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100 Replies to “Car sale nightmare: Police ticket driver for car she no longer owns”

  1. I had a friend who got into Meth in the 1990's. I tried helping her and I gave her my Geo Metro and told her to turn the title over. She didn't, but I did turn in the report of sale. It saved me a bunch of parking tickets etc. The city of Seattle tried making me pay, but my Report Of Sale saved me.

  2. I mean, there is an easy solution, the police just understanding the situation and NOT ticketing for a car she doesn't own. But thank goodness these "thin blue line" followers are interested in cith revenue.

  3. Isn’t that a good thing? Let her pay a ticket and keep the car gotta be less expensive than buying it straight up


  5. To the MVD: Ms. Sanders traded that Ford Explorer in for a new vehicle! She should NOT be held responsible for anything! LEAVE HER ALONE!

  6. New Mexico must be a Drug runner paradise imagine how often someone trades in car wiyh6 valid plates and registration and get brought at auction still valid to drive smh

  7. This is why when i sell a used car i get them to meet me at the dmv and make them register it in fornt of me

  8. How the fuck can a dealer send a car to a action not make sure is out of the her name leavingn themm open to,liability

  9. At 2mins and 20 something secs in they say there was no tags on it but in the pictures you can see the tags are blurred I'm puzzled?

  10. This story is exactly why government regulations are important. In my state the dealer cant sell or auction a car until after they transfer the title to themselves. This protects the seller and ensures that the dealer acts responsibly. T

    he stupid and harmful part of this story was that because of a lack of regulation the woman was stuck taking care of all of this herself. She has no real remedy to fix this mess other than to go to court and contest every stupid fine and ticket. The polices attitude in this case is ridiculous. They should have behaved better towards a citizen.

  11. I guess if legally the car is still hers, she should pay the towing feels, retake possession of the truck and resell it.

  12. Ont canada requires you buy a kit from the transportation dept showing who owned the vehicle priors and if any violations or liens on it left.

  13. But… She has a bill of sale made out to the car dealership that is dated after she registered the car so what the hell?

  14. So they know the vehicle was sold to Reliable Nissan. That means Reliable Nissan is the last known owner of the Explorer, not the people who traded in the car. Why hasn't the dealership corrected the records at the license bureau?

  15. Basically, car was traded in, likely got sent to a smaller dealership or to a junkyard because it wasn't worth much. Ended up in some shady peoples hands, they fucked it up over a period of 2 years while never registering the vehicle, likely using a random old plate of theirs they had lying around.

  16. I sold a Saturn a while back ago, the guy who purchased it took him 7 months to register in his name. It was a pain. Next time I sell.a vehicle, were doing it in a AAA office where the new owner registers the damn car in his/her name.

  17. It happened to me I trade it with Volkswagen, after long talks they finally left me alone ,I didn't pay any tickets but it was a waste of my time to talk over and over and over.

  18. How is it your not able to take the dealer to court? I know in Canada you trade in a car That dealer must register the car. They are held accountable for anything after you sign the paper Any fines liens whatever To the new buyer You can not own the car untill you have a safety cert, Emission test and Used car package which shows all owners of the car And any reported / claimed crashes and liens with dates
    I worked as a private investigator And could track a persons name and address if i had a plate number simple by paying for a used car package ..They changed that. Now you need that title and E-test and safety first


  20. I once traded a car in for a truck at my local dodge dealer and then got papers to register the car 8 months later.   sounds like the dealer was working the system to save some money.

  21. dad sold a car to a dood he never registered it. we've been getting his tickets and have no idea where he lives. Dmv is no help; we even gave it to him for dirt cheap. people are assholes.

  22. Manheim 😂 I've dropped off and picked up vehicles to them before and the majority of the time they can't tell their head from their ass. Fyi….I'm talking about the Manheim in Ontario

  23. This Happening to my aunt she To drive a 2005 Ford Explorer advance trac and she signed it over got a 2018 Nissan rouge And now she’s getting toll Road tickets in Austin tx and people are driving it illegally

  24. Sounds like Morons working for the Car Dealership and the Cops. If something happened like this to Me I would have the News Crew and the Police follow me to the scrap yard where I would put it in the car shredder.

  25. This vehicle was obvious ly being used as a storage depot for crimanal activity. Thete is a hole in the law that needs to be plugged.

  26. that happens to my mom someone crash her old car that she sold 5 years ago the person who crash killed 2 people he ran away on feet mom was arrested she was innocent we sued the goverment for damage and false acusation we sued the dealer that did not do the paper work now we rich

  27. Dealer middle man Tax scam
    leave is someone else's name and collect money off the sale.. with out reporting correct profits

  28. Fuck the police, their hands are not tied. They just need to do something called an "investigation". They are being lazy and it should be criminal to write bogus tickets like that. They could have made 2 phone calls to track it to the auction then dealt with them.

  29. Here is a fact I have not done it and I'm sure most don't, don't sell anything without signing the title and (DATE) it then make a copy of it, I also make out a bill of sale caught the original at the License office years ago and made copies and use it for everything buyer and you signs it dated and I will not sell a Car or whatever to somebody who will not provide a driver's license. It cost a friend of mine thousands in Lawyer fees when he sold a car to a person without a Licence and hit another Car and killed somebody. Just saying it isn't the 1950s any more.

  30. Bad reporting, the cop at 2:55 saying their hands are tied. The reporter knows the lady filled out the proper paperwork, so why didn't the reporter grill the cop and ask him if she has filled out the proper paperwork, why are they still going after her, when the cops should be going after either the auction company, or the car dealership. Because probably the reporter is still too young to call cops out on their falsehoods and bullshit.

  31. Wait soooo technically she could go pick up the SUV, pay a few parking tickets then go and resale the whole car to a dealer again? I’m failing to see how this is a bad thing 😂 that’s free money people 😂😂

  32. Once you release the title and lien to another party (Reliable Nissan) the car is no longer your responsibility.

    The car become property of Reliable Nissan who in turned sold it at action. Apparently, Reliable Nissan (now know as unReliable Nissan) did not register the car.

  33. sounds like the dealership should have done something i mean if it was sold why is she still getting letters and crap about the car?

  34. That's what happened to me,I was send a letter trying to charging me and my brother since we both were cars ex owners for unpaid parking tickets and tow fees from San Antonio , car was sold to dealership….after many of my angry phone calls and time worrying about we were left alone…..I am afraid to buy another new car and trade in old one….

  35. Years ago I consigned on a car loan and got the car removed from my name when the car was paid off or so I thought but the car is still showing in my name again. Looks I'll have to do it again. The car was either wrecked or sold years ago.

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