CDawg VS J. Michael Tatum – Playground Insults Panel

CDawg VS J. Michael Tatum – Playground Insults Panel

He watched it more than the audience. Connor:
No No No No Con-Goer:
I need an adult! Audience:
*Sick Burn “O” Shouting* Connor:
I mean not even – Connor:
Not even – Connor:
Victor! Connor:
Like you didn’t even get the Victor cast. Con-Goer:
He signed my tie! Connor:
I signed her Ouran tie. Con-Goer:
I showed up an hour before he even got into the room. Connor:
Who? Me or him?
*Points at Michael* Con-Goer:
YOU! Connor:
Oh me! Oh –
*Mouth Noises* Connor:
She was one of seven people kind enough to. Con-Goer:
And Patreon. Connor:
Awhh thank you! Connor:
That means she gives me money. Connor:
To support the channel! Con-Goer:
You saw me earlier as Madam Red. Connor:
I know I know! Michael:
Okay it’s yours! Michael:
The people have spoken, it’s yours! Michael:
GO! Connor:
*Thinking* Connor:
How does it feel – Connor:
Knowing – Connor:
No matter – Connor:
What you voice in. Connor:
But how big it is. Connor:
Even if it’s: Connor:
“My Hero Academia” Connor:
People still come here Connor:
And wanna hear Connor:
I will pay you back with my body. Connor:
Or – Connor:
I’m simply one hell of a butler. Connor:
I mean you killed it in Connor:
In the “My Hero Academia” dub. Connor:
I bet like, no one gives a shit. Connor:
Everyone wants to hear you just Connor:
Whisper in their ear. Connor:
Those sweet words. Connor:
Of being a butler. Connor:
And it’s not even like – Connor:
A good sentence. Connor:
It’s – really is kind of silly when you think about it. Michael:
Which one? Michael:
The – Connor:
The “I’m simply one hell of a butler.” Connor:
I’m pretty sure – Connor:
What is it? Connor:
Uh – Connor:
The author of Black butler said it’s kinda dumb. Connor:
Which is fine cuz it gets it almost kinda campy. Connor:
Well it’s kinda campy though right? Michael:
I mean you have butlers in the UK right? Connor:
I mean in Britain- Michael:
But in Britain, that’s all you can grow up to be right? Connor:
Yeah I mean you know, It’s that or- *Inaudible* Michael:
You just have to become a butler or a Prime Minister. Connor:
One of them is above the other. Michael:
If I wanted to die – Connor:
*Snorts* Connor:
What? Connor:
What did you say? Michael:
If I wanted to die – Con-Goer:
Me too. Michael:
I would – Michael:
Jump. Michael:
From your ego – Michael:
To your IQ. Michael:
Do you want some? Connor:
Yes I’d love some. Connor:
Is the camera still recording? Awesome. Connor:
Yeah no one in the UK talks like that. Connor:
Unless you’re very you know- *Posh* Michael:
HOW ARE YOU? Michael:
OH MY GOD GUYS! Michael:
Hello I’m Connor from Wales. Connor:
Is that what I sound like to you? Michael:
HA! Michael:
Right, it’s your turn? Connor:
I feel so cruel saying this one. Michael:
Bring it! Michael:
You don’t even scare me. Connor:
How does it feel – Connor:
Knowing that – Connor:
No one has ever uttered the – Connor:
The sentence- Connor:
“Oh yeah that simul-dub is so good Connor:
I’m gonna buy the Blu Ray.” Con-Goer
I said that! Connor:
That’s a lie, don’t lie to yourself. Con-Goer:
No, I actually did *This is Connor, I know I was saying the title of an anime I just cannot remember which one soooooo* Michael:
Yuri on Ice also? Connor:
In “My Hero Academia”- Connor:
That was a simul-dub right? Connor:
That was a simul-dub right? Connor:
Panel’s ending. Connor:
Aw. Con-Goer:
Speak up! Connor:
Speak up? Connor:
Okay my apologies. Connor:
I speak too softly. Connor:
Uhm – Connor:
Yeah! Connor:
I’m sure (I don’t understand this) Michael:
*POP* Connor:
Do you though? Connor:
You’re too self-aware. Connor: Connor:
I want you to go to your room Connor:
And be like: Connor:
Brandon? *Michael’s Boyfriend* Connor:
Is what Connor said true? Michael:
In which case he goes: Michael:
“Yeah!” Michael:
And I’m like: Michael:
Take me now. Connor:
(?) Connor:
If you told me – Connor:
That you have not once said: Connor:
“You can pay me back with your body.” Connor:
To Brandon in bed. Connor:
I wouldn’t believe you at all. Michael:
He pays me back with his body every day. Connor:
You’ve got to say it in Kyoya. Connor:
You’re like: Connor:
*Doing Kyoya Voice*
“Yes so he pays me back with his body.” Michael:
Is that – Michael:
Wait, that’s your Kyoya? Connor:
Wait, no I can do better than that. Michael:
Yeah you can. Connor:
*Doing Kyoya Voice*
“You know the Host Club -” Connor:
*Doing Kyoya Voice*
“You know -” Connor:
*Doing Kyoya Voice*
“You know Kyoya” Michael:
Isn’t that how he sounds? Connor:
Yeah he sounds like a really weird American. Connor:
He sounds like a Brit- Michael:
He sounds like a weird Connor:
He sounds like a – Connor:
An American being a British person. Connor:
Trying to be American. Michael:
It DOES! I didn’t realise that before! Connor:
That was good! Connor:
Your final insult. Michael:
My final insult? Connor:
Then I have a little something. Michael:
Huh? Oh you a have a little something! Michael:
My final insult – Michael:
Is: Michael:
Is – Is – IS Michael:
And it’s an oldie but a goodie. Connor:
You’re gonna go with it again. Connor:
You’re gonna go with it. Michael:
Yeah it’s good it’s a callback. Michael:
I look at myself and I think: Michael:
Ugh you’re right. Michael:
Everything you say is true. Michael:
There’s not – Michael:
A single – Michael:
Burn that you’ve given me that I can refute. Michael:
In good conscience. Michael:
BUT! Michael:
At least I’m not a YouTuber. Outro Song: P-Holla Do It For Love

