer.
Look at that balloon! Get me a big balloon.
– Balloon? All right. I’ll get one. What’s my baby doing
with such a big balloon? I’ve written a letter to Mummy.
I’m tying it to the balloon.. ..and I’m sending it up to God. And what have you written? “God, good morning” “All kids have Mummies,
and their Mummies love them” “Why did you take my Mummy away?
I haven’t even seen my Mummy” “Please send her back soon.
And tell her.. “ love me more than
anyone else’s Mummy” “Without her, even Papa
is always sad” “Send my Mummy back as soon
as you get my letter: Mini” So what do you want to do?
– Here’s the letter I wrote. “Tie it to the balloon and send it.
When it reaches God’s house..” “God will send my Mummy
back to me” A bit ahead, please. That’s the way, yes. Take that off, madam. Hey.. What is the matter?
I was just taking that veil off. You could’ve told me so. Oh God! I’m sorry.
Extremely sorry. The veil doesn’t go with the dress. Then I won’t wear this dress.
– Why? I choose my dresses. I told you so. This is nothing.
We’ve seen models in such poses.. Shut up!
– Two minutes! Let me explain. Your
photos will be published abroad. None in India.
– So? Your beauty is for foreigners to
cherish. No such luck for us, fools! Madam please listen. If you minded that, I’m sorry.
– Get out of here! I won’t say that again. Actually,
I said it in appreciation. Sorry. I’m.. I am Sorry. Madam. I’m not staying for a moment
if that man misbehaves again. Okay. And I won’t wear dresses like that.
– Okay, wear what you like. Go. Oh! Lovely! Give me a look! She saw me.
She’s leaving! I’m dead! She’s leaving! Going away! Look! You did it again? No! I just took a few shots.
– Moron! She isn’t that type. Listen! Radha! Stop! Where are they headed? Don’t go any further!
Danger ahead! Stop, Radha! Stop! Let go! Leave me! Leave! Listen, I’m sorry. I apologize for
Chandu’s misbehavior. In future he won’t come
anywhere near you. Please take it easy. Please. Mr. Bedi. ..there’s a call
for you from Bombay. Yeah, please connect. Mr. Mehra, how are you? I’m fine thank you.
How are you Mr. Bedi? I’m fine, thank you. What can I do for you? What happened to the photographs? Yes. I’ve been a bit busy. But this is shaping up as one of
the best international campaigns.. I assure you. Oh that’s fantastic. Isn’t this taking a bit too long?
– You see Mr. Mehra.. ..the clouds, the weather,
and you know this takes time. But I assure you, that you’ll be
pleased when you see the campaign. That’s nice. Okay, bye, bye. Have you given a thought
to your future? I don’t understand.
– I mean, about a partner for life. Oh! Every girl thinks about that.
– And what? A husband needn’t be a billionaire.
But a millionaire, at least? He should have at least
a couple of mansions? And servants. And cars? A man needs as much for
a comfortable life, no? What happened? Nothing. Let’s get back to work. “Slowly..” “bit by bit..” “my love..” “I’m beginning to
trust your sweet words” “Slowly, bit by bit, I’m beginning
to trust your sweet nothings” Your sweet nothings. “Slowly, bit by bit, I’m beginning
to trust your sweet nothings” “Till now,
I didn’t trust my heart” “What you are,
I’ve just come to know” “Now my heart warms to you” “Till now,
I didn’t trust my heart” “What you are,
I’ve just come to know” “Now my heart warms to you” “The chord you’ve struck in my heart
makes me trust your sweet words” Your sweet words “Slowly, bit by bit, I’m beginning
to trust your sweet nothings” “What do we say next?” “Until death do we part” “I have decided” “What do we say next?” “Until death do we part” “I have decided” “Slowly, bit by bit, I’m beginning
to trust your sweet nothings” “Just now, I’ve come to believe
everything you have to say” “I trust your sweet nothings” But I don’t have a mansion, I don’t
have a car, I don’t have servants. That’s why.. What? Didn’t you say that it takes
two to tango? So I thought.. ..a twosome is better than one. Meaning? I’m tired of dreaming all by myself.
If I share my dreams with you.. dreams might come true. It’s said that once
someone is Lonesome. One and one make eleven-sum. You believe that too? What a pair! Mister Bedi, you’ve clipped
your own wings. Your philandering comes to an end.
Ahead lies a lifetime of devotion. Congratulations, Boss. How about a photo for the occasion?
Come in for a close-up. Today is December 15, isn’t it? It’s my birthday today. What? Your birthday? Yes. The first. First?
– What’s so surprising? In the true sense of it,
today I’ve been born again. I was orphaned when I was a child. You’ve married me,
given me a new life. You always tell me that Mummy will
surely come. But Mummy hasn’t come yet! I promise you she will. Wait
a while. Mummy will surely come. If Mummy doesn’t come back,
I’ll stop eating! And we won’t be friends anymore! That’s going to spoil the piano.
This is how you play the piano. Papa, did Mummy play the piano too? Yes. She used to play even better. When Mummy comes
she’ll teach me how to play. Make sure you do. Shall we?
– First, the lady of the house. Chandu, is all the luggage in?
– Yes. Here’s everything. Now get her photos and
transparencies and come along. No point delaying recovery. You promised me 10,000 rupees
for the assignment. Chandu.. Let alone give away the photos.. I wouldn’t even like
anyone to see them. What did you say?
