Big Trouble in South Rome – Sub Eng / Ru – Full Movie

Big Trouble in South Rome – Sub Eng / Ru – Full Movie

“There are four things a man has but thinks he doesn’t: sins, debts, age and enemies”. Persian aphorism Brussels, 7:08 AM March 22, 2016 I’m at the airport, my flight is at 9! See you soon “Good morning everyone…” “Today morning, around 8, explosions occurred…” “At the main airport in Brussels” “Witnesses describe blood-curdling screams in arabic language heard during the explosion…” Yo Co’! These fuckers…. They never mind their own business! We’re not even safe in our own home now! One thousand-six, one-seven, one-eight… “…the company Brussels Airlines…” Do you have a couple more bags? Yo, the night’s over and the stuff as well. Don’t you have a life? Go to sleep, for fuck’s sake Not for me, for my girlfriend! She’s stoned as fuck since last night,
I dunno what to do… It’s finished! See you next time! C’mon man… You know what I mean!
You’re always loaded, what the fuck! “…Allah Akbar, the main explosion…” Damn, these guys don’t have a life! “Subsequently, the explosions occurred in a major subway…” Tell me, Co’ Yo Kra! All good here But listen… I finished my credit, I need to recharge – Another recharge?
– Yep We should solve today. Let you know Lemme know, yeah. Bye Kra I’m done here! Chapter I
The Load You’re such a dirty bitch You like it, don’t ya? You really like it… Who’s your daddy? Tell me what you like.. “I’m so excited and I can’t hide it!
When you make $7 in one minute…” Goddammit, turn the fuck off! You fuckin’ fucker It’s not what it looks li… – Seriously? You still teasin’ that limp wiener of yours?
– No! I sware I wasn’t wanking! You didn’t even do the laundry! You never give me a hand You’re fuckin’ useless! I spend all day working my ass off
taking care of the kid All fuckin’ day with your son! And what about you? You wank in front of the computer! – But I…
– By the way, you suck down there! See you later, sucker! My dick’s this big! “Good evening from TG3, let’s immediately connect to Brussels where today around 8 AM….” We’re running short of cash Good thing that Sandro’s coming back …and now a little fix… “Latest updates: 28 dead, 15 of which perished in the explosion in the subway…” “Here’s the lates footage, as you can see…” …a little fix, let’s fry it up… “Probably two kamikazes have exploded in the airport…” “Brussels is under attack” “Two explosions today at the airport…” …time for the fix… Did you hear the news?? No, I didnt’ hear the news… Brussels! Did you hear Brussels? No, what’s up in Brussels? The attack man! At the airport! In Brussels! – Who attacked the airport?
– Sandro was coming back today, from Brussels! From the airport! With the LOAD!! – Is Sandrino ok?
– He wrote me before, he said he was at the airport… -…but now the attack!
– He texted you so call him back! – Damn, dude, his phone’s dead
– His phone’s dead… What the fuck are we going to tell the Mechanic? What about the Mechanic? The MONEY dude! We owe him money! Give him these! What the fuck are you talking about?
Let’s go talk to the other one! You don’t get it, idiot, we’re gettin’ no load! So what? Let’s tell the Mechanic! Sandro, is it you? Good. Hop in the car please. Hurry up! Hurry, there’s no time to lose… Do you have the money with you? Good. – Is it ok?
– Yes Perfect. On your left, there’s a briefcase. Take a look. Fast! Like it? Perfect However the schedule has changed: Today morning a terrorist attack took place at the
airport. It’s full of cops everywhere! This means you will not take a plane nor a train Did you tell your friends you were flying today? You can’t take no plane or train.
You will go back to Rome by foot! We made a map for you… We studied the itinerary carefully.
Normally it would take you 40 days of walking… But we have a pill for you! With this it will take you only a week Take the pill, please! That’s good Is everything clear? FUCKING ITALIANS, STUPID MONKEYS! – Hurry! It’s full of cops everywhere!
– Your jacket… Quick, give me your jacket and your mobile! Ok, we’ll keep this Now, change your jacket Take your briefcase and go, hurry! There’s no time to lose Les jeux sont faits. Have a good trip, my friend! Farewell “…it really seems like Europe is under attack …” “…against an unidentified enemy…” “…that we are unable to fight…” “… when two kamikazes explode in the airport
we are all vulnerable…” “…Absolutely, it’s true…” They’re still not here, these fuckers! “…this is war…” Yes? – Open up, you idiot!
– Son of a bitch… I’m fed up, I’ll break their bones, all of ’em! Dude, what’s up with all the chaos?
My wife’s about to come home in a minute! Shut up and listen.
You don’t know what shit we’re into! Did you hear about Brussels?
A fucking terrorist attack took place – So what?
– Sandro is in Brussels, he had to fly back today! – What about Tommasino?
– He’s downstairs I could’n let him upstairs, he’s high as a kite! Dude, that fucking junkie is down the street with my wife about to come home? Don’t worry, let’s try to find a solution fast.
What the hell can we do? – Yeah, solution my ass. What about the load?
– The load’s downstairs… Damn, are you stupid?
How’s the load supposed to be here? Teleporting? Geez, do you still wank, dude? Yeah, I was jackin’ off, so what? Good for you…it shoud help relax, but look at you! Anyway, listen. There’s only one thing to do We gotta…we gotta kidnap Paoletto! He’s the only one that could know more about Sandro… He’s his brother.
We can hand him as a warranty to the Mechanic – Is everything fine?
