C Clamp Mount for $10

C Clamp Mount for $10

everybody over matters frugal filemaker
the place for making money is nice but making movies is nicer may be recalled the blog a few weeks
back for a mention this little item here this is the cobe seven-inch external
color monitor my super awesome bargaining wife picked
up for ten dollars now external monitors or great obviously season seymour we’re
shooting with a really handy for things like developer camera kraina judith we’ll see what your camera sees or horse
of singapore proctor he’s a great the promise of these
expenses this visited has the row pro features a for example these non-standard video
inputs as internal battery can swap out and there’s no mounting options of any
kind of milk orange thread on this thing you can hook up the to some kind of
mounting device so i did figure out how to create
programs through intentions monitor but her question was how they knew i
travel to a tripod answering that question let me on this
odyssey to the senate clinton’s current job as a
matter of super crappy catches any post like a trifling it won’t be in each for
twenty five dollars or you knock off about twenty dollars which includes the
mounting thread if i could do better than that so i
looked on ebay and i found this basically a sequence of the ball head on
top it looks pretty good in the price was
right about seven fifty one is a read the fine print on the bottom i discovered that the clintons made
mostly of plastic ones were to put you much to work on it they would break so i
thought i had better for the different solution well like the design okay this is what i came up with phone
calling this the frugal clam position it’s a secret potential many ball head
the sequences solid steel and leave your presence works interests
little surface to texas to it won’t come off revolvers mostly middle parts dymo articulated any directions or are
you attached to this quarter inch screw-up decision
just about anywhere there’s no cutting and really involved
in this project is easy to make for the best news is it only costs ten bucks kasia parts list you very meaty umbc
clint made by american d_g_a_ cost three seventy five on amazon or you baby you’ve got a mini ball had these are
five dollars and eighty cents on ebay you gotta three-eighths inch bolts has
three quarters of an inch long and you’ve got a rubber tip half introverted
these are for picture books that are restore technicians and get first eight thirty
four to sermon petroleum jelly flat head screw driver in suppliers or a
wrench him through this together did you see claire named ernst through the knob
considerably intake access that bolts two seven top unscrew the bolt and take off a lock washer we’ll swap out the bowl tourney purchase
this is the three eighths inch bolted to a three-quarter inches long two-block
russia back on it and screw it back in the sea clamp today
you can use the other bolden won’t fit michigan or is the kind of your threads
little bit so that the rubber tiple fit on the end doing this with jeffers tape you can do
duct tape whatever else will work just put some on it is about half an
inch in width tests that savory tiple fit better if it doesn’t that’s not a party they want to take some off then you take the tip-off and lubricate
the end of the thread with some petroleum jelly this is so they won’t bore through the rubber tip you snuck up
against something then for the rubber tip back on
particularly ball head in unscrew the quarter-inch adapter that goes in the
bottom india three two slash thread which more
than screw on the top of the secret next ticket buyers are ranch and
tightening the bolt down against the lock washer until classes and you’re pretty much done thank you are done okay let’s attach the thing detaching renew my tripod on here so
we’re going to reverent reference to return some of the overall but this is very
real problem currently the end of the thread was digging right through the in the rubber
tip and scaring up my tripod less like i work so i figure i need some
kind of buffer missus that this is a uh… metal now that i dropped in here so that when the throttle tittle turn
against them out and that the end of the tip today that this quarter inch uh… screw
exposing attach anything to it but remember i have a monitor with no
quarter-inch threat so here’s our fix that i put one of the scene a quick connect plates onto the back room honor militants truth
to the back i remove the screw end up in and the
spongy parents tuck it there was some double stick tape but this is this a double stick tape is
a superman cape region radio shack it holds up two hundred pounds we believe
that it’s also known as three mph beat a very
high bond if using two boxes expensive for viral the stuff across forty bucks
on amazon okay so it’s not in favor of it a
kerosene or a quick connect base and attach it to the frugal clamps
thread spins right on here and put in position there’d just hold the spring back and popular monitor goes right on steps into place you click it to lock shut so it doesn’t
fall off menulis mini ball head you can adjust it
into a position you like and lock it down congratulations you just manager
don mountable monitor and that’s the secret amount of frugal
clamp if you like this project is going to the frugal full rigor dot com for
more details of personal instructables facebook and twitter if you’ve got a comment question a
request for a picture of a project that i’ve built a new
modified please send it to the frugal maker at gmail dot com bye bye

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53 Replies to “C Clamp Mount for $10”

  1. @StimpyJackal Not sure I understand your question. The mini ball head handles fine. On a very cheap tripod, the weight of the clamp might be an issue, not to mention the crushing torque that might dent a tripod leg.