– Didn’t you hear? Let alone give away the photos.. I wouldn’t even like
anyone to see them. But why?
– Because she’s my wife. But when you took the photos,
she was your model. Chandu, a wife isn’t meant
to be put on public display. Are you wishing away 2 lakh? You’ll know once you’re in love. And when she becomes your wife,
you’ll understand it. Excuse me boss, I don’t think
I see a fairy from the Heavens. And what’s a fairy compared
to the ass you’re in love with? What are you doing?
You’ll kill me! This is too much!
What did I say? Lady! Save my life!
Lady! What are you doing? Help me! Mr. Bedi! This is horrible!
Look! The lady is here! It’s even a sin to tell the truth! Scoundrel! Don’t let me
see your face again! Calm down over a cup of tea. No! First I must decide
about these photographs. Mr. Bedi to see you sir.
– Send him in. Hello sir. Welcome Mr. Bedi. I have been
expecting you. Be seated. Mr. Bedi! We’ve booked exhibit
kiosks in London and Paris. We need blow-ups. We’ve contracted a prominent
Swiss company for the brochures. We need photographs for that too. Your publicity design is
the guarantee of our success. It must be done in two days.
– Well, you see.. You haven’t brought the photos?
Aren’t they ready yet? I’m very sorry, Mr. Mehra. I tried my best. But every
photograph turned out bad. Not my fault. The film I purchased
was faulty. What about the ad-spaces we’ve
booked in Vogue and Cosmopolitan? What can be done? Nothing. I am very embarrassed. You stand
to lose money because of me. You didn’t do it on purpose. That which lies beyond man’s reach,
man must bow to. But you stand to lose so much..
– Profit and loss; part of business. It’s all in the game. “Tell me what’s in your heart” Oh God! Did your daughter run away from me?
– You think she’s my daughter? Or, is she the mother?
– Yes. But considering your age..
– Not my mother. Yours. My mother died at childbirth.
– Consider her your sister-in-law. Really?
– Yes. Are you marrying her?
– Yes! Let me read your fortunes You have five percent chances
of getting married. 95 percent chance that she becomes
a widow in the prime of her youth. What did you say?
– Is Mr. Mehra in? Yes.
– I’ll be back. I still have my five percent! If this is true, the consequences
won’t be nice for Bedi. I agree. What he did,
wasn’t a nice thing to do. Hello. Mehra here. Yes? Is it true that you’ve married
your model? The photographs and transparencies
are in your custody. Is this true? Your silence says it’s all true. Mr. Bedi, I have contracted you.
The photos are my property. They should reach my office
immediately! Else.. Yes. You are a man of reputation. I can
ask the police to search your house. Radha, keep these in custody
of the matron at the orphanage. No safer a place for these.
– Give it to them. End of it. I know what I’m doing. Hello Mr. Bedi. Come in. Mr. Bedi, you are a wise man.
I was sure you’d come soon. Please take your seat. You are mistaken, Mr. Mehra. I’m here with the compensation, in
terms of the contract. 2.5 lakh. Count it. And please let me have a letter
of due discharge. May I know how you managed to raise
so much money at such short notice? I have sold everything except
my dignity and my conscience. Consider business ethics.
Does your conscience tell you.. ..what you’ve done is right? Mr. Mehra. All is fair in love and war. I admire your guts. I respect your obsession with love. But.. is business. Bye Mr. Mehra. Mr. Bedi.. Take the letter from my secretary. Thank you. Shall we? First, the lady of the house. Strange. Everywhere I go,
I’m being refused work. At the instance of a powerful man.
– Meaning? Bedi, you didn’t deliver
to Mr. Mehra. Do you know how much he has lost?
He has lost lots. Is that you, Mr. Bedi? Can I give you a lift?
– No thanks. As it is, I’m obliged to you. My contract goes to the
best professional. Which you are. Also someone who is out-of-work,
and helpless. Which you are. “Tomorrow is a Sunday.
What’s your problem?” What did you say? “Tomorrow is a Sunday.
What’s your problem?” “Tonight, silly girl,
we stay awake” “You think every moment
is a Sunday. That’s my problem” “I have to get up early.
I have to go to bed early” “I thought you’d agree” “I thought you’d be glad
to do what I propose” “I thought you’d agree” “I thought you’d be glad
to do what I propose” “Such luck! In the prime of
my youth, I am being refused” “I have to get up early” “Go to sleep!” “Sweet dreams
are such a pleasure” “But dreams will come
only if we go to sleep” “Sweet dreams
are such a pleasure” “But dreams will come
only if we go to sleep” “When in love, tread softly” “Tonight, silly girl,
we stay awake” What are you doing?
Leave me! No! No! No! Please! “The moonlight says, come
into my arms, my love” “I don’t want to, but you
have a way with words” “The moonlight says, come
into my arms, my love” “I don’t want to, but you
have a way with words” “Is there magic in your words?” “Tonight, silly girl,
we stay awake” “Tomorrow is a Sunday.
What’s your problem?” What is the matter, son? Last time,
she failed in two subjects. This time, she has failed in all. And not only that.
She has been rusticated. What? Yes. Where is she now?
– Upstairs. With Mrs. Baker. Mr. Mehra, I’m not staying here
for another moment. What happened?
– There’s only so much I can take. Mrs. Baker. But what happened?
– What more could happen? First she used her nails.
