Blue Wave Democrats Bring New Productivity To House Committees | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “Blue Wave Democrats Bring New Productivity To House Committees | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. Wonder what the left will do when the general population discovers your intentional deception? That is real unlike the Russia Russia Russia concocted narrative!

  2. My polling place is my kitchen. My ballot is a hybrid paper ballot with digital identifiers. My ballot requires ink dots and signature. I can track my ballot from the drop box to the Sec. Of State. I can demand to see my ballot if I am worried about it. My state removed the poll tax and can be mailed for free if I don't want to go to a drop location. Voting should be easy.

  3. these people need to be jailed for voter suppression. fining is not enough as they'd just file it as a necessary expense to campaigning and bankroll it through bribes they're getting if elected. hard time. 30 days within the prison system for a millionaire would do wonders for both their willingness to break voting rights and unwillingness to improve prison system. give 'em a taste.

  4. Hello fellow Americans! Forget what this person is saying and join arms to support our glorious leader President Trump!

  5. Your Blue Wave / After voting for abortion up to birth, the New York Senate erupted into a loud applause

  6. This just shows that there is a world of difference between the two parties. I have heard so often that republicans and Democrats are both as corrupt as the other. Well, this shows what total bull that is.

  7. Honestly, not much of a win. Shocking gerrymandering, even our village of about 300 has a polling station, within walking distance for most.

  8. This report had me in tears of gratitude.
    John Lewis from GA marched with Dr. Martin Luther King. I remember hearing him on the car radio from the Senate floor during the sit-in opposing gun violence June 12, 2016, and I was crying with gratitude then.

    Paul Ryan shut off the live feed.

    But I was "there" one with the radio, while it was happening live.

    And Rachel, thank you and your outstanding staff of researchers for being there, paying attention and reporting, doing the legwork and homework to make wonky details understandable, to highlight heroics that too often are left unheralded, and for having the journalistic equanimity to garner interviews that discuss policy with in-depth relevance and precision.

    Ethical media is vital to the Fourth Estate and your work sets the bar of excellence. Whether reporting good news or bad, I am repeatedly gratified to see how your sound research clarifies current events. You distinguish fact from hearsay, evidence from accusation, logic from emotion while binding heart with ethics. When all the data are not yet in, you don’t stretch the facts to fill the gap. For this observer, the result proves to be consistently trustworthy. Thank you and your team for the outstanding work you do for all of us.

  9. The republicans CAN NOT win on 2020. Everyone PLEASE vote come hail or high water. They represent all that's bad for the world.

  10. It's easy for the Democrats to be so bold in their house resolutions. Nancy Pelosi knows those resolutions will not pass the Senate and will be vetoed by trump. Just wait till 2020, they won't be so bold. Democrats will have a sweeping victory and will control Washington. Will they also have the backbone to go after Wall St. and the rest of corporate America? Don't count on it. When this is all over a new party will stand alone and victorious. We are witnessing the death of the Republican Party and the birth of the new "Democratic Socialist Party". We are here.

  11. Sorry but if a Republican "changes" party to become a Democrat….IT is still a Republican.

    Still have no idea why we tolerate the filth of Republicans in society. They should be in landfills or zoos.

  12. We the American people allow them to do the things they are doing today and in the past…we can either stop the whining and division and build this country together as it should be or die from the cont. struggles as our parents and theirs before them.

  13. we need to start throwing people in prison that go out of their way to suppress votes. That is what people need to start talking about. Voter suppression and gerrymandering is evil.

  14. Should someone look at your political system when thousands of government employees work behind the scene , congress ,white house and  senate  table whatever that the final agreement is up to one person. Does anyone else think this is strange especially with what  is happening with the current President

  15. The Democrat Party always believe in the rights to vote regardless of race or color. it's the Republicans that try to cheat to win an election! and one of them is gerrymandering the other one is voter suppression. they target people of color and other nationalities! where they turn out in large voting areas! and they suppress that area! so the Republicans do try to win that way! snakes! not all. but most of them.

  16. Somehow the Republican Party became the most pessimistic party: gun violence can’t do anything, healthcare can’t do anything, climate change can’t do anything. Republicans are the biggest naysers

  17. People (most likely conservatives) who claim that Republicans and Democrats are "all just the same" are either willfully ignorant, shameless liars, or Russian trolls. There is no Democratic equivalent of a Malevolent Debbie Cox or a Corrupt Kevin Kobach or a Ball-less Brian Caskey. None! And that's just the mid-term elections.

  18. I live in a small town in Oklahoma. This town has a large number of minorities. In the older part of the town, the polling place used to be easily accessible. Not anymore. It is several miles out of town and is hidden off in a church way back into housing addition. Many people don’t even know how to get to it. Others do not have transportation to it anymore. This small town has zero taxis, 0 buses and or any other form of public transportation. It’s not the only town in Oklahoma that is like this

  19. I thought that there would never be any hope that trump supporters would never understand what they see going on in front of their eyes because the lacked the basic knowledge and intellect to understand what they were seeing, but I was wrong !!

    After seeing this News article, there IS hope . . . check this out:


  20. democracy is a privilege the US takes for granted. if you don't stand up for your rights and hand over these privileges, maybe you don't deserve them. yet the US still claims to be the nation to "bring democracy" to the rest of the world, wanted or not. how about fixing your own system first? that high horse looks tasty.