– No, not at all! All this anxiety since the morning… – I gotta go take a dump…
– Go take a dump, dude But hurry up for fuck’s sake! Shit, shit! Shit, shit! Fuck you dude, it stinks like hell! My wife’s here!
Shut up!! Don’t make a noise or she’ll kill me! Fuck you! So? What’s up? I saw your friend down the street. The fucking junkie… is he on lookout? Did you bring in some whores? – Still on with that shit? Come on!
– Yeah, that’s what I think. You have a problem with it? So what the fuck is the junkie doing down there? I have no idea… – Then, can I take a look around?
– Of course look around… Just…don’t look here… You see? You always think the worst. Why?
Maybe you are the one hiding something… This time you’re safe.
But the next time I have even the slightest suspect… I’ll rip your balls off! Am I clear? – So what’s the plan?
– Let’s go look for Sandro’s brother… – Now?
– No, first let’s meet Colica, maybe he has something That son of a bitch? Hey it is you smellin’ like shit? You asking me for stuff? Me, your client since ever? And Sandro is in Brussels with the load… So as far as we know he could be dead! Yo, Co’, what can I say? I though… You don’t think! You guys are braindead! What will I sell to my people at the club? You really think I organize parties so people can listen to David Guetta? I gotta sell dope man! And…did you consider the Mechanic and Kraut? You know them… Hey, no kidding, don’t talk to Kraut! Me, talk to him? It’s your business,
I don’t wanna be part of this shit! Good luck. Or should I say condolences! Where the fuck where you? I was taking a leak Look, I just finished talking to Colica.
He even said “condolences” – Fuck him
– I know, he’s a piece of shit Listen, we gotta do something.
Let’s go look for Sandro’s brother maybe he knows something – Let’s go find that douchebag
– Look at you, goddammit! At you age, still on heroin…let’s go for fuck’s sake There he is. That’s Paolo The one with the white jacket? The one with puke color pants? – Yeah, that’s him
– Man, he’s a total loser Hey sorry, sorry, you got some spare cash? – 50 cents, come on!
– I don’t have money! 20 cents! – What about coppers?
– I told you, I have nothing! – Jesus, you’re like a tax. Can I deduct it, at least?
– Of course! Oh dear! Help! Is this the way you treat an honest citizen? Oh my God! What’s going on? Shut up or we’ll shoot ya! Shut up! We kill you like a dog, shut up! – What, you stop?
– It’s red! Armando, turn it off, I gotta make a call He keeps on calling This story is taking a bad turn…so bad… Hey boss! Can I get a half day on thursday?
My bro’s getting finally out of jail… Half day? What the fuck are you talking about? You still owe me money, you’re not going anywhere! No money, no half day Cut it out! Imma give you the cash You better, you son of a bitch! Or guess what, for your birthday I’ll bring you flowers…
on your grave! Fuck you, kid! Yes, more. Who is it? It’s Colica, should I let him up? – You like it? You like it?
– Yes. Hey Colica, what’s up? Don’t you see I’m dominating? – The load…
– Oh yes, I’ll fill up everyone with my load… – The boys…
– Yes, the boys, I’ll load them up too Tell me, when you fuck how do you fuck? How do I fuck? With my dick… Yes, your dick! But you look weak to me… Never be weak Colica! Women like alpha males! What’s your choice? Alpha or weak? – Weak, but…
– No, alpha! Alpha is the answer Yes, alpha is better. Who’s that? Check it – The Mechanic!
– Answer for me Are you kidding? You answer to him – Yes?
– Kraut I’m fed up, come here with all the gang Yeah, I’m coming, I’m coming! And bring that loser son of mine as well I’m coming! I’m coming! – Hold on!
– I ain’t talking to you! C’mon! I gotta go now The load from Brussels is here. The Mechanic called me – No listen to me, about the load…
– Hey Colica, you’re stressed out. Take it easy. Fuck! Just wash it up, it’s still good. See ya – Nice to meet you, I’m Colica
– Nice to meet you, I’m Chantal Paolo, remember Danilo? Damn was he funny! Such great laughing! Here we are… What’s wrong with you?
Wasn’t he supposed to be tied up? Yeah but, I mean, he’s Sandro’s brother! – I though it wasn’t right to…
– This idiot talked and he recognized his voice! And you must be Cosma! Another friend of my brother – And you wanted to kill me? How in the world…
– Shut the fuck up! Andrea, goddammit, now what the fuck do do? I know…now we’ll talk to the Mechanic.
He’s a business man, he’ll understand… I’ll talk to him, don’t worry! Yeah, right – Yeah but Andrea…
– What the hell did you do here? While I was waiting I made these bird cages…
you know if you have small pets, or a lizard… Bird cages? You are a kinda obsessed with birds, Cosma! – Maybe you should talk to someone…
– How long does this show have to last? Can we kindly go to the Mechanic? – Let’s go…
– He likes birds! Big birds! Guess what, I’m in a real gang of big bad guys – So what? And one day I’ll be the boss Oh wow, then you must be really bad! I’ll be the greatest gangster in Tor Marancia Hey we’re sitting right next to a gangster! He looks like a GAYster to me! No, I’m really the baddest…. I’m just not macho enough Let’s go Patalo’.
Your father wants you to be with us today You know I don’t care about this stuff And you’re really rude.