Now she’s using her teeth! And I neglected my own children
for the sake of this job! I can’t take this anymore!
– Mrs. Baker, after all.. I’m sorry. After Mrs. Baker, our chances of
finding a good governess look dim. Ashok, Mini doesn’t
need a governess. You mean she needs a mother, right?
But how many times am I to tell you? Uncle Shakur, what guarantee.. ..that a second wife will love her
Stepdaughter.. ..more than her own child? Yes. There are no guarantees. But in our times, you won’t find
the Nina you’re looking for. I’m going. My client
is going to get my goat. Still bathing? Guddu, what’s wrong
with your Mummy? Isn’t she bathing a bit too much? I’m off. Tell her that Today is the last day.. Today is the last day
of the contract. Get it? Keep Mummy smiling all day.
And tell Mummy that.. Mrs. Bedi, the fractured spine
is squeezing the nerves. He’s now a paraplegic.
Afflicted from waist downwards. He can never father a child. I do not wish to give you
any false hopes. In cases like these, chances are
fifty-fifty. Only time can tell.. ..whether he is paralyzed for
life, or whether it’s temporary. Such is the power of
confidence and courage.. ..that even the impossible
may be made to happen. Let’s hope for the best. Please get these medicines and
these injections immediately. Mummy, Mummy, Mummy.. Mummy, Papa says that Mummy
is very, very nice! Mummy you know, today is the
last day of Papa’s contract. Tomorrow, Papa is going to make
lots of money! Then Papa will start his studio!
And then Mummy.. ..we will have our own house!
We will have cars, servants! And I’ll have brothers and sisters!
Won’t that be nice, Mummy? I’ll have lots of
brothers and sisters! Papa told me to ask Mummy, how many
brothers and sister’s I’ll have. Tell me, Mummy. Sir.. I’ve come to collect the dues
under the contract. Look, I have certain principles.
I’ll give the rest of the money.. ..when the job is over. Get him to finish the job.
Then come and collect. But he’s hurt. And he’s in hospital.
– Really? You don’t know? The accident
happened at your factory. I didn’t throw him down!
Who asked him to climb that high? His job was to take photos.
He wasn’t performing in a circus. It’d be very kind of you if you could
give me even half the amount.. And break my principles
for his sake? Never! Yes I know, medical care
is expensive nowadays. Take my advice. Put him in
a charitable hospital. You’ll save the money.
And he will get his treatment. Well, if you need a hundred
or a fifty for expenses.. This much I can donate. Keep your money.
Your children might need it. Tell me something.
There’s no income. Yet, my medicines, your expenses,
how are you making do? I had saved up a bit.
– But by now.. How long will you pull along?
– I have been pulling along till now But now.. Raj, don’t mind this.. What if I take up a job? Job? While I am still alive? Why did I end up a cripple?
I’d rather be dead. We swore we’d share our joys
and our sorrows. You have always kept me happy.
You have kept your word. Let me keep my part of the bargain.
When you recover, I’ll quit the job. I’m sure you’ll
enjoy working with us. Thank you sir. Thank you very much. Mrs. Rasha, tears in your eyes? Are you glad you got this job? Yes. This job is a lifeline
for my husband. I will be able
to afford his treatment. Your husband?
– Yes. Is he ill? Yes. He’s paralyzed. First and foremost, we don’t employ
married people. Worse, your husband is sick. He’s going to be the
center of your attention. How will you
concentrate on your job? Unmarried.. 1,500 Rs. Unmarried. Why are You forcing me to
tell lies? You snatched a good job! Is it crime to tell the truth
about my ailing husband? I only want to hide
this wedding necklace. From this job, I’ll earn.. ..what’s needed for Raj to
stand on his feet again. Lord! For this one lie,
I will bear any punishment. I accept. Suzi.. Ms Radha.
– Yes, your name is here. Thank you. Excuse me.
– Yes. Who owns this company? Mr. Mehra. Mr Ashok Mehra?
– Yes. That’s right. Thank you.
– Welcome. My child, what is your name?
I’m Shakur Ahmed. General manager. Are you here for the interview? Yes. But I’ve changed my mind. A change of mind before
the interview? Why? It’s personal. Give me five minutes. Then decide what you will.
Please come. Come. Mr. Chopra, I’ll call you
after five minutes. – Right sir. I don’t get this..
how can this be? I don’t want this job.
– Not even for 2,000 Rs? No.
– 2,500 But..
– 3,000 From this job, I’ll earn.. ..what’s needed for Raj to
stand on his feet again. Lord! For this one lie,
I will bear any punishment. Or, has he recognized me? But why are you offering me so much?
– One look at you, and I knew.. ..there’s no one else.. ..who can care for that motherless
child better than you. Oh.. I felt as if you know me already. I would like you to
join from tomorrow. Is this Mr. Mehra in?
– Yes. Go inside. Nina? Mini! Mini!
– Yes, papa. Look who’s here!
– Who’s it, Papa? Come down.
– Coming. Mr. Shakur has sent me to you. My name is Radha. What’s it, Papa? Papa, who’s this? I’m your new governess.
What is your name? I’m sorry.
I’m really sorry. Please sit here Never mind.
– Please sit. I hope you aren’t hurt? No. This child is so unfortunate.. Please give me one more chance.
I am sure I’ll win Mini over. It won’t happen ever again. I’ll tell Mini.. let me tell you
all about Mini. I know everything. Mr. Shakur told me everything.
