Ascending the Temple Mount on Rambam Day, 5780

Ascending the Temple Mount on Rambam Day, 5780

Today, the 6th day of the month of Marcheshvan,
is the 854th anniversary of the Rambam’s historic ascent to the Temple Mount in the Hebrew year
4926, 1165 of the common era. The name Rambam is an acronym of the name
Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, otherwise known as Maimonides, one of Israel’s greatest sages
and personalities throughout the ages. In a letter he composed following his ascent
to the Temple Mount, Rambam describes how he sailed from Morocco on the 14th day of
the month of Iyar [May 5, 1165], braved a treacherous sea and landed in the Israeli
port city of Acco on  the 3rd of the month of Sivan [May 23, 1165]. The land of Israel, at this time, was occupied
by the crusaders, and was filled with peril for any Jew traveling in the land. In his own words, Rambam writes, “On Tuesday,
the fourth day of the month of Marcheshvan, in the year 4926 from the time of creation,
I left Acco and set out for Jerusalem, encountering many dangers along the way. I entered the “Great and Holy House” and prayed
there, on Thursday, the 6th of the month of Marcheshvan [October 21, 1166].” The Great and Holy House is an expression
that is used in Jewish liturgy to describe the entire Temple Mount area, and not the
Mikdash, or Sanctuary, itself, since entry into the area of the Mikdash itself is forbidden
to Jews who have not been purified by the ashes of the red heifer. Rambam describes his gratitude to HaShem for
the privilege of ascending to and praying on the Temple Mount. “On Sunday of the following week, the 9th
of the month, I left Jerusalem and set out for Hevron, to visit the graves of our forefathers
in the cave of the Machpelach. On that day I stood and prayed at the cave
– may G-d be praised for everything! These two days, the 6th and the 9th of the
month of Marcheshvan, I vowed will be for me life festival days, filled with prayer
and happiness, food and drink! May G-d help me in all my endeavors and make
true for me the verse, “My vows will I pay unto the L-rd” – amen!” In another letter penned by the Rambam, the
famous “Epistle to the Jews of Yemen,” he again recalls his day atop the Temple Mount:
“When we left the land of the west, [Morocco], ‘to behold the pleasantness of the L-rd and
to visit in His Holy Sanctuary.'” (quoting from Psalm 27:4) Rambam is clearly
stating here that his visit to the Temple Mount was not merely another tourist stop
along the way, but that the visit to the Temple Mount and performing the positive commandment
of Mora Mikdash, (showing reverence to G-d in the place of His Holy Temple), was the
very goal of his long and dangerous journey. No doubt it was this fact which gave Rambam
the courage to endure the hardships at sea and the dangers he encountered in the Land
of Israel. In the background of this video taken today
you can hear the daily Mincha prayer being spoken out loud, beginning with the verses
describing the daily offerings, including the amidah and kedushah, and concluding with
kaddish. Until very recently even this expression of
Jewish identity and connection to the Holy Temple was forbidden by the Israeli authorities. But today, after many years of effort, because
so many Jews are following the footsteps of the Rambam, and are returning to and honoring
the place of the Holy Temple, actively performing the mitzva of Mora Mikdash, the gates of prayer
are reopening. May they never shut again!

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16 Replies to “Ascending the Temple Mount on Rambam Day, 5780”

  1. As a Christian it warms my heart and soul every time the Jewish people ascend to the Temple Mount. Please keep going to our holy site.

  2. My favorite part of this video is that you have boys from different backgrounds – chasiddish, Dati Leumi, Chardal, and plain ol' black kippah! Achdut is the main thing – when we have achdut no one can harm us. May we all join together to walk in the ways of our Torah and b'derech Hashem.

  3. Blessings! to all of Israel, this is my prayer! Always.🕎🔯
    May the people, of the most high be forever loved!
    May Jerusalem, our beloved city have peace! and forever be in his heart, beloved and protected.
    Shalom, shalom.
    Thank you, for sharing this wonderful day! And video with us.
    From England.

  4. MAZEL TOV todas rabbah hazak to all an yisrael hashem bless ERETZ YISRAEL 💛💚💙💜🇮🇱❤️✡️❤️🕎🇵🇰🇮🇱✡️🕎🇮🇱🇵🇰🇵🇰🇮🇱 Love & best wishes from a sefardi yidden from Pakistan HASHEM bless all of benei yisrael amen thanks Shahbaz gondal usa

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