Can’t you see I’m talking to the ladies? Stop talking to these whores
and go find a decent girlfriend I don’t want a girlfriend… I want… mainly… company… or something like that… Oh, take it up in your ass! Let’s go guys! Alright guys, let’s go the the fuckin’ Mechanic… let’s see what’s up… Let’s hope it all goes fine…take it or leave it Let’s go, but I’ll take off my jacket, it feels like I’m growing moss and lichens in it Guys, I’ll stay here on the lookout, alright? Yeah, be on the lookout for my jacket too Can I come in? You worthless fuck stay on the lookout.
Can you look out at least? So? Anything to say? I’m fed up with you guys, I’ve been calling you all day! Not a single answer from one of you idiots! What the fuck were you thinking about? Where’s your fucking dealer with the stuff? We had an appointment today I thought it was clear Any objections? We…it’s not our fault Sandro had to be be back today with the load but there was a terrorist attack.
We can’t do nothing about it We can’t get in touch with him But look, he’s Sandro’s brother You know…like a sign of our good will – Maybe he knows something…
– Nice to meet you Mr. Mechanic, it is a great honor… Who the fuck is this little faggot choir-boy? Ok, no need to be a bully, he’s here as a warranty… You know, he’s the brother… Yo rasta-pasta, you better stay inside the lines Don’t fuck around You know what I mean? Allright, if that’s the case, it’s all good guys… Hey, Tommasì, you had it all wrong in life It’s all good Now he’s free in the contrary, y’all stay here It’s either the money or the gear And you have four days Or else, you’re all dead And I want 20% interest ad well Way to go Kraut. That’s the way I like it And now, fuck off What is that on your face? It’s blood, my brother – Whose blood?
– Tommasino’s A genuine tragedy Where’s Tommasino? Tommasino is dead, baby. Tommasino is dead You know what I mean, Armando? We need to find a new supplier ’till we don’t get the load from Brussels,
what do we give to our people? Listen Kraut, maybe I have a solution A while ago I used to go out with this Latina bitch She’s cool. She deals anphetamines I think she has some good hook ups maybe we can get a decent load before we manage to get our shit back from Brussels Is she hot? At this point all we can do is wait… to die. All of us I just don’t wanna suffer too much Tommasino died instantly, right?
If he shoots us in the head we won’t feel anything What if this time his aim fails? What if he wants to do things differently? What if, what if, come on! It’s a torture, mates! But let me tell you a thing What about a nice robbery? What the fuck are you talking about? No, wait, the boy didn’t say something stupid Remember that gambling house? Outside the hood? Us, a robbery? Never! Remember guys Nonchalant Today we have a great opportunity the one to feel home wherever we are This can be done only by kings, Thiefs, and hookers This was…Shakespeare, right? Yeah right, it’s Balzac In the meantime worms are eating Tommasino… and they’ll eat us soon… What’s this shit about kings feeling at home anyway? I bet they don’t feel home in the ghetto! Intimidated by the blood-driven Mechanic
and his hitman, the Fuhrer Go fuck yourself,
trying to play phylosopher! Cosma, what’s your problem? What’s up with you? – If you wanna we can go talk outside..
– Yeah, let’s go bitch! Hey mates, hold on a second! This brilliant conversation of elevated existential content… …can’t you postpone it in 15 minutes? You’re right. So, you stay here, ready to fire the engine
as soon as we’re o Start the engine? Hold it!
I don’t have a driving licence Start the engine…it sounds easy for you… – Yo Kraut!
– Armando, tell me I came with the girl I told you about the other day – The South American
– Yes, tell her to come in Mucho gusto Maria Dolores Jasmina Fuente de la Villahermosa – Hey, she’s hermosa for real!
– I told you she was hot Yeah, I’m obliged! Armando told me you looking for…
amphetamine or coke? Amphetamine, I told you And how much? I offer three – More than three…
– ¿Tres? Yes He wants 20 kilos. And he wants to pay three Three? I deal for six No, no, impossible – Tell her Armando
– ¿Ése, we’re doing business here or what? ¿El charity? But he’s asking you for a lot, and your price is ludicrous Lower the price, and we all work Six is too much Cinco No way, still too much I don’t go below cinco I offer three-and- half or no deal at all Lower the price and sell! Give her four! And you, take four I’m down for four Vale, four It’s a deal, 20 at 4 But you come to pick it up.. No, you do the delivery. Say what? C’mon! It’s your job! You’re gettin’ shit loads of cash for this! You Italians! You have a culo made of stone! Incredible! In Sur America is not like this Here, 40 now, 20 and another 20 When you come back you gettin’ the other 40 Take the cash and… Anyway…if wanna earn another extra 10… Perdona? Gimme this! What the fuck! Armando who the fuck is this creep? Oh, c’mon! With an ass like that, what’s the big surprise? Who even ever offered you all that money for that ass? This culo? If you want it you gotta cover me in gold! Todo el Sur America, todos los narcos for this culo they stand in line ése! And I give it to no one! What the fuck are you talking about!
Like you’re the only bitch with an ass Go take it up your ass, fuckin’ bitch By the way, nice daubs you have! Daubs? What the fuck, that’s a Caravaggio El Caravaje! Y’know what fuck off before I get mad! What the fuck is she doing now? A selfie! Don’t you know?
It’s the ABC for the modern narcos Nos vemos in two three dìas, bueno? Three dìa, what the fuck is dìa? Vamos, Armando Armando catch you later See ya homs Wait dudes, I…I don’t wanna sound repetitive
but I have a bad feeling What the fuck you talking ’bout? We’re far from the hood! What could ever happen to us? Yeah but the cop’s are the same! Darling, ҫa va sans dire! What man? Stop with this fuckin’ over the head talk! Ya’ll chill! Life’s like a fart! Wha…? It’s all about moments! Yeah, a moment ’till you shit yourself! Let’s go Don’t start cheating! Cheatin’? Is winning called cheatin’ now? Freeze! This is a…. This is a robbery, a fucking robbery!
