Eric Conn over here I am a filmmaker
living in the greatest city on earth New York and in this video I’m traveling to
Africa for the first time in my whole life to summit the largest freestanding
mountain on earth Mount Kilimanjaro keeping it short and sweet this is the
start of a 24 hour travel adventure to Tanzania let’s go to the airport for
this trip I needed a strong capable travel partner so I enlisted the help of
my firefighter friend from southern New Jersey so everyone watching that’s
Patrick hello Patrick is a world traveler he is like the king of
backpacking with the Vietnam you known each other for I think 10 12 years not
no longer longer since high school freshman year of high school I wanna say
howdy Chrissy oh yeah not in my family and the firehouse I guess so the mission
on our trip is singular get to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro at any cost
so the first leg of the journey is LaGuardia to Amsterdam six o’clock in
the morning in Amsterdam we just touched down in a very very empty airport area
now we got to get some coffee we got about four hours to kill and then the
final leg is from Amsterdam to kill Manjari fine when you fly from Amsterdam
to kill Najjar I sit in the back of the plane so you’re the first ones off
that’s the pro tip right there because immigration is insane also visa is a
hundred dollars right for us yeah there’s something that’s magical magical
is the word about arriving to a new destination in the dark of night and
having to wait till daybreak to see where in the world you actually are
I felt the warmth of a TENS Aeneas sunrise for the first time of the planes
soaring over sleepy villages through the lush green sea of trees so it’s now the
next day we’re now outside of Arusha and we are with our man here he’s guiding us
up kilee yeah Wilber is the co-owner of chile
warriors the company bringing me to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro he’s been to
the summit over 250 plus times I owe this man at the adventure of my lifetime
you’ll find out more in the next two videos we’ve attracted a crowd we’ve got
a little group of followers back here welcome to Africa properly it’s
interesting because we’re already at about 5,000 feet in elevation and we’re
from sea level so you can feel there’s a thinner you’ve been at this elevation
I’m saying this now before the trip even starts with 100% certainty that I’m
gonna get altitude sickness on this climb at the summit of Kilimanjaro the
oxygen is half of what I’m breathing right now at sea level in New York but
we’re just out here in the countryside hanging out this is where Wilbur is from
this is like my city mutton my village I don’t think we can call it the city it’s
a village it’s beautiful though very peaceful one of the reasons why I love traveling
so much is it’s just immersing yourself fully into a way of life that’s so
different from your own this is Wilbert hometown of Sakaya and
this is right outside of Arusha the main town where we flew into world routes one
of those guys where he’s friends with everyone
every single person in his town knows who he is so he’s been more or less
taking us under his wing and showing us around where he lives how he lives all
the fruit markets the welders all the people just going about their daily
lives I learned the most when I traveled to places that I would never imagine in
my whole life I would ever be in and Tanzania is one of those places and here
we have the wild patchak we’re attracting a crowd yeah the motorcycle
crew Dave so we’re gonna top off for the Safari
vehicle cruising around we have three days in the town before we actually some
Achille so we’re just getting a little tour of the city in the surrounding area so we’re driving back to the hotel and
we hear like singing and dancing and apparently that is a political campaign
someone lost the seat so that reelecting son oh really sure that that but this is
the leading fires oh baby people 95 we’re taking a little pissed off right
now the first thing that you should do when you get to Tanzania is exchange
your money for some ships make sure you break your bills down into smaller
denominations bunch of two thousand and five thousand and we’re set the Maasai village was normally a weekly
market so we’re doing them aside to a marketing and then we proceeded in my
side out of myself I know I said we’re going back to the hotel but we’re taking
a little bit of a detour we are at a Masai market it is Saturday so
everyone’s out in the marketplace today it’s jamming right now and look you can
actually buy sandals made from tires we use tires incredible that they can reuse
the tires like you look in the distance back there you can see mount Sumeru
which is about 15,000 feet and so if you can imagine that kilee is about almost
four to five thousand feet higher than Mount Meru where I grew up that if we
mark it pretty similar to this so it’s kind of a bit a bit nostalgic in a weird
way coming to a flea market I was saying how bad can I see can they have a
weekend fee mark in Galway oh yeah farmers market yeah farmers market right
by shop right here they have the literal farmers market first purchase nice machete and then
here we have a lemon bitter soda this soda tastes better than any sowed I’ve
had in the States like I’ll drink soda in the States and this go liver is truly try something you want
try aren’t you pretty good well dry better you always have to try the food
when you come to a new country yes pig face what is any proper air
Conover travel video series without a drone breaking that’s right we’re out of
the Serengeti filming and there’s maybe one power line for about a thousand
miles in every direction and I happen to hit that power line and the camera got
knocked off just hoping that we have a camera shop with this drone because this
is a critical piece of camera gear for the summit of Chile so fingers crossed
we can get one in and save this series but on our way back got a flat tire here
comes our tow truck to the rescue get us back into town spare tires here we have about 20
minutes to get back to the camera shop if you are new to the channel and this
is your first time watching make sure to subscribe you do not want to miss this
Kilimanjaro series I mean as you can see already we’re off to a pretty hectic
start that’s the best thing about travel when you never know what’s gonna happen
I will leave you here for the first episode of the Mount Kilimanjaro series
I have to get back and help tyre I’ll see you next video peace do we make it
to the camera shop in time do they have the only drone in all Tanzania tune in
to the next episode of the Kilimanjaro series to find out and for the climb to

