Career Technical Education Advisory Committee FAQs

Career Technical Education Advisory Committee FAQs

♪[theme music] An advisory committee is uh a group of
stakeholders that help guide uh a career technical education pathway. Usually they
are made up of different stakeholders within your industry. Those advisory members
can marry themselves with your pathway and where they can insert their specific
skills so that your students are ready for… the workforce after graduation. ♪[theme music] The advisory committee members should be um
major stakeholders. So it should be at the very least the CTE teachers that are
teaching CTE courses within that pathway. Um it also should be at least two or three
business partners, administration at the school and possibly
at the district. Um it is always good to try and get
somebody at a university or a post-secondary institution. We also sometimes try to get
students in there, maybe even alumni of the pathway because that way you can get
different perspectives. A lot of times they can tell you, well I wish I had that. And
that’s really really valuable having a student that actually went
through your program. ♪[theme music] To start an advisory committee can be
challenging and a really daunting task, so the best way to start an advisory committee
is really to look at your curriculum and to kind of see what resources are
available at your fingertips. And a lot of it really starts with
cold calls and to bus-businesses or to local universities. We’ve always
found it very beneficial to target the non- profits because a lot of times, or
government agencies because they will have a educational component built
within their program. It may be surprising to educators that
businesses really do want to reach out because they do want to have a hand in you know
who they hire and what kind of skills are coming to their workforce but
they don’t know where to look. ♪[theme music] Advisory board agendas are really important
because they help guide the conversation. So that everybody who’s on the committee has
donated their time to be there, you want to make sure that they all have a voice
and have some sort of contribution. Important agenda items that should always
come up every meeting is definitely the labor market trends to see where your particular
industry stands and if curriculum needs to be modified in certain areas that the
school is keeping up with the labor market trends and to see that the skills are really,
truly going to be helpful for that child once they do graduate. It’s important
to also keep everything up to date. So new business and old business; it’s
always nice to have students maybe report out on projects that they have
done throughout the year. Sometimes a tour of um or a video of what
goes on can be helpful to connect the classroom with the
advisory committee. ♪[theme music] Agenda items and things that have to be
covered, sometimes that can be a struggle to get it into an hour meeting, and so we
assign different topics and since we are a career academy, we also have academic
teachers that involved and so what ends up happening is that an academic teacher and
maybe a student will pair with a business partner and they will address a problem or
a topic and then at the end we’ll do kind of like a whip around and it just builds upon
that-that rich conversation that needs to come out of an advisory meeting
and it doesn’t take two hours. ♪[theme music] Mentoring is a component that a lot of
academies have within their program structure and so what ends up happening is that the
people sitting around your advisory board are great tools to be used and to go and find
other mentors and really engage in that network of um contacts. We’ve gotten so
many mentors, great mentors that come back year after year and volunteer their
time to mentor our students. ♪[theme music]

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