Did you hear what my homie just said? Give us all you have, now! Good day sirs, forgive the intrusion and my mates here, they are quite simpleminded… maybe you are not acquainted to the procedure,
but you see… this is a robbery, good Lord! we’d appreciate if you were so kind to hand us all the money you got…everything what is it mates? What with the bad looks? I’m putting them at ease! Still here? We got nothin’! You criminals! You sons of bitches! What you lookin’ for? For you fuckin’ dead’s sake! What do you want? Get out! Get out! What the hell did you do? You pieces of shit! Didn’t you see the face of Tommasino? Goddammit! The RV!! I told ya I had a bad feeling! My fuckin’ RV! You murderers!
Pieces of shit you left the old lady on the floor! Fuck your fuckin’ dead ones! Hey Kraut, hey Kraut I need the gear Don’t you think I need it too? But what am I gonna sell now? The fuck you yellin’… We’re in the same shit as you are This Brussels problem fucked us up as well not just you. Y’know what I mean? Gimme a hookup! All I can tell ya is that Armando came by
with a South American girl And she’ll bring amphetamine But you’re gonna have to wait, she has to travel,
it’ll take a week – A whole week?
– Can’t do nothin’ bout it I can’t wait, Kra. I need it now! This is a friend of mine He doesn’t have good stuff, but he knows how to cut it For now, stick with it I’ll let you know when she comes back Hey – What do you want? Go sit!
– What do you want? I’m talking to him – My name’s Antonio, but they call me Patalocco
– I’m Colica – Can I get you something?
– A sex on the beach Hey you, behave Go sip your drink and shut up! Don’t you dare talk to me like that! Get out! – I’ll tell my dad!
– So what? He knows you’re half retarded! Sorry, that was the Mechanic’s son – Really?
– Yeah Thanks…let me know about the Brazilian… – Who?
– The Peruvian What? – The Colombian, whatever
– The South American? Sure – Thank you!
– Bye Co’… How the fuck could see Tommasino
in that old lady? Be quiet for a minute! It was like Tommasino’s face with the body of the lady… Damn, he lost his mind! Even if it was him, what’s the point of shooting him again? Anyway, be quiet. I’m checking the Brussels death toll “As you know, the Belgian authorities have not been able to serve yet a definitive account on the number…” It was a sign, guys! Sure, the sign that we shoud get the hell out of here… Shut up! They’re about to make official statements! “Regarding Italians, we have limited information, because…” You know what your problem is? No! That you never got seriosly beat up! – You think so?
– Yep A hella good beating. It would serve you good Damn you’re despicable! Both of you! “At the moment we have no evidence of Italian victims…” Alessandro is not in the list! I knew it! He’s got 8 lives, or 7 whatever! He’s not in the list! If he’s not in the list, where’s our load then? Let’s go drink wine somewhere nice mates!
My brother is alive, let’s party! Chapter V
Clowns of Ice – Wait mate, wait!
– What is it? I’m terribly anxious. I’ve got sweat on my forehead! – Anxious ’bout what?
– About what? – Yeah, ’bout what?
– You’re right. My brother’s name is not among the dead
in the Brussels’ attack list – That’s good news!
– But where is he? Your bro knows more tricks than a cartful of monkeys! One of these days he could
pop out of the gutters or something The gutters…and what about Cosma? How come he’s afraid of going out? You see, Cosma, unfortunately… It’s a sore spot He’s with her, he married this bi… They have a child! Yeah, but she’s a horrible brain-eater and the kid, I hope he can set free in his life… What a tragedy! Who are those louts over there? Those are my buddies! Your buddies? Come on, you still want that prosecco? I’d love to Aigh’t let’s go People know me here, don’t act like a fool… Me, a fool? Yo dudes What up dude Who the fuck is this undertaker? This one? Long boring story, I’ll tell you one day What about Cosma the wanker? He’s home wanking, guaranteed! Hey what about Fregnaccia? Fregnaccia is good where he is.
Still owes me a 100 bucks, fuck him! Is this gonna take long? I would like to… Yeah yeah, go get a drink! What about a couple of teeners guys? I have the spoon Hi Hi You seem a little bit confused Confused? What are you talking about? Yes. Confused You would feel the same if you were in my shoes! You don’t know about that You see, my life in the past 24 hours
has turned upside down I’ve done things I thought I would never do Sooner or later, we all come to terms with our dark side But not that fast! Maybe you’re challenging yourself
and the side of you that wants revenge What? It’s the lyrics of the song! Oh, yes. Nice girl. Very talented Bye bye, clown of ice! I’m off Where are you going? Ammonia or baking soda? Baking soda, of course! That’s the basic crack commandment, man! Yeah, you’re right It definitely is the healthy choice, innit? That’s called experience, man ‘Member raves at Fintech? Those were good times That was another era! Man, I miss that place. ‘Member the cop choppers? Flying so low you could almost touch them! And Tommasino with the snake around his neck?
Ya ‘member? Poor Tommasino, he ended up so bad What the hell do you want?
Can’t you see I’m with friends? We need to talk – What do you want?
– Give me a second Tell me Remember the Mechanic? Of course I remember the Mechanic,
I introduced you to him Listen… He has to come to a bad end – A bad end?