– Everything? Yes. You are responsible for
Mini’s state of mind. Had you not lied to Mini about
her mother returning someday.. ..she wouldn’t be in this state. Someday, she’ll come to know
the truth. That day I fear. You’ll come tomorrow, won’t you?
– Yes. Look darling, all these chocolates
are for you. Papa, why are you pampering me? Darling, I have something
to tell you. You tell me something every day. Today, it’s special.
– What is it? The new governess
who came yesterday.. I know. She’s coming today too. Darling, if you fight with everyone,
no one will call you a good girl. What can I do? I don’t like
any of these governess. But this governess is very good.
– Really Papa? Yes.
– Then I’ll talk to her nicely. Promise me, quickly.
– Promise! You are such sweet heart. One minute.. Take it. I feel like I’ve escaped from Hell.
I’m in Heaven. Home is home! Heaven it is. From today.
You are home. That’s why. I felt as if I’m
in a cage all alone. One regret. The bed
won’t let go of me. Thanks to that,
I’ll be able to move myself. Your Mummy is very nice.
She’s very nice. You’ve put everything at hand. I won’t miss a thing. But after you’ve gone to work,
who will make good your absence? Were I not compelled to, would I’ve
left you alone even for a moment? I was just joking. Can I go? Yes. Okay. Radha.
– Yes. You are very nice. I’m so lucky to have you. I’m afraid, you might get
the evil eye. “I would have no
desire to live on..” “were it not for you” “I would have no
desire to live on..” “were it not for you” “When I look at you..” “I feel like the season of flowers
is come” “When I look at you..” “I feel like the season of flowers
is come” “I would not have seen the light
at darkness’ end..” “were it not for you” Hello. Hello, Mini. Mini, she’s here. Mini has been waiting eagerly
for you. Would you like tea? No.
– You will! Uncle Sunder, tea!
– Yes sahib. Please come. The lady! Ghost! Ghost! Uncle! What is the matter? Why did he look at me
and exclaim “Ghost”? He’s an opium addict. After an
overdose, all strangers are ghosts. He’s a coward. At times,
he even has epileptic fits. Wave a shoe under his nose?
– Yes! My shoe! This is no ghost.
She’s Mini’s governess. Hello.
– She isn’t that one? No. She’s the new governess.
– What? Yes.
Mini, take her upstairs Come. Ass! You nearly
ruined everything! What have I done?
– What were you about to do? 2+3=Lord! Strange are your ways! Tea. For you. I’ve had breakfast
– Put it over there. Very well. Come, eat your breakfast. I’ve had breakfast.
– You must! Come. You eat too.
– No. You eat. I’ve eaten. Okay. What is Mini doing?
– Studying! Really!
– Yes! Is she being naughty?
– No. She’s studying. So she is studying? Have some sweets.
– No. I just had breakfast. No. You must eat!
– All right. What happened? What’s up, Mini? Nothing. I was just telling her
a scary story. So.. That’s not good. Please don’t tell her
scary stories. Yes. Sit down, Mini. Write. What have you written? 3+4=? Write it. Come on. Oh.. Mr. Raj Bedi. This is it. No! Oh no! Chandu!
– This is gone too? Oh no! This is gone too? What is the matter with you?
– Little did I know that.. God would answer my prayers so soon!
– Why are you wailing? Oh, what have I done? Panama? Oh no! I used to buy State
Express for you! And now Panama? Panama! On no! Chandu! Why are you crying?
– When you fired me.. I cursed you to damnation! Little
did I know that God grants so soon! God! Didn’t you have anything worse
to do than serve him my damnation? You should’ve heard someone else! No! Let me cry!
– You aren’t to blame. It wasn’t your curse.
What had to happen has happened. Can the cobbler’s curse kill cows?
– It does! And this has happened! What a shame! Is the lady at home?
– No. She has gone out to work. To work? She has gone to work, and
you? Has she really gone to work? Yes. Ever since the accident, she
has been working to make ends meet. I’m with you!
You fed me for 5 years! Tell me if I can do anything! Don’t be embarrassed. It’s heartfelt.
– Just be happy. Everything is going on fine.
– Very well. Do drop in once in a while.
– Sure. Definitely! All day, I get bored lying on
this bed. You can bring me news. What time does she leave for work?
– At eight in the morning. She’s back by seven in the evening.
– I’ll drop in between 9 am and 6 PM Sorry, Chandu. I can’t even offer you a cup of tea.
– I would’ve made tea for myself. But I have an appointment at four. And you know.. See you. I’ll come again. Bye. Bye. You won’t change. Papa, I want ice cream.
Wait here. I’ll get it for you. Mini! Mini! Mini! Stop! Mini! Mini. Let me go!
Mummy’s letter is coming! Mini.. Your Mummy’s letter
will never come! Your Mummy will never come!
She’s dead! But Papa says..
– Your father is lying! Because he doesn’t want to hurt you.
