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welcome to another video Today you will see a video, which happened from my second channel to this since here I have more influx of
people who are dedicated to repairs and the second channel I will only leave it for projects with electronic waste, materials
waste or recovered parts it’s about repairing a microwave oven keyboard with the common fault that are their damaged graphite tracks in this case they were multiple and
they could not be restored with conductive ink I will show you an easy and simple procedure to solve it do not forget to support me trying to watch the full video and leave your comments and questions to
respect we start we have here a daewoo brand oven with
the classic flaw on the keyboard let’s test what the keys are
that do not work we have that the 1 and the 2 do not work the
3 YES, 4 5 and 6 do not, 7 yes, 8 9 and 0 nothing The stop button if it works, let’s put it
3 and 7 and the start key we will see that the key of
start, let’s proceed to review it the problem in most of the
cases is always … the faeces of cockroaches, here we see enough waste here and in this part and that’s what
Normally damages the connector in the uncovered parts that have their graphite tracks here we are going to take out the connector and we can see what …
you see that these four are fine it is possible to appreciate a normal gray color and
these are black is because they have penetrated the remains of stool that damages them and causes them to lose continuity we have clearly three damaged, the
first three from right to left there you can see it 1,2 and 3 and that the fourth already begins to get dark so let’s try to restore these four to restore these tracks
we will use a lined wire of the smallest possible diameter that you have on hand I will use of this type we will do a quick continuity test I will put the analog multimeter in ohms scale X 1K and we are going to measure one by one here we have the first we see that if there
continuity, the second also third
the fourth the fifth ok
and here the problem starts in these last three there is no continuity The first thing we are going to do before proceeding with the Flex is to wash the entire card with solvent there you will see how they came off
the remains of feces that is so that it does not continue contaminating the card and
perfectly clean now we will remove with a dryer applying heat, we will completely release the membrane or keyboard and we will also proceed to wash the plastic part so that it is completely
cleansed we already have the keyboard free in this model, we are going to have to detach from here upwards to be able to make contact in
one of these lines in this area and from there we are going to place the cables … to the connector and we will solder them to the card let’s number them each cable to be able to have them in order and at the other end we discovered a stretch and that is with
what will make contact in this area of ​​the keyboard we will post them later with
ribbon of this type and so we will restore this
keyboard we have already discovered the keyboard and the
procedure is already very simple we take the wire marked with the number 1 and we already have the naked tip in the areas where you can make contact let’s continue the damaged track number 1 which is the right side and we see that
will give up here this is the discovered area with which we can make contact We have previously a small piece of tape we simply place it where
make a good contact and with the tape we are going to fix it …
we oppress with force with the nail if possible, we just
stick the tape well so that it adheres and make contact with
the graphite track and that will be the first wire, let’s do the same procedure with the other three that remain we have already placed the four cables
1 2 3 and 4 simply placed with tape and that will make enough contact
to be able to work without any problem let’s finally do a test of
continuity in the four tracks we take the number one cable, there we have it here we are going to see comes to this track and this key, this is the one that corresponds we see that it is already working we go with point number 2 that comes to this line and this key, we saw that he also made contact the 3 comes to this, there we have that is already also ok and finally number 4 that
comes to this key ok let’s proceed then to
assemble it with hot air again and place it on the board We are going to place it here, as it lost
a little bit of consistency the glue let’s use a little silicone
liquid let’s apply simply in all the
shore and we’re going to stick it in place it will only be a matter of welding
the wires or the wires in the corresponding place on the card the oven is already armed, we introduce a glass with water, to make the test we connect and we will check all the
keys 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 0 working we stop, we put a minute and
press the start key we see that the oven is already working and with a very simple procedure and
cash ok that’s all in this video many
thanks for your attention until next time

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