Congressman blasts Trump official with air-horn in committee hearing

Congressman blasts Trump official with air-horn in committee hearing

[Air-horn blasts] Was that disruptive, Mr Oliver? – It was irritating but I didn’t
find it particularly disruptive. What about every, say, ten seconds
like seismic air-gun blasting goes on for days, weeks, months? – If I were that close to it,
yeah, probably. What if you depended on sound
for hunting your food and for communication?
Do you think it would be disruptive? – At a distance of 20 feet,
yes, it would be. How much louder do you think
seismic air-gun blasting sounds than this air-horn
you just heard? – I honestly don’t know. Take a guess. Ten times? – At a distance of how far? Well, say you’re within
a reasonable distance. Say you’re within quarter of a mile.
Is it ten times? 25 times? – I honestly don’t know. I mean, can you take a guess? – No. Hundred times? You think it’s 1,000 times louder? – I doubt it.
You doubt it? What if I were to tell you
it’s 16,000 times louder than what you just heard here? [Silence] Can you see how that
would be impactful on marine species
and mammals?

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100 Replies to “Congressman blasts Trump official with air-horn in committee hearing”

  1. There is some misinformation here…yes it does affect marine mammals, but there are conditions to where if an environmental spotter on board a ship doing seismic testing spots marine mammals they are required to stop and wait for them to leave the area before they are allowed to start again, and also sound is a wave that travels and fades away the further away from the source it gets…think about the sound of a lightening strike and how it gets either softer or louder depending on how far you are from the actual strike that produced the thunder.

  2. If it hurts the marine life, that is a bad thing, don't get me wrong. Everyone trashes "big oil" but they do provide a very important service/ product, that everyone craves and needs. Nothing wrong with looking a safer way to locate deposits but like they say. To make an omelette, gotta crack a few eggs.

  3. What a hypocrite…how loud do you think the gun is? Don’t you think it will affect animal/marine life?

    As he walks to his car that runs on gasoline or travels by plane.

    STFU you hypocrite demonRAT

  4. Leave it to democrats to avoid political discourse through dialogue – great job you ran away from another point you can’t argue.

  5. Interesting how to one side this man was brilliant and the other he was a idiotic . . . Is there no common ground here?

  6. If this sound is 16,000 times louder than an air horn at 1/4 of a mile away (400m), and an air horn is 129 dB . . . Now you lost me.

  7. Alternative title Young congressmen has to explain to old republican that sound can be loud especially when it comes to devices made specifically for that

  8. I find Cunningham’s approach juvenile, sophomoric and unprofessional. There are good reasons for hearings, but conduct should be more mature.

  9. But the seismic air guns are louder relative to the air horn, not to distance. You can be on the other side of the world and not hear anything, the seismic air gun is still 16,000 louder than the air horn.

  10. So? Using it against humans is completely different than animals.

    I'm willing to bet every dime I have that he's sitting in A/C, which uses energy provided by drilling.
    He drives a car, which uses gas provided from drilling
    Lives in a house with electricity, which is provided from drilling.

    So, in reality, he's a hypocrite.
    Next election he's gone. Leftist idiot

  11. I like the way he built up to make a point. Because most delusional people won't even try to understand even simple terms.

  12. What?! Where and why?!! Love the horn guy, lets be out in front of "I donno" dudes house with air horns n blast him every few seconds….

  13. Decibels are an exponential scale, meaning that there are two ways he could have said this. Every ten decibels, the sound doubles. This means that if a noisemaker puts out 30 decibels and 40 decibels, one is twice is loud to the human ear. However you can also measure decibels in how many more times they are powerful. Now I’m not sure whether sound intensifies for marine animals, but something being 16,000 more powerful to the ear is not necessarily that much more powerful. Now I’m not completely sure on this so if I was wrong about how decibels work or whatever please correct me. It’s been a minute since I learned about decibels.
    Edit: the second measure is sound intensity. Every 3 dB increase cause the sound intensity to double however the 10dB increase is a double in perceived sound.

  14. SC haha i no several people from there they all tested 3 to 4 years below the education in the state they live now good job SC you have nice golf courses and a party beach

  15. That’s just obnoxious. I get the point but going in there and trying to be annoying to prove your point will just make people ignore you.

    I bet most is that room walked out thinking “that guy was a bit of a tool”

  16. Can't wait for that one day when everyone who's old in Congress gets replaced by more younger and in-touch with technology folks

  17. It certainly disrupted my train of thought. A great demonstration but big business is totally deaf when it comes to the environment. They only understand profits and greed. 😖😡

  18. Vic Berger has had effect.
    Seriously though, I freedive and spearfish, and if I can hear a rubber band speargun go off a hundred metres away, I'm sure that quarter mile is an unreasonable distance if you want to stay alive.

  19. So is there evidence this negatively affects marine life? I mean this is neat and all, but there is actual evidence that it does indeed have an effect correct?

  20. You know politicians got fed up when they have to use the simplest thing they can find to tell someone else how it works.

  21. He got this from vic… When will someone start blowing one in drumpfs face all the time when he starts talking? It needs to happen

  22. Jesus Christ. How about you gather actual footage of wildlife migrating to a place that might disrupt the balance of nature instead of coming up with anecdotal theories like a little girl. Take your shock value and shove it.

  23. I'm a little disappointed at some of the comments. Somethings wrong with our electorate when they see a politician blowing an airhorn at people for saying things they don't like and think it reflects POSITIVELY on them.

  24. my only solace is these old men will die soon………….. maybe the planet still has a chance with the younger generations that value what we still have

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