– Yes – What bad end?
– We shall murder him – Are you sure?
– Don’t contradict me You scare me bro How much? A lot Good. I’ve changed – No, I can’t do it, I’m out
– Chill out bro! Uhm, hello good evening Mr. Kraut Listen, we… my mates and I… we were wondering about that little debt of ours… C’mon! Couldn’t you give us four more days to sort it out? No, right? Was it fun playin’ “Blazing Saddles”
at the old folks club? Here it comes… Didn’t you know it not a gambling house no more? I did! It’s their fault! Can’t someone make a mistake for once? We got it all wrong, it was an accident I wouldn’ bet one penny on you. But know I see you have balls The boy’s wicked isn’t he? Old people are a social disease: they don’t produce they’re just a cost. After 70 they should all be killed Exactly, that’s what I’m screaming! ‘Member? I was talking about the old school days, on the bus… – and the old farts were pissing us out…
– Oh, shut up, take it easy! Back to us, couldn’t you give us… Don’t interrupt me when I talk I’m sorry. I beg your pardon, Mr. Kraut You want more days, fine But as long as they’re 4, 7 or 10, remember those in debt renounce to freedom and prepare for mortification Good one, I should write it down! Reassuring… Very reassuring – C’mon guys, we have 3 more days!
– 4, we have 4! Are you deaf? He said “mortification” Come on mates, not now Instead, don’t you have any creditors to mortify? Well, considering everyone is mortifying everyone… – We could start as well
– It’s easy! Guys, now we take what’s ours from Fregnaccia,
is that a deal? But he’s a broke piece of shit Oh well, let’s see, what the fuck What do you want? Good evening Mr. Frescaccia. We’re here to collect… My name is FREGNACCIA – And who the fuck is this…
– You don’t get it man, give us our money! Money? – Yeah, don’t you ‘member you owe us?
– But four years went by! You even wrote me off! We changed our mind! It was a 100 fuckin’ bucks! Big money! – Yeah, well, it’s still money
– Oh, c’mon! Take that gat off me! Fregna’, don’t piss me off! This douche is pissing me o.. Are you crazy? You killed Fregnaccia! I didn’t mean to fire Sorry. My bad You killed him for a 100 bucks! No big deal, you said you would kill him for the money But you shot him! These things have to be done gently, I mean… Oh, come on! He was a boor squatting a house! Let me tell you mates: from now on we change We gotta focus on bigger fish Rich ones Fregnaccia smelled like death while being alive. Let’s go Indeed! – Hi
– Hi sir Kraut sent me I know, I know Sit down and don’t move Here? Is it good? This is the best stuff in Rome Didn’t the boss tell ya? Yeah, Kraut told me Y’all having a party, or something? I…I got my scene You wanna get spaced out, uh? With this shit here you’ll see… – What the fu…by the way I made 5, ok?
– Make that 6! 6? What the hell, good for me! C’mon! I used to go whore-chasing, but you guys… – You like to get spaced out. Good for you!
– What’s in here, man? Rats! Is it pork? Of course it’s pork! My ribs! Best in Rome! Go now, the Countess is coming
and she’s a pain in the ass By the way, no worries for the money,
I spoke with the boss Go go, the Countess is comin’! – Thanks
– Keep an eye out Watch out man! The Countess… Countess, you can come now.
Is the housekeeper comin’? That son of a bitch! Damn Kraut, fuckin’ piece of shit Guys I’m fed up, I wanna go home! I wanna take a shower and get this shitty clothes off. Since when we don’t change? With that bomber jacket at 100 degrees, you’re baking cheese in there Look at the bright side, at least you don’t have to get back to that whore wife of yours Yeah, that’s the only good thing And this firing accidentally. Are you retarded? Can’t you hold a gat? What’s up? I ain’t stupid like you! – It’s not like I fire…
– Watch out! – What the…
– What the fuck did you just do? – You’re fuckin’ insane
– My fags! Fuck you! So, Mechanic, I was thinking to give the boys a few more days, 4 is not enough Kraut, I’m fed up with this “more days” bullshit All for those little morons and the pennies they owe me Look at you with that fuckin’ fascist haircut The swastikas, the rings, you look like a faggot! Give me a break! We gotta conquer Rome! And I should take it with people like you? We’re tied to the Templars, the Masons, the politicians! Don’t you get it? It’s the underworld All we do is sell coke And we get the consensus from those assholes
that snort it! You know what I mean? I don’t give a shit about your friends and their money.
I want Rome! I want all the gangs. Get ’em together!
I want it all! Is that clear, Kraut? Yeah. But remember The dead don’t pay debts You know nothing, Kraut. I’ll say it for the last time! I’m fed up with you. Do whatever the fuck you want with ’em! All they gotta do is sell my drugs. Or I’ll kill ’em all And now get the hell out! I’ve got 20K – Here’s 30.
– That makes 50K. Not even half we need Mates, we have to talk to Kraut. He has to kill the Mechanic – Still with that bullshit?
– What bullshit? It’s days he’s saying the Mechanic has to come to a bad end. He lost his mind Ok, I’ll handle it with Kraut Oh, wait, my jacket! – What the fuck is he talking about?
– I have no idea. Drugs are bad my friend – Uhm…shall we jack off?
– I was thinking about it! – Hey Kraut, what fucking number you gave me?
– Oh, Co’ now is not the right time – He gave me 10 pounds of ribs!
– My bad. Are they good at least? – I don’t care if they’re good!