– My Mummy will come! She won’t come. Those who are dead
never come back! Auntie! Auntie! “If I’m a little daisy” “He will come to me
like a bumblebee” “If I’m a little daisy” “He will come to me
like a bumblebee” “He eyes me with lust” “He will come to me
like a bumblebee” “If I’m a little daisy” “He will come to me
like a bumblebee” “When I was plaiting my hair..” “I was in such a mess” “The flowers reminded me of him” “If I’m a little daisy” “He will come to me
like a bumblebee” “He has bitten me so sharply..” “he has poisoned my very veins” “Like a scorpion” “If I’m a little daisy” “He will come to me
like a bumblebee” “He tells me, I’m full of honey” “He tells me, I’m full of honey” “He’s talks so shamelessly” “He’s my man” “If I’m a little daisy” “He will come to me
like a bumblebee” “To take me for his bride..” “To take me for his bride..” “he came dressed like a groom
without even asking my father!” “If I’m a little daisy” “He will come to me
like a bumblebee” “He will come to me
like a bumblebee” Will you sleep with me tonight? All right, go to sleep. You must be late. My driver will drop you. You haven’t gone to sleep yet? And you’ve been smoking too much.
– Same answer for both questions. Worry. What about? You. It’s quite late.
– You know what happened today? Mini nearly got run over by a car.
It was a narrow escape. Then she was adamant about
watching a puppet show. She fell asleep in my arms.
She wouldn’t let me leave. Somehow I put her off to sleep. Don’t you have any more to tell me? Meaning?
– Take a look in the mirror. Go. I look the same. The vermilion dot is askew. I bent down to kiss Mini on her
forehead when she was asleep. Congratulations! I’m glad! What is the matter?
– Drop Panama! You’re back on State Express!
Your good days are back! I’m glad! What nonsense?
– I’m not talking nonsense. I’m congratulating you in advance
for your new car! Congratulations! Chandu, won’t you ever stop being
a scoundrel? Are you poking fun at me? What a thing to say! I saw your wife
traveling in a brand new car! A liveried chauffeur
was driving the car! Like a queen! She had the car
all to herself! Aren’t you late?
– I’m on my way. May I leave, Raj?
– Yes, go on. So much work! And this telephone!
And not a spare moment for me! Hello!
– Hello! Who is this? Shantabai speaking. Shantabai, where’s Mini?
– Sahib, is that you? Yes. Where’s Mini?
– Don’t even ask me! What’s happening?
– Imagine what could happen! She went to the school
with the governess. What? School? This is a miracle! Thank you, Mr. Mehra. You’ve been Mini’s governess
for quite some time now. And I don’t even know you. I know very little about myself.
All I know is.. I was brought up in an orphanage. Sorry to be late. But Mini insisted
that I eat dinner. Mini’s Daddy must be very rich.
A Mercedes 280 SE.. ..isn’t worth less than 7, 8 lakh. Radha, you have never told me
who Mini’s Daddy is. The need never arose.
Nor have you ever asked. What business is he in?
– He has a couple of factories. I haven’t inquired. I have decided to work here
till I find another job. Why? Because this job is taking up
too much of my time. I’m spending lesser and lesser time
with you. Don’t bother about me.
I’ve become used to staying alone. But I want to spend most
of my time with you. The doctor has given
an appointment at three tomorrow How will you come?
– How can I not come? I’ve taken leave from work.
– What? Please. Mrs. Bedi. Mr. Raj is better
than he was before. The treatment is giving results. Now I’m hopeful that
he will recover completely. That is if you can take him to
America for treatment. – America? Dr Collins in New York has cured
a few patients like him completely. Oh.. But Doctor.. How much will it cost?
– All found, 2 lakh 50 thousand. Okay Raj, I’m leaving.
– Wait. Why are you carrying that huge bag? This? I’ll buy the groceries
on my way back. What’s in it? Radha, when did you bring
the photographs back? Yesterday. Without even asking me? You wouldn’t have let me. What need? To sell them. Tired of poverty?
– No Raj. It’s for your treatment. I sold everything I had
to save those photographs. And here I am,
the cripple that I am today. Because it’d be a disgrace
to parade my wife before the world. Now you are out to sell
my self-respect? I can’t bear to see my wife
paraded before the world! Rather, give me poison! No! No! Uncle Shakur..
– What is it? Will you please look up my ticket?
Your hands are blessed! The last time I got 5,000.
This time I want 25,000! You don’t win lotteries every day.
Go and get me a snack. What would you like?
– Mincemeat Mincemeat! You want me
to get a goat now? You should’ve told me yesterday.
– Rascal! Have you eggs?
– Of what? What of? Get me bread with a stuffing.
– Sure. I’ll get it for you He makes mincemeat of my lottery
ticket, and now he wants a stuffing! Uncle Shakur..
– Yes my child. Come. Have you ever won a lottery?
– Never. But everyone I’ve given
a ticket to, has won a lottery. And this tailor, he won
a lakhs bumper! He started Cheap John, Tailors.
He’s making millions. Here’s 30 Rupees. Will you
buy tickets for me? Do you need money?
– No.. If that is the case, I’ll tell
the boss to give you a raise. No, I just want to try my luck.
– Your luck and my prayers. You’ll hit the bumper draw. Well done Uncle Shakur.
You aren’t about to change. Now you’ve given her the virus!
God save her. Do you meet the old gang?
How is everyone? Ever since you went out of work,
they have struck gold! They’re talented people.
Don’t talk like that of them. Where is the lady working?
– I don’t know. For some Chopra. Chopra!
– Yes. She says that? Or might
you have forgotten? No. Some Chopra. He’s in textiles.
I remember very well. Not Mehra, I presume?
– Which Mehra? The one who gave you the contract
during which you met the lady! And this aftermath..
