Awakening Talent Contest – Launch Video by the Judging Committee | #AwakeningStar

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100 Replies to “Awakening Talent Contest – Launch Video by the Judging Committee | #AwakeningStar”

  1. I participate Is there help to participate have the talent and love songs Maher Zain boy Please, I want to help you to comment

  2. I asked of facebook if I can delete my video and repost a new one ? I seen other contestants do this will that disqualify me ? I really want to win this so I'm willing to make something new and upload it. Please let me know thanks.

  3. Salam, I don't really understand the rules about singing live song without effects or lips sync. Is that mean the contestant just singing without a music? ^_^ if the answer is yes, that would be more easier ! 😀 and Im gonna join 😀

  4. hi!
    I've uploaded my video 4 days ago, and submitted it on the website,
    but it's not in the playlist yet,
    Does that mean that my video is not approved?


  5. السـلام عليـكم ..

    انا احمد كمال من مصـر .. حبيت انى اشارك في مسابقة أويكنينج

    لكن دلوقتى انا عمرى 14 سنـة فهل ينفع انى اشارك ؟؟ ارجو الرد

  6. اهم حاجه تستعملو اصواتكم الحلوووه في الخييييررر وموووفقيين لكل اللي اشتركو واللي حيشتركو : )

  7. السلام عليكم
    انا حضرت الفيديو الخاص بالاعلان . .لكن لم فهم آلية الرفع على اليوتيوب والتصويت وكيفية التحكيم ؛ كيف رح تكون ان شاء الله .. ممكن توضيح 🙂

  8. Please check: Saffin Alimamy – Eid Mubarek || عيد مبارك || Awakening Talent Contest ||

    Jazzakom' ALLAHU Khair <3

  9. Sorry brother, I just noticed, I am not allowed to use a track, I will make a new video soon for this InSha'ALLAH. I just need to ask one thing, is rapping okay? It's my talent, I write lyrics.

  10. السلام عليكم … لو سمحتم جزاكم الله خيرا .. كيف أقدر أن أشارك في هذه المسابقة ؟

  11. قمت برفع مشاركتي وإضافتها من موقع المسابقة منذ 4 أيام..
    وهي متوافقة مع كل الشروط..لكن لم تتم إضافتها بعد من طرفكم..
    هل هذا أمر طبيعي أم أن هناك خطأ ما؟

  12. assalamualaikum
    what should i do after upload my video to youtube?
    I've visited the submit page, but no effect after i clicked the submit button.

  13. My brother had put his video about two weeks please post up but do you guys decide if its not on the channel but you guys know its there

  14. للمشاهدة موهبة تستحق العالمية
    Awakening Talent Contest – Meriem El yakoubi – Morocco #Awakening Star

  15. salam alaykom everyone,
    this is brother Hatim,
    here is my first video for the awakening talent contest,
    I chose to sing "ya nabi salam alayka"
    in the memory of its writer "Salah Jalal"
    I hope you enjoy it, and if so, please click LIKE !

  16. بودنا أن نشارك في المسابقة ..
    كان لدي استفسار هل يجب أن يكون النشيد المنشد بنفس لحنه الأصلي أم أستطيع أن ألحن لحن خاص بي ؟؟
    بالذات لو كان نشيد قديم ؟

  17. I was wondering, although there is no specification, will us ladies actually be judged according to the standards equally, or do we have a smaller chance of being selected?

  18. Salamu alaykum i have submitted my video its been 4 days now nd nothing happened u said 72 hours what is the problem?? the channels name is Ali Ibrahim :^

  19. assalamo 3alaykoum, i'm oussama and i submited my video this more than 2 days, but i did not find it in the list of Awakenong talent contest !!! pleasse i'm waiting for an answer . thanks

  20. assalamo 3alaykoum pleasse giv me your oppinions about this voice thanks
    Awakening Talent Contest – OUSSAMA -MOROCCO #AwakeningStar

  21. Harmonies Group Contestant Awakening!!
    Awakening Talent Contest | Voice of Men | Malaysia #AwakeningStar
    Must Watch!!!

  22. Why my video still not approved until today?? Can you tell me if i need to make some correction to my video.. this is my video..
    Awakening Talent Contest | Voice of Men | Malaysia #AwakeningStar
    I really hope my group video will appear in awakening talent contest

  23. Actually I have heard Oussama's voice he is amazing!! you can watch him sisters and brothers
    Awakening Talent Contest – OUSSAMA -MOROCCO #AwakeningStar

  24. What awakening records is doing is amazing but do you realize how much sins you're getting for encouraging women to sing? Hijabis singing like it's totally okay makes it seem like the day of judgement is coming closer and closer.