– Ok, I have no time now! Fuck you Kraut. Fuck you! Hey what’s up man? What’s that long face? There are four things people have but don’t think they have Sins… Debts… Age… And enemies Oh, I get it! The man has a lot of enemies! Let’s go! Let’s go around the block so he doesn’t see us. If everything goes fine, soon you’ll be a free man What the hell are you doing here, Kraut? I was thinking, you know… Just as you said before You’re right. But I was thinking about something else About what? Do you know the law of retaliation? What the fuck are you talking about. Quit it, Kraut! It’s something you’ve always done, and then you get it back Ironic, isn’t it? A loan shark that dyes in a pool of sharks How does if feel? Huh? I don’t get it! What did you say? Can you believe it Armando? I didnt’ get what he was saying! Help me take him out. He’s heavy! – Mr. Kraut, I have a proposal for you
– Good, I have one too You’re tense. Calm down Have a drink Meet me at my office later Ok, thank you Hold on, where’s your office? Ask around. Everyone knows See you later Can I come in? Come in, Paolo I was waiting for you Hello Mr. Kraut, I don’t know if you remember Still calling me Mr? Enough! I’m not that old yet! Ok, then I’m curious to ask you something Kraut is a great nickname But what’s your real name? Patrizio My name’s Patrizio What do you think? The suede jacket or the grey one? The grey one’s better. It’s a classy touch on that blue shirt Ok. You know, I’m not used to these formalities By the way, nice drawings! It’s paintings, Paolo. Paintings By the way, Kraut, I’m here for a proposal What do you want? More days again? I’m not joking, Kraut Did you consider killing the Mechanic? What Mechanic? That Mechanic, come on! Today…no one does that job anymore How many people you know that work as a mechanic? Kraut… The Mechanic I know is the same one you know You mean THAT Mechanic? That Mechanic… Kaputt Capish? What? Kaputt Got it So let me understand So now your new headqurter is that lovely garage? Garage, Paolo? Do I look like a mechanic? I’m the Kraut …and the Kraut Has a Kraut’s office Not a mechanic’s So, it’s not a garage By the way, I have a proposal for you You see… You look like a smart guy Even if sometimes you get late on things However, you have good looks You dress properly. You have well-kept hands I see you don’t have a single… …split end You have nice nails… By the way, do you do something for those pretty nails? Nah, just a manicure once in a while So, I’d like you to join my team But you see… you have skills, I can see that. But it’s not enough You gotta do something more And what should I do? A vow of…faith Faith? A sign of love Love? I need to trust you Go on, you can ask me anything In order to gain that trust… You must bring me the head… of Andrea and Cosma. You want the head of Andrea and Cosma? That’s it? No problem, I’ll kill them right away I don’t give a shit about them, Kraut Takes me nothing But hold on, there’s a problem Don’t do that face! As you said, I dress nice, the jacket, the blouse, nice nails… How do I clean blood stains from my clothes? …Try ammonia Ammonia? I dunno, generally after doing these things I dump my clothes After all, you can buy new I’ll buy them new… Money won’t be an issue from now on. You’ll buy all the clothes you fancy An by the way With this act You pay your dues The load belongs to the past Let’s go forward and look at the future. And your brother as well… he also belongs to the past But he did a good thing, y’know what? What? He’s gone if he wasn’t gone… Today you and I wouldn’t be here So, it’s a deal You know what to do Now leave See you soon, Paolo God damn, the anxiety! – Hey Paolo what’s up?
– Andrea… – Listen, are you with Cosma?
– Yeah, he’s here -Turn the loudspeaker on, we need to talk urgently
– Hey Cos, come and listen – Mates, you hear me?
– Yes! – We gotta meet now. We have to talk
– Now? – Urgently, yes
– Where? – What?
– Where?? – Uhm…in that place where you used to meet my brother
– Where we used to get stoned? – Yeah, thanks
– Alright Mamma mia what a pain in the ass! Look at where the fuck he wants to meet us! He had a weird voice at the phone You heard it as well…it smells like shit… I think someone is being a turd… – Wanna smoke?
– No, thanks There he comes Mates, how nice to have you here Cosmas and Damian The Holy physicians Cosmas and Damian You must be wondering why you’re here In this far and forsaken place where no one can see us Where no one can hear us You know, I spoke with Kraut What a reasonable man! A visionary, yes, a visionary! Anyway guys, I’ll cut short. I… I shall kill you. With love, that is! But I must kill you – What the fuck are you talking about?
– It’s the truth, Andrea The truth… but…you’re too sweet. So… So you have 5 seconds! One… two… three… four… and five…that’s even six! Oh dear, where are they? I’m such an idiot! Is that the way you treat a friend? Where are you? They’re gone! Oh, c’mon! They left me alone…it’s so hard to be a man! I told you he was a traitor, what a bastard! Don’t panic, we survived worse – What a piece of shit!
– And now? And now…look at that pretty white car! Let’s bang it! I’ve always dreamed of a white Porche Follow me Check it out! I told you he was a piece of crap! Fuckin’ asshole! – A real turd
– What do we do now? We run away How the fuck do we run away? With the money we have, let’s go! What money? We have 50K Andrea! – 50K is no pennies
– What the hell are we gonna do with ’em? We’ll figure out something. Where’s the cash? In the wrench closet, remember? How could I forget! – What do we do now?
