Bringing a New Horse In To Join The Herd

Bringing a New Horse In To Join The Herd

Well, a new horse, everybody’s kind of excited. I’ll close the gate whenever I have a new
horse come in, it comes into the arena for a little bit, close up the gate and stuff
and give the horse some space to run around, so we have another standardbred, this is Bear,
you’ll see in a second, great for trailering great getting into the trailer no problems
there but a little nervous of course it’s a brand new place so, look at these guys. Benny’s gone back home, now we have Bear. Hey buddy, how’s it going? Ok, we’ll let this guy out and see how it
goes. Well, let Bear go pretty good so far we’ll
see how he does. Well, not quite as exciting as it sometimes
can be. Squirrels everywhere today. Ok, well… ok, well Luke’s my head babysitter,
so he’s on the job, hey you go on, these guys look like twinsies, you guys look like twinsies,
Luke back up. Ok you’re up don’t get hurt, hey good luck
see you later buddy. Ok, Luke the babysitter see how this goes,
he’s usually pretty fast and friendly people usually like him, horses usually like him,
there it’s play time!

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67 Replies to “Bringing a New Horse In To Join The Herd”

  1. What a nice video. I stumbled across your channel as I was looking for a Standardbred video that was NOT a racing one. I like your style and will be watching more. 🙂

  2. The trailer: Horses used to pull us, now we pull them. Incidentally, they look like well-matched carriage horses.

  3. Love the video.
    One recommendation from personal experience:
    I can't really tell but the windows in the horse trailer look to be open with bars across, and I would always make sure to have some kind of metal screen on the open window especially were the horse is standing.
    We used to trailer our horses with all the windows open (barred of course) because of the heat, however one trip a rock was thrown into the window from a car tire passing by and cut our horse 3 inches wide above the eye. If it had been any lower he would have lost that eye entirely. He was stitched up and ok, after a lot of blood and fuss.
    From my bad experience I hope to give you some helpful advice!!!!

    Or at least a full face fly visor for some protection. 😊

  4. I'm a new subscriber Hi✋
    Oh my goodness' He's adorable💖 checking everything out" looking around
    Thinking this is a nice place!!✨
    Oh yaaay a friend🐎🐎😋💕 lol
    Oh my gosh✨there BFF now
    So cute!
    Thank you for shareing this ✨

  5. Wow! Great job! Your presence and demeanor is so calm&peaceful. As is the environment for your horses. Such a happy place for them to be~ thank you

  6. Their lead changes though😍…sorry I ride barrel horses,roping horses,cutting horses,cow horses,and even just trail horses

  7. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE HALTER OFF!! people dont do it when letting horses out together I have seen a horse grab another horses halter and yank it enough to almost snap the horses neck!

  8. Sooo, I am late to these videos but just love what you do, Graeme. Sensable horse training. Period. So awesome.

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