Aquaman – SDCC Full Panel – Majestic Entertainment News Coverage

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100 Replies to “Aquaman – SDCC Full Panel – Majestic Entertainment News Coverage”

  1. 07: 30 the way Amber looks to Jason …! No wonder, Lisa and Jason "suddenly" decide to marry …after 12 YEARS together and 2 kids (last year there were a lot of rumours and Amber was involved)!
    I´m pretty sure Lisa put her foot down! Not the worst thing, now he starts to earn a lot of money! But let´s hope he´s smart and firm enough!

  2. Why is Amber so fidgety? Can´t help it, but there´s something she radiates that feels … wrong… Nicole Kidman is classy.

  3. jason looks much more exciting now than he was last year for justice league..hope the studio doesent fuck with this movie too

  4. I think Jason Momoa just found a new wife look at the chemistry between them look at her look on her face if these two haven't already committed a sexual crime with the one another they will

  5. the bigger the better, give it to me James, pummeling her. Wow. What great sexual innuendo to feed the rabble.

  6. Nicole putting her best trying to give a fuck face on while the others are talking. Make that all them trying to give a face while they sit up there.

  7. On Earth
    In The Ocean
    Under The Earths Core
    Killers of the Sea…
    Make a world bigger than the biggest sun in the universe. A planet, of only water- can water be in space? Yes it can. The Otomists WILL ARRIVE!

  8. ชอบนางเอกมาก็เลย

  9. Nicole Kidman is truly beautiful woman 👏👏💕 she is always beuatiful even in her age now 👏💞 for me that's the beauty without any make up she is still thr beuatiful itsself

  10. The really beautiful for me is Nicole Kidman 👏😊 the first scenes is herss and i was so curious so who is this woman , anddddd NICOLE KIDMAN wowww 👏👏💕 no wonder she is so beautiful

  11. Everyone watch amber heard and jason momoa.. watch their actions towards each other! Amber has definitly has feelings for him u can tell by watching her body language.. also jason seems fond by her helping her get her chair + helping her up + hugging her.. but end of day he loves his family and wife I believe Amber has grown feelings for him for sure

  12. Love ya J Mo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Shekh ma shieraki anni ☀️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌙Yerjalan atthirari anni 🤙🏻🤙🏻the movie is amazing👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻everyone did an awesome job🙂

  13. That Amber Idk but sends unlilable body language messages. Obsessed with books to the point to not paying attention to others ew.

  14. Omg i just realised this Chinese dude is the director of aquaman? That's pretty strange, i thought he was kind of makeup man or something lmao. 😂😂😂

  15. The movies needed this type of different more real human down to earth type of super heroe in the movies I like 👌

  16. I feel like Jason and Amber should be married. I love them together. And this is an amazing cast. I love them.

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