– Ok, now you go home nonchalant, relax Take only important things I’ll pick you up at dawn. And we’re off Important things, Cosma What are you doing? Where are you going with your son’s gym bag? Are you insane? What’s up with the hurry? You’re free, Frankie, now run! Run like a greyhound! I brought only important things That’s right Cosma, important things Do you know the road? Road? Where we go, there’s no need for…roads NO! What the fuck! You said it wrong again! It’s not “doosh” it’s “duch”!
You have to scratch on the palate how many times do I have to tell you? I’m fed up with these fuckin’ games! You’re not even good at reading! Then why you don’t ask your whores? At least they can read for fuck’s sake! You’re good at nothing! You ruined it all! Enough of this German bullshit goddammit! You moron! – You can’t do shit, fuck off!
– You fuck off! I married a bitch! Get out! – Get out!
– You’re the bitch, you asshole! What the fuck! You’re a closet case! Get a shrink! Damn you… Speaking ’bout faggots… Did your wife leave? Hopefully forever What’s with the flowers? They’re for you Well, thanks What a nice thought I love ’em, but no one ever brings me flowers! But why…why the gift? Isn’t it obvious? Yes. Maybe…’s clear… …or unclear?… I always had a deep esteem of you and I though maybe this esteem is something more Yes, of course. Yes, it could be something more… But, you know…here… We can’t do it You don’t have the balls! I have a reputation. How can we… What are we gonna tell the hood? Don’t you see?… So you like the flowers but you have no balls! No, it’s not the balls! You’re not man enough to show who you are! Bravo! – But we’ll fuck up everything…
– Yeah yeah, that’s what they all say! You’re just like the rest! No balls to be free! You like the flowers
but have no balls No balls! By the way, speaking of reputation, Achilles was gay! Achilles used to fuck Patroclus! Achilles! I lost him forever! – What’s going on?
– Nothing – You’re crying
– No C’mon, what’s wrong? I argued with an asshole He doesn’t deserve you Do you know you’re even cuter when you cry? You think so? Thanks…you’re cute too Do you wanna… What the hell? Who’s smashing my balls? I get it, I’m coming! Kraut, what the hell are you doing here? You’re good with the piano Kraut, why the rude intrusion? I always wanted one. You’re a lucky guy too bad you don’t know how to use it What? Luck Heve patience Kraut, I’m all about the music now This is Johann Sebastian Bach, you don’t understand English Suite #2 Golly, you’re a conoisseur You take too much for granted Did you do what I told you? Alright, give me another 3, 4 days and I’ll kill them More days? While they’re gone? – What do you mean, gone?
– Yep, gone – What the hell are you talking about?
– Gone with the loot Loot, if we wanna call “loot” a quarter box Alright, gimme a week I’ll catch ’em and kill ’em – You gonna find ’em in a week?
– Sure! Kraut, you can trust me! What you lookin’ at? I’m the boss. And only I can slap You’re unkind! One week. Also ’cause I would appreciate you reach 30 I’ll get to 30, don’t you worry I wonder if you’ll reach 40 I heard you No! I was saying the window’s dirty! You know, no shaders… Bye Kraut, take care darling all the best! Fuck you… – Oh Kraut, help me with esta…
– Come in! Gimme that Good girl – ¡Que calor!
– You’re in time! ¡Oh God, soy cansada! ¡Mucho cansada! Damn, you smell good! You a lil’ pervertido, ain’t ya? ¿Te gusta? It’s good, me gusta good, you earned them – So, the deal was 40K, right?
– Cuarenta, sì Bueno. Here the first 20… another 20… ¿Que es esto? A lil’ gift? Yes, a little gift So, you’re South American, right? Yes, Colombia – From Villahermosa
– Villahermosa de Colombia Isn’t Villahermosa in Mexico? No, no, it’s Colombia del Sur – Oh, Colombia del Sur
– Del Sur, yes – You must be wrong
– I’m wrong… Five thousand… Six? What is it? Something missing? Me parece que we had a deal for another 10K You may just as well stick with these… Me parece que there was a deal for 10K for the, how do you say, especialidad of the house Six thousand is enough Tu sabes what i do with 6K? Go feed the chooks with ’em! – The chooks?
– Yeah, the chooks South American, huh? How weird. You sound like you’re from Latina [translator’s note: Latina is a town South of Rome, founded by Mussolini in 1932, originally called Littoria] Littoria, it’s called Littoria Littoria? So Armando made a fool of me? Armando knows nothing No one knows about it Look, man, I’ve build a career saying I’m South American, from Villahermosa Villahermosa my ass So now you shut up. I’m from Latina, Littoria precisely Are they all so stupid to believe you? Oh shut up, look at you! Kraut, the dutch one! You got nothing German, you’re brown! – Say what?
– You look Tunisian, from Maghreb! Cut the bullshit. For a bitch from Littoria
six thousand is enough Fuck no! You want my ass, and now that you know I’m from Littoria…hey, by the way Nice objects Authentic, I hope – Of course, that one…
– The eagle! How lovely That was Hitler’s Anyway Kraut, six is not acceptable, not at all Lowest I can go is eight thousand – Eight?
– Eight. Just ’cause you’re nice and have good taste You’re full of shit, I get you girl! Ok After all, Littoria or Colombia, it’s still the same butt! Here you go, eight Muy bien, now let me hear the naqueres! Is it authentic? Makes me feel a bit…special – What the hell are you doing here?
– Let’s go! – Let’s go where?
– C’mon, let’s go together! – With what money?
– Don’t you worry. I stole from my father’s safe – Your father? But he just died, ain’t you sad?