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  1. I'm still buzzing from this trip, the first video of the Mount Kilimanjaro series!! Traveling from New York to Tanzania. Make sure to TURN ON post notifications the next few videos from this series, they are unlike any travel video on YouTube

  2. I can’t even put into words how inspired you make me feel. I’m not a risk taker at all…but you have completely entranced me. You’re incredible. ✨💛 Amber

  3. I live in Kenya and have traveled to Tanzania a lot. Was curious to see how you would vlog about this trip just because of how people generally cover Africa, but I honestly loved this first video! Also realized that you pronounced 'Meru' like 'Peru' which was the most American thing in this video. Lol. That Krest/bitter lemon soda is my fave!

  4. I'm also bringing my drone with my to vlog in Southeast Asia, and i'm sort of terrified of something happening to it and not being able to fix it.

  5. My last trip to Africa was in 2005. I’m looking forward to this video series. Meanwhile: here’s a link to my photo album from my Africa trip:[email protected]/sets/72157618277237494

  6. Just a liitle bit Of knowlegde to you people ,11 of 5 big 8000+ meters Mountain's are located in #Pakistan , and it's got the world biggest mountain range world's 2nd biggest mountain K2 no one ever reached on the peak of K2 in winter !

  7. Beautiful video. Locals seem more friendlier than those in the states 😂 I would love to visit one of the countries in Africa!

  8. This everything I expected and more from following your social media feed. You did it Indiana Jones style. Now to visit abandoned temples :).

  9. Been watching you since the first NYC Studio Apartment Tour and omg, the editing is so sick!!! 😍😍😍 Can’t wait for moreee!

  10. Insane dude! This is truly traveling! Looks like your best trip to date. Amazing cinematography and storyline, I like your uniqueness

  11. Hey Erik! I'm going to Tanzania next September for an 8 month placement. I was wondering what camera you use to blog and take travel videos? I would like to start making blogs while I'm there!

  12. Nice video, but try to be specific on the destination. Africa is not a country but a continent made up of about 54 countries.

  13. love to see you in Africa… bro.. please describe the process also in brief to track in Kilimanjaro…. hope for the best of you

  14. Outstanding video! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to catch this amazing content. We produce Travel & Food video too, world wide, and we are often seeking for inspirations as well as creative concepts. Thank You.

