Council in Committee – March 26th, 2019 – Part 2

Council in Committee – March 26th, 2019 – Part 2

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senses at six visit the local exit going her first a delegate to the use
of this new bride Brittany
worley, sharp as a fellow with
respect above reaction
partnership: mo day after number one ranking,
for allowing them to raise that
money is bringing earlier it
meant that I am your ear to stop
us f so we are communities many I’m
only are composed by local
community members called winner,
the city’s even including many
legal on what we do we have missed
only gather every month to talk
about those essentially what
we’re trying to do is develop an
aware a lot of the statistics to come
out our national official who
now make a whole lot of sense
because of based on surveys
rather t so the ratings we listen to each
other we all read lots of staff
reports and all kinds of
documents and we share what we
learned people were living, poverty
issues to the table as often as
we can because that’s the best
source of information are researched all of our
information gathering , we just too happy to see the
server levels of government for
example the basic and com on
flanders access so unfortunately
lef we had a member who was involved
in putting them together so that
they reside in two allow the
effort to try and get this
change wee hours of educational
committee as well have we offer
at least one seminar every year
we’ve done things like mental
health fo on leadership of education at
the C development that was
upset, get them over first moves
was on euphemism community
issues are trying to one year although these are kind of them
did solutions we do promote
certain community initiatives on
work with people to make that
happe you would only about that they would be held for a
person who can then maybe didn’t
have the money to buy a meal for
themselves that means that someo but the summer slid, because
that’s beyond the control wheel and get cars them have
been placed in strategic places
so there are some of some are
really hard time we know, off limits: covers we can
actions of all these things I
don’t know the answer to both
questions I’d ask but I would
ask about sp a whole concept is to reduce the
statement was filled with people
who are living in poverty one
little tiny thing I do I get the , she could save a pair of
profit on the end of first
impression words, not feel like
there being some systems for one
or so is part of the issue alone, but on the low income measure is
421, fax 40.4% of the population
any involvement with only
affects the office of population
sur unregulated outsiders ally
different story decidedly if you
let them down dollars to 21% of
people that are under the law a
meas with a phony money government
from eleanor’s 1005 145 percent
of population lives with a low
income by Caledonia we also have a lot
of people who make a lot of 11
very expensive houses they could
be host four they could be depen two very diverse answers from
her that one’s father look like home
are traditionally think the
poverty thing for somebody to
serving on parade, sidewalk in
the ci in although we might see people
who are the good weather would
sleep overnight park sedan were
else to go , this time I showed my concern
was a lot of people in the
family and friends to borrow and
spend a few days a week or so
with s but I would tell story of the
bridge. Inside, two no objection what
are the fewest remember to go on
for the full well you know what
happens to the following terms
of for that P R’s as someone who had worked for
one of the Beggs no response, so
you know it’s bitterly cold to
make this a week before
Christmas bombing, so the family helps him
over time to turn this locker
room just one success for about one other than that, on
one of presidential immunity.
There is some more ideas are a
people around the table mountain
farm no thing that we are a lot of
people living in poverty is about a dozen in a volume ATM
are many of their ideas more fun as latest Rei one of our
colleagues who had a client who
came over and this is a person
living in poverty had this
person in and they are lots of doubt and
reuse this disposable paper cup
for weeks because it was the one
thing that allow them to feel li just like so many of us doing
take for granted so, we might not look at the
scene involving a lot of people
think of anything but funny as
you mentioned sleeping on the subway. We all
have any of those years the
anonymous the body like that but
we can assure you that it
doesn’t th so what are we doing about are
used as puppets and no one ever
finishes for the shares to
commit creative community plan
to addr and in order to do that we need
two get into the community over
forcing one year. Without rightness of focus
groups of people together people
with less experience and can
tell us what the problems are,
we could is a case of determining what
priorities are and what we can
do with this for women need your
help but is also identified
needs ever going to develop calls to
action but our second specific , nonprofit to pry there’s all
kinds of different aspects of
that will study that I’m one of the places where we
don’t run for some guidance is
this a better term because in
recent times I have developed a
seri help two are ready to replace
casa poverty publicity something
too. If people are the situation
about people and one for example Russia number six on their list
is to provide opportunities and
supports too vulnerable
populations to participate in
all city c you need access to so if I were
living in poverty, I volunteered
at the knowledge I might have to
have some but if the committee , disappeared exercise support them from all
training opportunities to build
understanding of them stigmatize
issues between vulnerable people people who are trying to get by two women
voters, we need to make sure
that unity on Exley united way of
calling our Atty. working and
populating a living wage for the nets actions talks about
affordable housing, you might
know that is something many of
its use challenge your the
weightless when you think about things your
Health Care quality of lights to
your stress levels if you have a
lot of talented people in the another action we would be
looking at it again this is a
place for council review of all
this and future to develop and
some sor the system so cold, but for missing prediction
participation show, so help
different groups engaged in a
power that Salcido action too
aggressive is it’s a very overwhelming
problems that are you OK there’s
a problem, why do about one
person popping organizations get
more from outside from a fulltime I
still didn’t see any plan that
we can break it down by
different factors that people
from the mus , Matthew one is of no one can
count: two we would like two outs that you
support our mission to create
the community plan, two consider
requests and we may have four
fun what we needed to do to help
loss and how we can help you and I think we ask too many
continue to have been assigned a
number on the council on me, no
one takes office have few years
on and we encourage you all at all
times when every making
decisions you think about accessibility
because of some things we don’t
necessarily think about poverty
and how that might impact
someone’ taken a consideration how it
affects everyone but just the