– Not even a little. He used to clip my wings Now I’m finally free to express who I truly am C’mon, let’s go. You and I Slow down! C’mon, leave! Did you put gas? Man! Are you addicted? I knew you’d show up sooner or later I hope you’re here to pay homage to your new king Mr. Santospago As you know, we had a deal with your predecessor I’m here to find out if you intend to honor that deal Deals change… as seasons go by now I’m in charge And I don’t mingle with you I’m pure Not like you tainted people I’ll never be one of you! Your words are noble In other circumstances we could have gone along However, I’m afraid not many share your thoughts Should I deduce a lack of uniqueness of views between you and I? Good deduction Fine. I’ll act accordingly Are you trying to scare me? All this beating ’round the bush To say a single thing! Lemme tell you a thing You may as well be protected by the secret service,
the FBI, CIA or Mossad But this is my turf And in my house I decide if you get out on you feet or with your legs upfront Is it clear? Is this you final decision? Get the hell out. I’ve got people coming Gualtiero, tell your friend that “Operation Kraut” is on Also, tell him that the meat wasn’t cut well this time. The Countess complained Where’s my phone? Shit, who’s is it? Oh! Good one! My friend! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you! Butcher, shut up and listen. Next time you go to Kraut’s When you get out, leave the door open Don’t worry, I get it – Same ol’ game?
– Yeah, you know, the good old game… By the way, Countess complained.
Learn to cut your meat properly Oh really? I’m on my own, what the hell. The Countess can kiss my ass Fuck off Are you still there? He even hangs up on me! Fuck off Yo Butcher, Kraut’s looking for ya You people got satellites? Hold on a sec You damn Judas! Listen, I’m going now to Kraut’s! Unleash the dogs! That’s our man Our Judas He’s in. Go Always writing, huh? Creditors It’s your money, Kraut! How come were you looking for me? I need a little errand from you Who do I have to 187? Paolo Paolo? Sandro’s brother The one who’s been hangin’ with those two dicks lately And why you asking me to kill him?
Why not ask Armando? Armando is not with us anymore You killed him as well? No. He’s retired Retired? It was about time Don’t worry, you’re in an ironclad vault I don’t like ironclad vaults Here, that’s the deposit That’s all? Any complaints? So you don’t like ironclad vaults? Watch it Butcher We’re on Santospago Patrizio, you’re under arrest! Sorry, what are the charges? Shut up, your list of charges
looks like a betting sheet Get down, get down! Really? You bet? It hurts! You have the wrong man, you will pay dearly for it! I’m tellin’ ya Shut up We’ll see that later. Now you come with us Are these Gucci bracelets? Can you handle them? – Who sent you here? You look like comedians!
– Shut up! Man, look at these two… I don’t get it I mean let’s go to South America for real,
off to Villahermosa to live the jet life Dolores, I don’t give a shit about South America I’ve always lived here and I wanna stay I’m a fighter, I won’t give up I’m sure. There was no deal.
They’ll do the same ol’ game with that fuckin’ Butcher I’ll stick to their game What can I say…anyway, we’re ready Frankie here, he has friends among the prison guards. He’s well connected I can’t force you But for me it’s total bullshit No bullshit Don’t you see? We have to be stretegic. They want me out of the game let’s play with them. And by the time you get me out… We’ll kick their asses – Is the plan safe?
– Yes Once you’re in just relax I’ll take care of the rest As long as it’s a sure thing And you don’t pull dirty tricks on me You don’t have reasons to worry. It’s all planned As long as you don’t do any bullshit Inside, be quiet.
Things could go wrong only if there’s a snitch I’ll take it like a vacation I’ll relax, meet some friends Hit the weights, finish reading the Faust Be ready. By the time I get transfered, it’s on Don’t worry, Dolores.
We’ll manage to get me out of prison But why the hell you wanna have these people on you? They do politics. And we do politics too But ours is called blood politics And blood politics means war Now leave. I sent Angeletto out to find the Butcher He could be here any time Your Excellence! Sit down please Thank you! Why the hurry to see me? I’m here to talk about Mr. Patrizio Santospago,
who goes by the name Kraut You see, we thought he would have been a fit replacement for his previous boss, the Mechanic In fact we allowed him to terminate his life. But now… he disappointed us.
He turned out to be extremely arrogant and that’s something that I and those who I represent
just can’t allow. You see… those who I represent, and I… we’d like to protect ourselves from change we can’t stay behind. And we can’t be surprised by this… storm of change. More like a storm in a teacup The game we play is rigged. The house must win, always The Mechanic knew Kraut doesn’t You’re absolutely right. He’s crazy! I don’t know what to do with him! Do you want to help us mantain the privileges of those I represent? It’s a deal I’m one of your men now, your Excellence Thanks a lot, Paolo.
I’m sure you won’t be a disappointment Goobye! The Excellence…what a personality! [A fresh breeze – Vote Paoletto, take it easy] Dolores! Hail, Kraut! Enough with Kraut, call me Patrizio How are you? How am I…I’m here You pumpin’ iron? Yeah, I was ’till last week, then I got hernia… so I stopped. Now I’m just reading Are you still reading the Faust? No, now I’m reading Bulgakov Russian literature? Yeah, Bulkakov was Russian but he was anti- Commies – Aight. Anyway…
– Anyway next week I get transferred – I know, I know
– I’m going up North, to Novara Yo, kiddo, gimme a sigarette! You got something to tell me? So? – All good
– Like we planned? – There’s a lot of friends waiting for you See ya in a week Yes, Dolores de la Villahermosa

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