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100 Replies to “CDawg VS J. Michael Tatum – Playground Insults Panel”

  1. Michael is drunk as hell from the start and Connor is just- slowly drinking his drink- just kinda-
    "yep yep this is it it's the end"

  2. It's a shame the subtitles kept going on and off because I couldn't hear a lot of what was being said.

  3. 3:25 . . . Well shit. Connor is so good at impersonating Sebastian that he can even impersonate the voice actor.

  4. there should be videos of just these two talking about random things in life and having a nice conversation… it will be hilarious just like this

  5. Now, this can be useful with a reeeaaally teasy friend of mine, thank you :>
    (also I'm dying and I couldn't ever say things like that randomly cause I would feel guilty as fuck for some reason, Iadmireyou,bothofyou)

  6. Cdawgva: "I want you to go to your room and be like "Brandon…is what Connor said true?"

    JMT: In which case, he goes "Yeah!" And I'm like "Take Me Now!"

    Ooh Spicy!~

  7. When Michael did his impression of a Britt, (9:34) it genuinly sounded like me I my accent is a bit more high pitched, like bRuV. Like, I say Wales and it sounds like 'Wayuwles' – I'm like bRuV!

  8. I love their bromance. Will this be a yearly thing now? Like the "annual insult competition"? Michael is savage AF but Connor is like just adorkable.

  9. Audio with this video was a little hard to discern at points but OMG the two of you together is perfect.

  10. #1 CDawgVA x Sebastian
    #2 damn your both funny
    #3 your both really good looking
    #4 he's gay your gay = relationship
    #5 Sebastian roasted Sebastian

    Theses are my reasons you guys must date… Please for the love of all the people who ship you date!!!!!!

  11. Connor should've said 'No matter how hard you try, I'll have a nicer ass then you…' Micheal would agree

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  13. 🎵Happy Birthday ✌U
    Happy Birthday ✌ U
    Happy Birthday Dear J. Michael
    Happy Birthday ✌ U🎵 Happy Birthday J. Michael Tatum and May The Peace Be With U! May 25, 1976
    May 25, 2019 – May 25, 3019

  14. Rewatching all the Michael and Connor collabs and I just realized that the card vote on this video doesnt have a Sebastian choice I truly believe that Sebastian won and wouldve loved to express that opinion

  15. You know something tells me Connor went more then he was supposed too in this video

    But it's helarious

  16. I really hate myself sometimes-
    Because during the whole video there were some of the jokes and retorts or whatever that my mind made just a really big mess out of LMAO

  17. Connor:how does it feel knowing you were only casted on yuri on ice because you are gay? Me:ON NO HE DIDNT

  18. That was so amazing Connor! I'm so happy for the opportunities you have, you deserve it! Also,this video still has the outro unmuted, I don't know if it's a problem, but just wanted to tell you! <3

  19. Is it just me or are a lot of Cdawg’s videos “unavailable on your device.” I have an iPhone and this has never happened to me before 🙁🙁😢

  20. Connor: I didn't know we were allowed to make noises into the microphone

    Me: remembers when J Michael was talking about humping the microphone during the Black Butler nun scene

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