BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket – Pause for Laughter with Darin De Paul and Matt Mercer

Hi, I’m Darin De Paul. And I’m Matthew Mercer. We’re super excited to have joining us, here in this weird, amorphous, non-Euclidean location, two fantastic voice actors, who also work on many Blizzard titles
with us, the fantastic Fred Tatasciore and Misty Lee. Hey Fred! Thank you for having us. Of course, of course. Now just to get the audience up to speed. What are some of the characters
they may know you from in Blizzard titles? Let’s see. I play Lady Liadrin
in WoW and Hearthstone. I’m Geosculptor Yip,
who everybody thinks is a dude. Isn’t, okay? Mistress of Pain. I did the Grove Tender,
tons of characters. I love Blizzard. I’m just glad to be here
and actually using my real voice for a change. -Yeah!
-Nobody actually knows how I sound. Congratulations on finally coming out. -Absolutely.
-Yes. So, Zeratul in StarCraft and Soldier: 76 in that Overwatch game. We’re all soldiers now. I would follow you into battle
with that voice. That would be a tough guy. That voice. Yeah, yeah. Diablo, a bunch of demons, the vikings. I love Blizzard too. I love the detail and all the energy that goes into it. I understand that you guys are experts
on things. You are an expert on radio stations. It’s almost as if you could turn a channel and zero in on the… And the Lord came down to… Well I shot my dog in Texas… That’s a pop fly… Thanks for the weather report Bob… Yes, yes! -Thank you.
-Yes! Thank you very much. Thank you very much, yeah. -You’re an expert on that.
-Thank you. It’s a constant radio station going on
in my head all the time. It’s just impressive. -What kind of music do you listen to?
-It’s called “mash genre.” That’s your new character, General Genre. -That’s great.
-Using the voice you used. -General Genre.
-Perfect. His power is fusion. Today we’ll discuss consonants. All the lines done in consonants. Tomorrow, it will all be
one massive vowel movement. What’s wrong with a vowel movement? Speaking of poop… -To the transitions that work for you.
-Thank you very much. It’s come to my attention a while back, and maybe not to some
of our audience out there, that you are also an expert
on the performing arts element of magic. I am indeed. Tell us a little bit
about your experience there. Oh my gosh I would love to! I did the Houdini Séances
in a big building called, The Magic Castle, which is a giant tourist trap
in the middle of Hollywood. I do a fake ghost show
for grown-up people for money. That is my life. -That’s a great show.
-Whenever I get nervous, you walk out, and you go, “Wow. I’m about to do
a fake ghost show in a magic castle, and someone’s going to pay me. What is my life?” So, it’s so odd. I think you’re starting a series
of workshops… -in a couple months here…
-I am. -over by the LAX airport.
-I am. Planes! -That’s Matt’s thing.
-That’s Matt’s thing. You! You and your flying, flyboy. -Look at this modest face.
-I dabble a little bit. Did you guys know? You not only have been flying them, but you’ve also been building them
for years. -Yeah actually…
-Did you know that? -You didn’t tell me that.
-Yeah, nobody told you. You built a plane! It’s out of ice. I thought we were friends, and you wouldn’t even tell me
you built a plane out of ice trying to be like Wonder Woman
or whatever. It was supposed to be a surprise
for your birthday. But yeah, my family two generations back, the last name was “Wright”, and then we switched it to “Mercer”, because people were getting weird
about the history. I do think family history was interesting,
but you made me an ice plane? I’ll get to that,
because you don’t start with ice, you build up from it. -Materials originally…
-It was for my birthday… -it was wood and canvas…
-an ice plane for my birthday… and iron, metal.
Things that were relatively sturdy. -You got to start somewhere back then.
-Darin… I found ice, on the next step,
that was a better material because not only is water
rapidly abundant, you can literally just craft it in chunks. It’s harder for long term flights I found, especially if you’re going
to vacation properties in the Bahamas, that’s really kind of a one-way deal. It’s great in the sky though. It is, it’s beautiful. It glistens.
The sun kind of reflects off of it. Only really gets a few feet
upon the initial launch, but it’s still technically flying
by the Guinness Book of World Records. -Hey, yeah.
-“Technically” my present. -It “technically” flies.
-It will. -It will.
-With me in it or…? No, you don’t get in the plane. It’s only about that big. Oh! Well I don’t want it now. I thought I got in the plane. I thought you made me an ice plane. -I did.
-He did. But a real… It is a real plane, Darin. You know I cry at anything.
You know that Matt. You know that I cry at a paperclip, and now there’s a paperclip. -Give me the clip.
-Over a paperclip! BlizzCon memories… -You have a lot BlizzCon memories.
-I have a lot. I have been coming to BlizzCon
since its first year in 2005 as just an attendee. -Oh I am so sorry.
-Is that your phone? -Is that your phone?
-It’s my pacemaker. When did you get a pacemaker? 2006, in an accident
at the first BlizzCon but… We don’t have to talk about BlizzCon
if you got a pacemaker. Now we are good.
It just acts up every now and then. It’s the double A battery,
it needs to get changed. -How was your first BlizzCon experience?
-Oh… That’s what it felt like. -Okay.
-That’s exactly how it felt like. I came in, it was my birthday…
you know the story. I walked in and I went… It was like “Wow, I am really here.” That’s what Blizzard does. -It’s about joy and activity.
-Yes! Everybody who come to the Blizzard family
becomes exactly that. Thanks for joining us.

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