– Chandu! You mean to say, Radha is lying?
– No. Scoundrel! Stay within your limits. You denigrate my
wife in front of me? Strange!
– You use sympathy to settle scores? Get out of here! Get out, you bastard! You mind that? I’m just a do-gooder. And
I don’t expect anything out of it. If you mind it, I’m sorry.
Very sorry. I want the conference in the best
of the hotels and the best band.. ..and entertainment and it
should be done immediately. Speaking. Yes I do mind. Yes. The French collaboration. In they can’t do it then go
in for the Italians. Yes. We’ll do it in India, yes, yes. Yes. Mr. Mehra. Two square meals a day
for the family. That’s what a man earns for. Why talk business at
the dining table? Relax when you sit down to eat. Uncle Sunder, please take
the telephones away Mind the line.
Don’t cross the line. Mini, your stuff is here. All of it? For me?
– Yes. Everything. Is Papa here?
– Yes. Downstairs. Uncle Sunder, what’s all this?
– Preparations for Mini’s birthday. When is her birthday?
– December 15. December 15? Auntie! Take this. What’s this?
– A dress. For you. You must wear it
for my birthday. Thank you, my child. But I won’t
be able to come on the 15th I have important work.
– Do it on the 16th. No. It can be done only on the 15th.
– If you don’t come on my birthday.. I won’t talk to you!
We aren’t friends anymore! What is it that can be done
only on December 15? Yes.. I have a prayer ritual.
– You can do it right here. We have a temple in this house.
This too is a house of God. I pray to a particular idol.
The idol is installed in my house. The 15th isn’t an auspicious day. And I have never celebrated
Mini’s birthday. This party is only for you. What’s so special about today? You don’t even remember?
Today is our wedding anniversary. I’m crippled. In body, and in mind. As long as I am alive,
never say that again. Open your mouth. Why are you staring at me? You look lovely in that dress. Thank you. I don’t think I have seen
this dress before. And I don’t think
I gave you that one. It’s a gift from Mini. This evening,
she’s having a birthday party. She made me promise that
I’d go wearing this dress. I must commend Mini’s choice
– Not her choice. Her Daddy’s choice He seems to be a connoisseur. Bye, Raj. I don’t think you want me
to go to work today. Are you out of your mind?
Why would I think like that? You might stand to lose the job.
It’s a good job. One has to be lucky to find
such a good employer. Expect me for dinner.
I’ll be back early. Papa! What am I to wear?
None of the dresses are nice! Auntie’s photo
in your cigarette case? You see..
– Papa, you like her, don’t you? This is a nice dress. Wear it Okay, papa. Good morning. Back again, Chandu?
– Happy wedding anniversary. Don’t throw me out on such
a happy day, please! Here you are. Sweets. And flowers.
While I was buying the flowers.. I saw the lady’s photograph
in this magazine on the stands. This is specially for you.
– Radha’s photo? In a magazine? Yes. Look up page 52. There. Right. Not Chopra.
Mehra. Good old Mehra. You’ve just seen the photo.
Go ahead, read the caption. Mr. Ashok Mehra.. The strangest part! Miss Radha.
Why not Mrs. Bedi? Worth thinking! The mystery runs deep. What?
– Why Mrs. Bedi doesn’t say.. ..that she is married?
Give it a thought. Radha has lied to me! My wife.. ..serves the man who is
responsible for the state I am in! No! She’s innocent.
Definitely, it’s Mehra at play! Why would he?
– Because you deceived him. Now he’s using your wife
to get even with you. Uncle Sunder.
– Yes. Not on the table. Keep it there.
– Not here? There? Take this too.
– All right. Over there. Today is December 15, isn’t it? It’s my birthday today.
I was orphaned when I was a child. You’ve married me,
given me a new life. Have you given a thought
to your future? I don’t understand.
I mean, about a partner for life. Every girl thinks about that.
– And what? A husband needn’t be a billionaire.
But a millionaire, at least? He should have at least
a couple of mansions? And servants. And cars? A man needs as much for
a comfortable life, no? Happy birthday, darling. Happy birthday. You used to ask me who my Mummy is.
I’ll tell you. This is my Mummy “I would have no
desire to live on..” “were it not for you” “I would have no
desire to live on..” “were it not for you” “Were it not for your support..” “I would’ve floundered” “I wouldn’t have been able
to swim ashore” “Were it not for your support..” “I would’ve floundered” “I wouldn’t have been able
to swim ashore” “As I neared the shore,
the waves would’ve drowned me” “Oh, were it not for you” “I would have no
desire to live on..” “were it not for you” “were it not for you” “How can I explain..” “what you mean to me” “You sustain my life” “How can I explain..” “what you mean to me” “You sustain my life” “Hopes I would have none..” “Oh, were it not for you” “I would have no
desire to live on..” “were it not for you” “Every sorrow of yours
I shall fill with joy” “Never shall I complain” “Every sorrow of yours
I shall fill with joy” “Never shall I complain” “The world envies me
But I am happy” “Oh, were it not for you” “I would have no
desire to live on..” “were it not for you” Sometimes, what children blurt out,
turns out to be true, no? Yes?
– Mini called you her mother. Mini is an innocent child.
– But I’m on her side. You have given her the love
she has thirsted for all her life. You’ve changed her for the better.
