at 19,000 341 feet above the clouds the
crater of Mount Kilimanjaro well you might as well be on Mars why do humans
see a mountain and for the adventurous few were so captivated so enchanted with
the idea of standing on top of the world that we push ourselves past our physical
and mental breaking points for just a few moments of freedom that’s what it
was it was freedom in this film I make the final push to the summit of Otto who
peak on Mount Kilimanjaro Erik Conover here from 15,000 and 200 feet above the
plains of Tanzania on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro just about 4,000 feet
from the summit right behind me the last time you saw me I was hurting pretty bad
because my breath for a second I have never felt the altitude this hard as I
feel it right now now Kilimanjaro has its own weather weather systems formed
when the air hits the mountain and uplifts and these thunderstorms pop up
out of nowhere real yeah we go down no option we go down just because of the
way though I’m not gonna lie man that was that was a setback that was mentally
pretty tough to go back down but the following day the weather cleared up we
left Canada we trekked our way through the moorland
and we finally made it to the barren alpine desert at this altitude nothing lives it is as
barren as can be but you know what we had a sense of hope because it was the
first time that we actually felt like we arrived at the foot of this mountain the
summit is felt it felt close enough to touch even though it was still some
5,000 feet away you get the idea we’re gonna make it are we gonna make it this
is our first actual glimpse of the full summit we just got into the Alpine
desert feeling strong no altitude sickness
Patrik this whole trip he would do anything to contact his girlfriend he
would climb a two thousand foot cliff to send one text message I tried I sent it
and then it said not delivered that’s a good boy we finally made our way to the
next spot and we set up camp at location kalafat hour we’ve been here at lava
tower for the past two days to acclimate our bodies to the altitude 15,000 feet
they called the danger zone that’s when that you really really get the symptoms
of high-altitude sickness it’s the worst headache you’ve ever had and your body
is just wrenching at this high of an elevation our food is very simple lots
of soup porridge for breakfast at port this is Lois this is our chef for the
past four or five days best cook in Tanzania mama so hot new this is a very
very quick tour of our campsite this is the chef’s 10 Porter’s ten Porter’s tent
and you walk over this way mess-hall tent then those are tents these little
guys here buy three or four them and there’s Kelly the thing that you can’t
really prepare for when you’re this high up is the cold last night it got down to
probably around ten degrees this is the third night third I can’t
even think this is the third night we’ve been camped out and it’s gotten down
below zero as you can see we sleep in every single piece of clothing we ona
hats winter jackets gloves all our layers so
a hot coffee in the morning is very much appreciated how old do you think it’s
getting in the tent in the tent it has to be
I’d say mid-30s easily Patrick drank is water this morning and it was almost a
slush and once that Sun comes out oh boy that Sun has life or death here as you
can see the ground starts to thaw instantly and it’s very wet in here also
because the ground freezes except on the tent so everything in here is pretty wet
that’s Patrick’s mattress and that’s all water that’s soaking wet keep the warm
soon today we’re making our way to Arrowhead glacier camp which is about
16,000 feet in elevation you can actually see it like right back there
behind me just right right there that’s it right there that’s our head glacier
camp from there we have two more nights and then we’re making our attempt on the
summit feeling good how are you feeling Patrick I’m feeling alright we said
goodbye to lava tower and we began our sense to arrow glacier camp and now this
is the part in the climb where Kilimanjaro starts to look a lot more
like the Himalayas than a mountain on the equator in Tanzania Wow mom well I just have to shoot
differently though so as you can see we have reached the snows of Africa
it only took another thousand feet and we are pretty much in full-on snow path
to think that we started this journey in the jungle when we was sweating like we
were sweating that first day how are you feeling as far as out to do it
definitely feel a little bit when you’re going in the inclines think about if you
had two straws in your mouth and you have to go up the Stairmaster that’s
what it starts to feel like when you’re at this altitude you spend time in the
mountains your body will adapt to the mountain your lungs get stronger you
become a man out here kidding the real men are the porters the porters are the
real men they carry all the gear up here we just have our day packs I’m just hoping tomorrow for this summit
we have a clear day to actually see you know the glaciers and all that because
this you came and see camp is right over that way
camps right here gonna head into the mess hall get some tea warm up nice high
time thing along so tomorrow is the big day tomorrow is the day where we go over
the western breach the western breach is a rock face scramble that goes straight
up going from 16,000 to 18 5 I believe we just had a gear check where we went