  25. slam awakening record admin i make and upload (maher zain this wordly life kurdish subtitle) but youtube remove it i don't wanted to reducing number of view official video but i make video for kurdish subtitle and i search on YouTube many person upload the video but don't remove it why only my video removed???

  26. Salam,

    Can you please tell me what the issue is if the video is not uploaded? ive uploaded it long ago, but it still hasnt been put up here. If there is a issue with the video, please let me know.


  27. Awakening records I think its time that you guys endorse / sign a female to your AWSOME record label, no offence to the men but we need women with good messaging. For all those younger girls that listen to crap like Lady Gaga of the world and look up to her as a role model. You need a girl to reinforce good moral examples to our young audiences , just saying …..

  28. Please accept my video into the voting section. I've been contacting you for the past week on twitter and haven't gotten a response. I removed my previous submission and uploaded another video and have submitted it over 5 times. Please review the video and put it in your playlist.


  29. السلام عليكم أريد ان اسال هل هذه المسابقة فقط هذا العام أم أنها ستكون أيضا خلال السنوات المقبلة ؟؟؟

  30. Salam Alaykom. Do I (or anyone) get more/less "points" if I sing something that is original and made by the person singing? Please reply asap!

  31. Y´all muslim know that music is not allowed in islam. So why do you awakeningrecords, bring other muslims away from Allah`s deen?

  32. I have seen women do worst things then sing & men need to take control of themselves, they are accountable for there actions & thoughts. If a women singer is dressed restfully, sings with a beautiful message (especially for our younger audience) why not let her shine. Let God judge her & no one else.

  33. salam alikom, I've submited my video several times and it didn't show up in awakening videos! What is the problem?

  34. I would have loved to participate in this contest, but Allahu Allam. i have amazing songs written and sung by me. Nonetheless, i cant't wait to see the next Awakening star! Islamic Musics has gone a long way to influence the lives of stray muslims Alhamdulillah. i am so glad islam is flowing with global changes in a positive and Godly way. Masha Allah.

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  36. الى متى الفرصه متاحه امام الفيديو في للمشاهده ومتى ينتهي التصويت " التاريخ بالظبط لو سمحت " وجزاك الله خيرا

  37. Assalamualaikum. Please open my video , I sang the song " I'tiraf " .Sing this song reminds me of my sins . Just click on my profile to open the video .thank you

  38. Welcome To USA Cheb SheickChabib ISLAM Channel enjoy it : Nasheeds/ Songs/
    Comedy/ Arabic/ Islamic Poetry/ Athan/ Quran/ and enjoy my Video Submission to
    This contest Jazakomo ALLAH Khayran

  39. alsalamu alaykum
    I submit in 7'th may
    and I didn't see it on the list in your site
    please help me and tell me whats wrong
    thank you

  40. why is the logo a triangle?
    I'm not saying you guys are a part of the Illuminati, just asking,
    and Awakening sounds like a channel exposing the Illuminati.

  41. assalamu alaikum sir i have submitted my video yesterday morning (10th may)but still i can't see it on the playlist of awakening records channel.please help me out in this problem

  42. I had wanted to join this contest but unfortunately the deadline was yesterday and I didn't submit the video. So here is the question, will this competition be held next year, to give me chance, or it's done only once??
    Thank you.

  43. I am not an extreme Muslim and know that music is haram, It is reported in the bukhari that music is Haram. From among my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcoholic drinks and the use of musical instruments, as lawful.” I was surprised to know music was haram but realized that i could not deny the fact. May Allah guide us all. And by the way I am 16 and not extreme but just a Muslim.

  44. From among my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcoholic drinks and the use of musical instruments, as lawful.” Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 7.494B Narrated by Abu Amir

  45. Brother, a Muslim is supposed to follow the Quran and the Sunnah. In the Quran, it tells us to follow the prophet Muhammad (pbuh), so we must follow him. You know that in the Quran not everything is mentioned and our beloved prophet narrated it in hadith. It is mentioned in Bukhari which is authentic in Hadith 7.494B Narrated by Abu Amir. Assalamualikum warahmatullah

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