  2. @killacam44 My wife picked it up at a local RC Willey. They were having a contest for a big screen TV. If you registered for the giveaway, you could get one of these little TVs for $10.

  3. @thefrugalfilmmaker The question was unrelated to the c-clamp so sorry for that. Was just wondering whether a cheap ball head + cheap tripod could be better for fluid pans than the cheap tripod + grease.

  4. @wakaphwap You can't get one of those monitors online for that price (that I know of). My wife got it at a local retailer as part of a contest registration for a widescreen TV.

  5. @StimpyJackal Aha! I would say no. When loose, the mini ball head moves in every direction. I'm not sure how you would control that for a smooth pan or tilt.

  6. @thefrugalfilmmaker I'm not sure, because the 1/4" bolts that we use for our cameras have a "20" thread. So, I was just wondering if this had a certain thread as well. But I'll be heading to lowe's today to get these things and I'll keep the coarse thread in mind. Also, I ordered the same clamp but on the picture it didn't come with that bolt that you have not with the knob. The one on top of the main part of the c bar with the lock washer. So, I guess I'll get a 3/8 lock washer or two.


  7. Sorry for so many questions, but can you tell me the specific rubber tip you used? I went back and forth to Lowe's to get the rubber tip and I keep getting the wrong ones. Can you tell me the diameter for the inside? Or whatever is on the packaging? The one I got now turned out to be plastic and I will be returning it. So yes, can you please tell me the diameter that is indicated on the packaging? BTW, I have softtouch brand tips.

    Thank You!

  8. @timohteatime It was an incentive from a local store to come in and register for a big screen TV giveaway. If you registered, you were elidgible to buy the $10 portable model.

  9. This is brilliant! This is exactly what I was thinking about the other day when I was figuring out what to do for my jib arm. Thanks!

  10. All your videos are super! They've helped me a ton! I've recently used a combination of your ideas and others' to make some pretty cool DIY stuff! So thanks! BTW – Are you in Utah? Cuz that's where I am. I noticed on a couple of clips you've used… Just curious. 🙂

  11. @frequencysteve Hey thanks! I'm glad you find the channel worthwhile. I am in Utah, but only for another 3 weeks…

  12. Hey Im a new subscriber and love your designs. I've been hunting all over youtube for a "DIY Shoe" to mount a shotgun mic or a small light to. I've been engineering my own fig rig for about a week now and don't wanna start construction until I know that there is an easy to mount a shotgun or light with the shoe mounts. (Note: the camera does NOT have a shoe on it. I'm Shooting mainly with the GoPro HERO, but in the future other cameras will be added to that list) Thanks for your time – Jack

  13. Question FF, does you COBY monitor still show brightly? just wondering because i purchased a small COBY maybe 5 inch tv for my bathroom once and it went dark within' 3 MONTHS!!! so i've COMPLETELY stayed away from the COBY BRAND.

  14. I suppose you are just entertaining yourself… but if your labor is worth nothing, meaning, time to shop, order, postage, wait, fiddle make and after it's all over you have a vastly inferior clamp to a mafer…. that cost you a lot of money to save that 7 bucks……

  15. When you give the costs why is it that you don't include costs like gas or average shipping? (Everyone knows that there are "variances.") A lot of people don't order enough stuff from A–zon or "where ever" to get free shipping and the shipping for a one dollar item can be three or four bucks! You can't ignore ANY cost when being "frugal", can you? 🙂

  16. You want him to calculate the cost of shipping, gas, VAT for each of the 22 thousand viewers of this video? i think that we should be happy that he shows us ways to save money making video's whether you use these methods or not is up to you.

  17. For about $0.50 you can buy a 1/4-20 brass threaded insert at the hardware store. For mounting in PVC, I drill a 3/8" pilot hole, then holding the insert in a pliers, I heat it with a lighter, and screw it in. But, do whatever works for you.

  18. Yes VHB tape is pricey, but worth it. It is often used to permanently attach solar panels to the tops of RV's. If it can withstand constant high wind shear it can certainly hold a mount to a monitor.

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