Committee Profile: The Parent

Committee Profile: The Parent

I ended up on committee with my husband because we were asked by the Area
Director. We had recently moved into town and were excited about getting involved any way we could and being supporters. One of the things I love
about Young Life committee is just working behind the scenes. I don’t want to be the person giving
talks, I don’t want to be the person up front. I just wanna be there to, to really
do whatever I can to help. I love the camaraderie of working with like-minded people that really wanna see
Young Life grow in our community; to support the Area Director
and the other staff people. Finding the right balance with being a
mom, working part-time, and being on Young Life committee is a challenge. But the way I approach it is … I’m gonna go to meetings as much as I can.
I’m gonna take in as much activity, sign-up for things when I can, back off a little when I need to.
It’s just finding the little ways to be able to serve and
use my time, use my gifts. One thing that really drives me is
seeing my daughter’s friends be introduced to Christ. And I feel like
by being on committee I can really help them have the opportunity to know
the greatest gift that is available. The gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. It’s a fulfilling, rewarding, time well spent
being on a Young Life committee. To know I had a small part in
getting those kids to camp. Or I had a small part in supporting those kids,
supporting the leaders. And those kids were able to make a
commitment to Christ. It … gives me chills just sitting here
actually; thinking that those kids’ lives will never be the same. And I was able to have a part in that. My name is Jana Moulder and I’m on Young Life committee because I have a passion for developing
Young Life in my community.

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