Just like a mother, I’d say. Someone who’s like a mother is
vastly different from the mother. No woman can ever love
someone else’s child as you have. What do you mean to say? This.. for you. I’m home. Please stop the car. I wanted to get back earlier, but..
– No problem. At parties, one tends to overstay.
Someone might even have said.. What’s your hurry?
And you stayed back. I won’t ever be late again.
– I know you won’t. Because your boss is going to
drop you home every evening! Were you at the window again? Are you keeping an eye on me? A man must keep an eye on his wife. Particularly, when
she hides the truth. Truth?
– Yes. Truth! I’m only a cripple.
I am not deaf and dumb. I have a few sympathizers
who keep me informed about you. Informed of what? That which you won’t disclose. As how you transformed yourself
from Mrs. Bedi into Ms Radha. Or how your boss Mr. Mehra,
becomes Mr. Chopra. You choose to serve the man
who did this to me! And you never even told me! There was a condition
attached to the job. The applicant mustn’t be married. Then why did you accept this job?
– Because no other job.. ..would’ve paid me so much! Look! Here’s the letter
from the doctor in America. The treatment will cost us at least
2.5 lakh! I’m saving up every cent! Little do you know
how I’m making ends meet. I’ve even gone to the extent
of buying lottery tickets! I’m praying for God’s mercy.
For my husband. Husband! Why don’t I see you wearing
your wedding necklace anymore? It comes to my notice particularly
at the late hours of the night.. ..when Mini’s father
chauffeurs you himself! Do you doubt my character? Character? I am sure that
you have no character left. You were always obsessed with
mansions and cars and servants! You took advantage of my condition,
and as Mini’s governess.. seized the opportunity
to fulfill your desires Do you have anything more to say?
– Nothing! But I do want to ask you. How far have you gone
with Mini’s Daddy? How can you accuse me
so vilely, Raj? A whore is far better
than a wife like you! A whore sells herself for money.
But she never cheats her client! Enough. She belongs only
to one man at a time! Mr. Bedi. You! I thought you’d leave on the sly
after dropping my wife. As always. That would perhaps have been
for the better. At least, I wouldn’t have had
to face someone as vile as you are. Well said!
So you have heard everything? That’s why I stayed back. I thought I’d purge the poison
from your mind before leaving Oh.. Believe me I have just come to know
that Radha is married.. ..and that she’s your wife! So Ashok Mehra tries to get
even with Bedi using a woman? You used my wife?!
– I wish I could.. Kill me? Go on, kill me! Strangle me. From behind. Only Radha is here.
She won’t testify against you Mr. Bedi
You are the limit. Mr. Mehra.. What is going on?
How come you are here? I was dispelling some
doubts your husband has. You know what he has been saying
about you? My husband can say
whatever he likes! Who are you to interfere
in our affairs? This is a private matter. Papa, why isn’t Auntie here yet? She might be unwell. Should I take the
doctor to see her? No, my child.
– She must be sick. I will go! I told you. You won’t.
– I will! I will! I will! Mini! Papa! Daughter.. I can’t even cry it out like you! Papa, you always said
Mummy would be back. I don’t want Mummy!
Bring Auntie back to me! Give me my Auntie! Give me my Auntie! Hello! Hello Shanta. Where’s Mini? She’s gone! Where? She is being sent away to
a boarding school in Mussoorie. Mussoorie? What time is her train?
– At four. Papa! Don’t send me away!
I know! Mummy won’t come back! Papa! Take me back! I won’t trouble you!
– Hush Mini, hush! Hush Mini, hush!
– Papa! Listen to me! I won’t trouble you! – Mini!
I’ll always listen to you! Listen to me, Papa! – Don’t cry.
– Take me home with you! Don’t cry, baby! Don’t send me away, Papa!
– Please go away. How can you be so heartless?
Why are you making this baby cry? Go away! Please!
– I won’t trouble you, Papa! Papa! Don’t send me away! I’ll be
all alone! I can’t live without you! Take me back Papa!
I don’t want to go! Please! Mini! Auntie! Take me home with you!
– Nini! I don’t want to go away! Auntie! I don’t want to go there!
Please take me home with you! Mini! Mini! Mini! Mrs. Bedi. Tears in your eyes, Mrs. Bedi? It’s my daughter who has gone away.
How does that make you sad? You didn’t do the right thing
sending Mini away. You don’t know how much
she loves you. About as much as you love her? You wouldn’t know. I love Mini
like my own daughter. I too was misled to believe so. Had
Mini really been your daughter.. ..could you have severed
the relationship so suddenly? In helplessness..
– In selfishness! It was an act for the money to
pay your husband’s medical bills. Once he recovered, would you still
love Mini as your own daughter? Would you still play Auntie? Never! Mini is still an innocent child. On your say-so, she gave up
her mother. In time, she will forget you too.
Had you loved her truly.. ..this separation would’ve
broken her heart You misunderstand me grossly.
– I did. Till yesterday But.. Why punish Mini? I regret,
but I must use your words. Maybe you forget.
This is my private matter. You have no right to interfere. You know.. Sending Mini away
makes me sad. But.. But it makes my burden light. You haven’t done
the right thing, Ashok.. ..sending Mini away to live
in a hostel like an orphan. When she thinks of you, when
she weeps, who will console her? You are a father. How can you
understand a mother’s feelings? You were rude with Radha.
That was a big mistake, Ashok. Be it even for a while, she gave
Mini what I couldn’t. A mothers love. Something you can’t
give Mini either. Mother’s love is what
a child needs first. The father’s caring comes later. Forgetting isn’t that easy a task.
