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12 Replies to “Chosen (BAFTA AWARD WINNING DOCUMENTARY) – Real Stories”

  1. I am so hurt that such beautiful men (the victims) can have their lives so terribly disrupted by the greed and evil of other men (the abusers). May each of you (the victims) find healing on every level and may you turn away from the secret life that these terrible acts have caused you to endeavour into. My prayers are with you.

  2. Gosh this makes me so angry. Coercive predatory bastards!
    I want to reach out to these poor boys in grown men’s bodies and hold them as tight as I can and tell them everything is going to be okay.
    They are so broken yet so beautifully dignified.

  3. I love Alistair for saying he's on the road to forgiveness. Powerful. I pray these brave men are healed completely from their trauma at the hand of those teachers.

  4. My heart aches for these men & what was done to them. Their courage & strength… no words. As a parent of a boy about their age when the were abused… I know I must keep talking to him about what physical, mental, & sexual abuse are; that I will always believe him; and I will love him until my last breath no matter what. Sending love & healing energy to these men.

  5. In Iceland theas discussing people usually just get 6 months fkn 6 months in prison !! Those brave man made me cry through out the documentary and my heart goes out to them !!

  6. I’m so proud of these men, very courageous, and I pray this brings more awareness, that young boys, can be hurt too by these evil monsters, and someone should have protected these young boys.

  7. We in America do not understand this about Europeans why in the world do you send such young children away from home to a boarding school we do not do that until college if you do that when they're younger it's a military school and it is children that are behaving badly so Europeans come across his very cold very detached not family oriented to us

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