  15. So so good! Also very refreshing to see some of the old school vlog style in this video. So cool to see you chasing your dreams and pushing yourself every year to improve yourself (cliche I know but it couldn’t be more true).

  16. I'm from Kenya, and any soda from East Africa tastes a hundred times better than the ones in the state. There is no corn syrup, the Cokes have cocaine like the original ones etc. I also understand what they are saying.

  17. Clicked so fast, thinking that you are in Uganda!❤ You should visit the source of River Nile in Uganda,The longest river in the world before you go back to Newyork!

  18., toddler basics @ 34:47(you see what I mean…mission & a half…that half is extra work without pay, but still I or we getS taxed on that…extra taxation…not right.)

  19. I did a an epic adventure via kenya in 2008. I didn't get to the top, but got half way up and got video calls connected via amazing! Got the Tyre sandles and an abiding addiction to tuska beer 🤣

  20. This vlog contains tourist attractions that you can visit in the city of Makassar which is one of the cities contained in INDONESIA

  21. This is awesome! had been too busy to watch these vlogs but the upside of that is now I have the complete series available to go through in one go :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  22. Erik, love your content and this video but I would've preferred if you named the title Traveling to Tanzania! In no way do I think this was intentional or malicious but the title lacks the specificity that your other travel videos do and I think it would help eliminate some of the preconceptions that Africa is a homogenous continent. Looking forward to watching the rest of this series!

  23. Hahaha I love this. I have been living in Congo the past 6 months. It is all too familiar, something always goes wrong. Now I'm going to watch the other Kilimanjaro videos, hoping to see more of Africa! It's beautiful!

  24. So true! One of my favorite things about traveling is arriving when it's dark to be fully Surprise at sunrise when I wake up . ☺️

  25. I really like your content of your videos but seriously!? A lot of your other videos is called "traveling to costa rica", "traveling to Hawaii", "traveling to Germany" and even so specific as "traveling to bali". I don't understand how we still, to this day, have difficulties to say the countries name specifically on the continent Africa. Here you go:

  26. You're traveling to TANZANIA. Not ALL OF AFRICA!!! Damn i really like your videos but this just…. Africa is not just one place!! it is wayyyyyy to diverse to say Africa when you went to just one place. Think about it. If you were going to Iceland in Europe, you would say TRAVELING TO ICELAND!!

  27. One day when I grow up I would love to visit this “Africa” that everyone talks about. Being an African I’ve never understood why people don’t name the particular country?

  28. I live at about 5000 elevation and it’s amazing when we run xc races at sea level because it feels like you can run forever

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  30. Erik, its been 8 months, please change the thumbnail to TANZANIA as requested by so many in this comment section. Thank you.

  31. Hey 🙂
    I really love your Vlogs. I have a question. Would it be possible that I use some of your scenes to include them in a short movie? It will be shown at a small unique culinaric event at a vinery in Austria and as part of of my work of my diploma thesis.

  32. Mmmm 😊 very interesting spaces ❤❤ I like this your travel in Kilimanjaro ❤ African peoples are very different person's, I think they have very interesting lifestyle,culture,traditions ❤ I want visit in Africa)) I want people's familiarize ❤ I want delicious foods eat ❤ 😂 u can eat very delicious … :/ I arousing u 😊

  33. so awesome, thanks for sharing Erik with us, very brave of u, I m not sure if I would get the courage to climb, afraid of getting sick so bad. Although I still would like to go on safari and visit the beaches in Tanzania, what vaccinations are recommendable to get before traveling to tanzania? I also live in NY city, thanks , very much appreciated your reply. Thanks

  34. Hi Erik – Your videos are great. I'm just becoming serious about vlogging and want to know what editing program you use and the type of transitions you typically use? I know that you shoot your videos with a simple point and shoot canon, yet your videos always come out so crisp. Please advise. Thank you!

  35. amazing series, Kilimanjaro is on my travel list and i enjoy climbing in youo video. oh and wich model of arcteryx jacket did you use, the yellow one.

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