BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket – Heroes of the Storm: In-Game Item Reveal

BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket – Heroes of the Storm: In-Game Item Reveal

Greetings, fellow heroes of the Storm! BlizzCon is almost upon us, and we’re excited
to reveal a few toothy surprises to BlizzCon ticket
and Virtual Ticket holders. Starting today, you’ll be able to ride into the Nexus in menacing, metallic style with the new NEXUS RAZORGRIN MOUNT. You can also add the RAZORGRIN SPRAY to your collection, along with a special BLIZZCON 2018 BANNER AND PORTRAIT. We’ll see you in the Nexus!

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78 Replies to “BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket – Heroes of the Storm: In-Game Item Reveal”

  1. Why did you guys start having only one tint for the Blizzcon mount last year? It feels rather cheap to have only one, especially when additional tints are extremely easy to make.

  2. Make new lines of Skins tip:

    Magical Girls theme, Pop Stars theme, Arcade theme and etc 😉🤗

    HotS needs a little of everything like other Mobas in Skins ☺

  3. What I want is:
    Clan system
    NO REWARDS for playing VS AI.
    GOOD rewards for playing QM
    Special rewards ALL SEASON (exclusive skins, mounts etc) ONLY if you play ranked
    that's what I want… fix the game… it's dying!

  4. Hmm Darin are the voice for the video… the voice of Reinhardt and Blackhand. I wonder if this is suppose to be a tiny hint at the reveals coming up.

  5. Diablos  Blizz..  por el valor de ese tiket, deberías regalar las monturas, junto con todo lo demás e incluir un héroe único, joder que valga la pena, incluso deberías dar una skin única legendaria

  6. Fix the game, thanks! Increase all hero damage so that you can accurately measure hero performance for performance based matchmaking then go and re-tweak supports to follow up this change. The game requires hero synergy to do your role and tremendous game knowledge that doesn't work well with PUG play. This is more of a team game MOBA more than any other in it's genre. The game doesn't have guilds or clans so that you can group or find PUG people to play with either; IT'S A TEAM GAME!! Until these changes are implemented it will die and has been. The die hard Hots streamers are already stopping.

  7. With more Classic wow info being dropped this year, i'm hoping for Edwin Vancleef, or Hoggar, both are pretty iconic characters to the early levels of the alliance side

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