Have you been able to forget me? Uncle Shakur, drop everything!
There’s good news. What you and Radha couldn’t do,
I did! At the first try! Look! Bumper draw! 5 lakh! Your insanity was too much for me! So I bought a lottery ticket
for the two of you. And it won! Why are you staring like this?
I’m telling you the truth! No son. For the first time
in your life, you’ve lied to me. I found this on the piano. She stopped coming to work from the
day after Mini’s birthday party. Why? I only want to know the truth, son.
This ring is proof. You proposed to her
But she refused. Right? She is married.
– What?! She deceived us? She lied to us? She said
she’s all alone in this world! Even today, she’s all alone. Her husband is a famous
photographer of yesteryear. Bedi. Today, he’s a cripple. She needed the job to pay his
medical bills. That’s why Radha lied. And I lied to you
to cover up for her. Uncle Shakur, you have reared me.
There’s nothing that you don’t know. First God takes
my Nina away from me. She leaves me with a memento
of our love And Mini pines for a mother’s love.
Then suddenly.. God sends Radha into my life.
He punishes me once again. She loves Mini more than
her own mother would. Then, even that is snatched away. Uncle Shakur, what crime is mine,
what sin have I committed? Why is God punishing me
again and again? Son, the ways of Allah
are beyond man’s comprehension. Have courage my son. Take heart. Uncle.. The heartbreak happened long ago.
Suffering has now become a habit. What I cannot bear.. I cannot bear to see
the tears in Mini’s eyes.. ..I cannot bear it. I cannot bear it. Uncle Shakur! Let me take a breath!
Do you know what’s in this? What?
– Your luck! What?!
– Yes! 5 lakh rupees! Your lottery! The bumper draw! Thanks to Allah, anyone I buy
a ticket for, has always won! Be it 5 Rupees,
be it 5 lakh Rupees! Uncle Shakur, first it was
Mr. Mehra. Now you come here. Is this an act of mercy? If Mr. Mehra was so kind, would
I buy lottery tickets all my life? In principle, it’s money
that he cares for most! Are the rich ever kind?
– Are you saying the truth? I consider you my daughter. I’d go
to hell if I lied to my daughter. Keep this.
– Do come inside. Lord! Forgive me this trespass! All passengers traveling
on Air India Flight.. Al 165 to Delhi, Frankfurt.. ..London and New York, kindly check
through immigration and custom.. ..for passport clearance.. ..proceed for security check
through gate number 7. You? Nice of you to have come. I got you wrong, Mr. Mehra. Thank you. You’re getting me wrong again. That isn’t Radha.. I mean,
she isn’t your wife. She’s my late wife. What? After she gave birth to Mini,
she left, leaving me all alone. That your wife looks like mine.. a strange coincidence. I respect your wife for
her loyalty towards her husband. Only the luckiest
get wives like her. She told me that she was single.
Thus my misgivings. It was unknowingly, that I fell
for her. But at heart I am clean. If you can, please forgive me. Mr. Mehra, I lied to you
for my motives. Never did I think that the lie
would bring me to these crossroads. But I am sure that a man like you
won’t keep it in your heart. Was it necessary to say that? How is Mini? She..
– Excuse me please. You are getting late for your flight.
Please proceed for clearances. Thank you. Why are you weeping? I’m very happy. I’m proud to have you as my wife.
– Then give me a smile. Raj.. Listen.. When I am in hospital,
how will you bide your time? Tell me.
– I’m going to be with her! Mini! You? Hello uncle. Hello. How come you’re here?
– Here’s my passport. And my ticket Papa has given this letter for you. Ms Radha, meeting, the separating
is the law of life. Joy and sorrow are
two sides of the coin. You might not believe how happy
I am now that we have separated. Because you’re going away to bring
Raj back hale and heart, once again. I am placing my Mini
in your custody. The pain of staying away
from her.. I might be able to bear. But she cannot live without you. You have given her
a mother’s love.. ..something that God has denied
her. Not in several lifetimes.. ..will I be able to repay
the debt I owe you. Upon the two of you, I place
the responsibility of.. ..bringing up Mini, of giving her an
education and finding a match for her. Yours, Ashok Mehra. I loved you once.
I lost you twice. “I wonder why my
heart tells me..” “our parting will mean more to me
than our meeting” “Tears, I would never have
treasured like pearls..” “were it not for you” “were it not for you”

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  3. Rajesh khanna..yr words always made us cry.. N laugh… I cried a lot…… Ending was really a sad..i thought raj babber ll leave rekha and go america alone….. Lv ds story

  4. Milestone of indian flim industry
    None of the superstar compair acting with Late.Mr.Rajesh Khanna

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  5. Itna Pakau hai yeh Movie (like the 80's movies).
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  6. What a stupid end. Ya ok temporarily you can send your own daughter with another lady
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  7. My God each character in this movie have some serious physcological issues and depression!! A man who lost his wife still cant let go his past, A child who shows suicidal behaviour and even attempts it multiple times and a man who is stucked to wheel chair and start to loose all hopes and start showing symptoms of schizophenoa!! WOW JUST WOW..And cherry on the cake this song starts every time AGAR TUM NA HOTE! LIKE SERIOUSLY?? GO SEEK MEDICAL HELP MORONS!

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