Christine Blasey Ford And Brett Kavanaugh Testify In Front Of Senate Committee | NBC Nightly News

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63 Replies to “Christine Blasey Ford And Brett Kavanaugh Testify In Front Of Senate Committee | NBC Nightly News”

  1. This why I will Never Vote for a Republican Ever Again!! This country has been turned into a Banana Republic as the world laughs at us literally !!

  2. In the USA all top jobs (Presidency and Supreme Court) are given to women violators and liars, no wonder the whole world is laughing at the USA.
    A Dutchman.

  3. She is obviously lying. These are her memories yet she needs to keep reading them off a paper? Great timing to come forward with all this too.

  4. She didn't come forward after 1 day. She didn't come forward after 1 week. She didn't come forward after 1 month. She didn't come forward after 1 year. She come forward after 2 years. She didn't come forward after 3 years. She didn't come forward after 5 years. She didn't come forward after 10 years. She didn't come forward after 15 years. She didn't come forward after 20 years. She didn't come forward after 25 years. She didn't come forward after 30 years. Now after 35 years when he just happens to be nominated for the Supreme Court she just happened to come forward. Hilarious

  5. Its weird how she sounds like shes on the verge of crying while telling the story…but not a tear…her eyes don't even get glassy…she never has to stop to catch her breath. Not a very good actress at all.

  6. Allegations aside..Why are Kavanaugh and Graham complaining about partisanship when this is a politically motivated nomination? Trump invited the Russians to come up with dirt on Hillary, but what's happening here isn't okay?
    Message for those seeking office: Don't jump into the shark tank smelling like lunch.

  7. My problem with the Kavanaugh hearing. If this woman is psychologist and so messed up, how is she able to help other people with same experience or other psychological problems. If she has psychological problems.

  8. I believe Dr Ford, Kavanaugh is a liar and has no place being a judge anywhere, Kavanaugh is a typical privileged POS. Kavanaughs body language, eyes and words give away his guilt. Of course Kavanaugh doesn’t want an investigation.

  9. You are terrified? Of what exactly? I really don't understand. Boogieman Kavanaugh isn't going to jump out of his seat and attack you. If anything Ford is just getting a bunch of liberal celebrities to call her a "hero" for her "bravery." Feel free to explain this to me

  10. I'm gonna say that the next Dem SC candidate molested me back in '91. Remember this post. I'll be coming out with it one week before it's official.

  11. Do you know any liberal psychology professors that speak with a teeny, tiny, innocent voice like this lady? Give me a break! What a joke!!!!

  12. After listening to every second of today's hearing it was obvious she was lying. It's terrible what Democrats are attempting. What a scandalous sham. I feel sorry for women who have actually been sexually assaulted that have to watch this go down. Democrats should be ashamed. Sad day for the country.

  13. Her voice is throwing me off. She seems at the verge of crying yet I can’t match feelings I’m hearing with those that I’m seeing. Still not sure on this.

  14. I believe Brett Kavanaugh and predict his easy vote to the supreme court. Dr Ford had NO EVIDENCE and her story had more holes that swiss cheese.

    This is all a circus from the liberal left because they will be a minority on the supreme court for decades.


  15. I think he may have drunk enough to where his memory was impaired. Maybe not "blackout" but enough to be dismissed in memory. He doesn't seem entirely confident in pleading innocent to the accusation, and gives heavy emotional testimony in lou of his reputation. Ford seemed honest and straight forward

  16. Dr. Ford wanted the FBI to investigated but Kavanaugh doesn't. Why are Republicans in such a hurry to confirm Kavanaugh? Are they afraid of the midterm?

  17. I do believe she experienced "it", however I also believe that the 'it' she experienced was by way of a repeating illucid nightmare that got etched into her mind probably after consuming ambien or some other sleep medication at around that time in her life.

    The pharmaceutical induced lucid dream hypothesis is the result of a piecing together of all of the facts in the matter. Note: none of the people that she saw at the event recall being there; she doesn't know the actual address of the property, she doesn't know how she got there, those are the types of boring facts that you would usually remember in real life but won't likely remember from a dream.
    A polygraph test would not show her to be lying in a situation like this because she actually does believe that it took place although it likely didn't.
    This is very very sad.

  18. Just an observation but her "little girl voice" whether real or put on gives the appearance of less credibility. The voice gives the impression of one who is either acting or a bit of a wack job.

  19. Lies, lies, lies… she must be insane…!! How come you have swim suit inside? That is such a sad crime to demolish a nice family…

    Democrats are doing nothing less than trying to transform a job interview hearing, into a character assassination political hit job show trial for the fascist globalist fake news medias; And it's a real shame what crooked Democrats do to women, by constantly crying wolf for political assassination games, as real abuse victims will never be believed again, especially when so many women were really abused by Democrats in the past.

  21. Ms Ford,

    Thank you for your dignity, honour, candour and clarity.
    You seem to represent the best of American femininity.
    We believe you, we support you, we are with you. we love you
    Stay strong, remain in truth and let the universe come to your aid!!!

  22. She is clearly lying. She is trying way to hard to sound hurt and vulnerable. She sounds like my children when they're trying to get away with something.

  23. Boycott NBC. NBC is a key player in the Liberal Propaganda Machine dedicated to destroying America be delegitimizing Free America so the globalist Mega Billionaires can steal America from within.

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