over our helmets the lights and all that because this is the most technical part
of this comenzar summit is the western breach this is for avalanche rockslide
whelks light morrow morning we are waking up at 3 o’clock in the morning
hitting it very early so we can be up there at sunrise it’s gotta be at least
– 2010 is frozen over and today we’re doing it we’re going for it surprisingly
I’m not as tired as I seem either that or I’m delusional I remember thinking that I’ve never felt
such a sense of pure isolation all you hear are your footsteps on the mountain
and the sound of your heart pumping there was a snowstorm earlier in the
night and it was much warmer and now is the cold air it was all frozen then you
look ahead you see only with your head lamp illuminates but at the same time we
were all just so damn alive like we were doing war cries in the middle of night
on this night once you get that incline though your heart starts racing you’re
searching for air that doesn’t exist at this height you’re sucking wind making
your push up the western breach up here snowpack we got set Arak we got Joseph
patrich let’s do this the western breach is known as one of the hardest routes to
get to the top of Kilimanjaro and this morning we found out why we are going to
traverse to the right from there almost will be 70% out of danger
okay the breach was a rockslide and it’s only held together at night during the
deep freeze it’s always hard to tell on camera but turning around was like a
shot of vertigo the cloud never seemed to end until it did it after six hours
of trekking we finally breached the wall into the crater of Mount
Jarra we found ourselves on what looked like
another planet snow as far as the eye can see a blinding white with glaciers
off in the distance massive glaciers in the middle there’s a mount rising up and
in the center a pit of sulphur the heart of Kibo I can’t breathe the Western
breach hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life
you couldn’t really tell from the video but it was basically a 2,000 foot
vertical air where we are right now is half of what you’re breathing right now
if you’re at sea level we have made it to the crater camp of Mount Kilimanjaro
who I off in the distance best way s Mount Meru that’s the other volcano in
the chain spirits are high stomachs uneasy spirits are I need to get up here
it’s like we’re on another planet it’s so barren surprisingly I actually feel
very very good and the thing that I trained for this I trained for about two
months before I came on this trip so I’m dealing with the oxygen pretty well but
I can’t even describe this place man they can walk around this place
we’re right by the glaciers and we finally came over to the sulphur and
it’s very fine beach sand it’s incredible to see this huge block of ice
right next to this dry sand we’re gonna go head over and set up camp crater camp
for the night and that either this afternoon
we’re tomorrow we’re gonna be over here at the actual summit of Mount
Kilimanjaro altitude I said we were gonna summit
this afternoon but we’re gonna push that too first thing tomorrow morning I can
like absolutely shit but something like this tea makes it feel a lot better
Cheers badger to being back at sea-level I keep mentioning the cold the coldest
the cold that it was so cold it’s 10 hours later the same day that we made
the summit push I am in a lush rainforest about 10,000 feet for the
past two days I couldn’t really feel my feet and it was so cold I didn’t take my
socks off I just got to the tent here and I took off my socks if you are
squeamish in any way look away right now but this is the first stage of frostbite
on my big toe this is some serious stuff and this is for anyone who wants to
climb Kilimanjaro and takes the western breach route which is a longer route
more time in the cold this morning when we woke up it was minus 15 and it was
minus 5 in the tent Kilimanjaro you know it’s a steep
mountain and it’s tough don’t get me wrong even if you are incredibly fit 70
70 percent of the people who climb Kilimanjaro experience a MS acute
mountain sickness 77 % it’s almost unavoidable unless you’re from an area
that is already at a high elevation but anyway back to back to the story this is
me looking like an old man fighting the worst stomach pains I’ve ever felt
making the final push to the summit at sunrise over the crater in the bitter all right I’m not gonna lie
if her this morning I woke up and I was wrenching in the stomach had a massive
headache I was the last one in a group to make it up here I couldn’t have made
it up here without the help of the Kitty Warrior crew these guys right here got
us up this mountain why Mount Kilimanjaro why Tanzania why
go out here and sleep in a cold tent for night after night with pat McDevitt
about four months ago I had a dream that I was standing above the clouds kind of
like I am right now I had a vivid vivid dream it was up on
top of the world I woke up I checked my DMS and I had a message from kilee
warriors and four months later Here I am first goal of 2018 has come to reality
there’s something you want to do in life don’t wait do it now on that goddamn
mountain and I will see you in the next video yeah it’s the possibility of
having a dream come true which makes life so interesting if you dig this
video leave a like and subscribe and this is just the beginning of the 2018
journey and I will see you in the next video

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