  21. Democrats are getting more and more voters everyday , that is one thing they are doing. The problem is that the new voters are just walking into Texas.

  22. McConnell has made it abundantly clear that they don't want people voting. The GOP considers the will of the people to be a "power grab".

  23. Disgusting voter fraud again from the Enemies of American Democracy. GOP is forever shamed for their cheating. Change things, get your voice and vote out. And most of all, NEVER forget or forgive. Fight them, attack them, expose them, use all that is lawful to destroy them. Until they beg forgiveness and learn to cheat no more.

  24. #BLUEWAVE to the Republicans that are flipping to blue: That's cool but get in the back of the line please. We have to do a background check and e-verify, you do understand you did give us Trump

  25. If the house passes bills the senate won’t pass can be used to kick republicans out and get dems in to get it moving again. We the people not oligarchs of America

  26. Killing live babies and complaining when we dont take good enough care of Puerto Rico. ( even though we helped them) Democrats make me sick

  27. They need to make law's that jail government officials who deliberately mislead like this it would have them think twice about being corrupt

  28. Medicare for all, Rachel. Don't look at me with a straight face on that one. What is the language regarding lobbyists in the anti-corruption bill?

  29. Thanks Rachel for talking about the new Democrat House being productive, when the others are still exclusively chasing Trump and Rep's lies .

  30. "It is our job to control exactly what people think."

    -Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC Correct Thought Project Manager

    ooooooops! 😉


  31. while the main stream media has you chasing Russian ghosts….
    America is moving on without the corrupt democrat party and their ideology.

  32. Your analysis gives me hope that our broken political system has a chance to heal to make American politics great again. Thank you, Rachel!

  33. Kansas will be throwing marijuana smokers in jail 50 years after the rest of the country legalizes. Our only hope is science coming up with some %3.2 nuggs.

  34. two more election stations next election, with how many 'technical problems' I wonder?
    better have the building codes inspection and a fire dept inspection before election day.
    This sounds like, well too late to stop the bank robbery THIS TIME, but boy we gonna have cops on the phone if they do it again! IF the phones work…

  35. Republicans cant win without cheating tey are and have been America's enemy who's intrest serves them only and not the needs of the country. Vote blue get the traitors out

  36. Don't give the Dem's credit when they introduce bills that are guaranteed to be blocked by the Senate.
    Give them credit if and when the bills become law.

  37. Rachel's segment on Gun Violence (timepoint 17:10–19:15) stopped me in my tracks . . . b/c her words &bthoughts are virtually identic to those in the one video I ever made and then put on here. Thank You Thank You Rachel – I don't know social media stuff or how to get things heard – and her voice is so imperative. I am forever just pounding my head on wall in futility.

    To those folks who also care about the scourge of gun violence, and seeking sane gun measures – please (I beg, I grovel) take a watch of my one video linked below. Spread it if you know how. Sadly, I don't.

    BTW, you l notice Rachel mentioned various mass shooting casualty numbers in her dialogue above. To those so inclined, as you watch my admittedly 'lotech' clip, count as in 1 2 3 count the 'shots' you hear in my video. The actual number of shots. It's not, random.

    Thanks again Rachel for raising attention to this American insanity. I hope you do so more and more, and I hope those with vastly more 'social media' skills than I might do the same by sharing my one video. I have no voice. So many of you, like Rachel, do. Thanks

  38. Mad cow don’t count your chickens, illegals are the only reason u won Kansas. Your voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard

  39. Nice to see productive people who work a long day not a 6 hr day like you know who ( Ari melber reported on this not long ago….LOL!!! ) more diet cokes and KFC chicken PLZ…LOL!!!

  40. I don't care if this is a Republican or Democratic decision. We all know that each party has their own faults and dodgy backroom deals. But nobody should be making it harder for people to vote.

  41. wait wait – don't tell me – Rachel is bouncing around like a school girl being chased by a bumble bee – so ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that SHE and SHE alone has the bestest latest scoop that will ABSOLUTELY bring down Trump's presidency that she can't be held responsible for her incontinence

    am i right ?

  42. The current up and coming televison news hounds,
    may find it hard to believe, that once upon a time, it was possible to watch a
    news program with the expectation that the anchors and reporters presenting the
    news did so without any physical enhancements to their personal appearance,
    like a big red clown nose that flickered to attract children. The presentation
    was pure journalism, a no frills, straight to gut news reporting, letting the
    chips fall where they may, sort of speak, if the anchor was a veteran
    journalist, male or female, some gray hair was expected, a good sign of years
    of journalistic and reporting experience.

  43. I feel like that bill needed to go one step further… to either eliminate the electoral college, or to make every state as close to the proportion of voters as the electoral votes can do
    E.g. a state with 5 electoral votes splits them 3 and 2 for candidates that got 55% and 45% respectively.

  44. This may get some people mad at me…..Why are SOME republicans who are so proud to be christians act so crooked. Talk about "Crooked Hillary" some of those people are real crooks.

  45. Youtube comments are full of amusements sometimes….

  46. It really begins to come obvious that subject one is evil…….. what evil does it does negative, it atracts other evil, it is recruiting, and it thrives on negative energy……..if treu this would worry me! It is always easier to destruct than to build……..climbing is harder that sliding or falling. Look at the destructive actions…….

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