Game of Thrones: San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Panel (HBO)

(CROWD CHANTING “HODOR”) Hodor. (CROWD SCREAMING) Okay, I’m done! Hello, Hall H. (CROWD CHEERING) How you doing? You good? (LAUGHS) Wow, I never thought I would be here. I’m so pleased to be here. This is gonna be a panel… slightly different. I’m gonna do things quite informally. We’re all friends here aren’t we? (CROWD

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Top 10: Best Portable Solar Chargers of 2019 / Best Solar Panel Chargers for Android, iPhone, Travel

this is the all-new Nomad seven-plus solar panel we’ve added a bunch of awesome new features so let’s check it out so the new Nomad seven-plus is a super thin and rugged monocrystalline panel on the back here you’ve got the pouch so you can store your phone and this is where all the magic