people of four people can and finally asked me if you
continue to work on developing
an accessible transportation and
if they are something that is so
cru , we do it, and I think everyone
for allowing us to share some of
these of poverty and what we’re
doing to overcome it isn’t the three questions so coach, no
thing to them a show some of you
aren’t so sure mansion on our
priority, so we will win over
number housing strategy, one assumes a
reelection emotions on one
system they’re also must
disappear down one, Leon they
are generated they are: a mother of one Allen
around server leader G and from
our agency is this just my two
good morning, Lucia summer, will offer a summaries resolved so,
after raising one is senior
support polly’s people are CD
money a month, ma, , but we get to this, you’re so
one for one and taxpayers one E
for commercial programs unless a
push back the Golan on, maybe i word from one for the last
players officer of the Soviet so 110 users just honor someone
21, from one: even in donnelly’s
ICR people, I noticed the firm of us just a common goal of the movie at funding is a challenge
for us only at 100,000 program
and wishes that it did, four,
from the things that well
ideally, just heard a singer, so they can
offer more affordable housing
for people living on the other
is a work of art and then
dynamica Mr. Ansara is there is no simple
answer for that busing is gonna
take a lot of our people of
different organizations had some
of did some as other crucial
legislation all the flowers that there’s another lieu of
almost all phone, 101 summer for
below: used on two new EC, C as
congressman from dow to work
fine are forcing us to come up with,
from overrule , there’s enough Mana, one bath,
one, more with one of the office
of the question I think it from
the spec point guard at the sc just to let people know we are
there and we can’t afford on the
political , say 2412 400010004 to one but the
question of these comments and
questions to the producers are interested in this yet just
to support questions are no good
soccer poll: the only from
restaurants, women are
participating is your address and removing
your rear window. Speakers are
bugs and has more over this
promotion that some of you will
be 121 from stores us from the $1.22
this year will go on and the
other one wing marker with
boulders and George Terwilliger
EP R’s are but disagreements among those of
you, like the moor’s pavane and
she were five believe there are
a minute, also comes with one s on areas, believe that there are
discreet signs on one of the
program shoppers of offers some
believe $5.00 from 5 yards from
sh wants to use from the pit for
refunds is to take them there
are some who put this on the spoils two
barbershops peer pressures they
usually will provide on haircut
for submission to the report
offe so we get from this frequent
cause for those who heard back
from the bulls rules as it has a program of a
Jewish woman came from two large , two members from 1000 work and
keep trouble on your own one of
yours are auction 50 with regard
two of you, one part of the sy a living wage, minimum wage
gives your normal, waged
response support for winners
are: almost impossible with regard about your own
party, the kicker businesses
because there are very small mom
and pop Retail Stores too rich
for some so I’m right now the CD is
currently in calculating a
living wage is that of many
formats that one thing not only
is number 512 first started being larger
businesses that are employing a
large number of people I deal in
the library once be earning a
living you can pay your employees in a
fit parent leaves to win on them but some of the problems some in the daily everyone but we do
understand there are challenges,
in her letter from a living wage
is stuck from other people wit people who have not had enough
money for so long they would put
that money back into the
community so you doubt this is
all the 0.20 think you for coming to the
budget by question of going back
to you are different tones with
covered EI think it’s great be I was on the social the budget
committee the problem does it
was on channel it might be dated
for user permissions lot like
the number one in getting some
decisions made them all for show
my question is can you, maybe a
change , were you think that of the
younger people who are preserved
make sure the guys, but maybe
we’ll you, she says 12 biggest mention that to the gauge, but
as the lead, but another problem
for the poverty level in October were adopted
statistics are promoted Z from Seoul , young people were sold
families and friends still a bit
there are people and packaging
and every income bracket. Over
the phon are working on getting you will
have one now, im and that life
of a mob don’t have a listed as
one of 5:00 AM probably I’m a share your numbers are
skewed in but I did well , maybe one day be it’s the oldest that’s what the
statistics that we have are
telling us yet we only the
statistics either that’s why
we’re going while kids in with at this
point, but I’d than she would
not allow the idea that it’s no
emotion, information shall give
up the on howls from Brian them and for
the imagery, and the family
room: parker’s sure some one
help women were minimal this
promotion and sole reason for the forward
units and will hold both these
are the firm from the
presentation information and
alert to a phone c always going to be in support
for a new system owes and even
in the communities from feel we
do as much as we can with tough
it I knew member server that the
presentation from Anne C replied
with the burly for reelection
partnership: Norfolk rumors
26.212, can buy one for me it’s been a
tremendous learning experience
and especially the reasons mentioned you listen
to the people of good spirits of
this new model for real
indication for me. You know if
you’re while the restaurants and
Waterford on people’s one restaurant; or for the first
in a weird up with a program of
years from now is to provide
tremendous success and gradually
b W copy sold in recent memory are
to be a mother is that you’re
making people aware that they
use an issue of all people are
not one PCT Boyd Nolan from this can
also be all leaders of the work
with two best as we can issue
and 4 minutes over the o’clock
an famous towers producer would
also on the gallery prescient
are reaping that the committee
goes home with a Greek new small
1331. . Four were the motion oboes as
they were the dish. The venomous league
MVP for being too solo from two of openness people this
point, saying the four are rom
speeds on this one oppressors so
motion over the Scotia wrote on , just a little bit of preorders
from before you use B1 is a Z so from the plebiscite is behind
here and in this users should
you are are going to insinuate
that there’s this fall are some
of po , I’d like to have a copy of
customers available from ocean
public as well end up my think that, you’ll
surely prepared to share with
two officers with the council,
but I’m not in vain. And many
are posi are our legal position is
correct or staff position for
actor your positions correct
because that’s not what we’re
here for two Understand that the from the 1000 more are not close two are two of all
C leaders remain baffled also
need to make sure there are
feeling with pistols. All
sessions ar of these reports and she is one of them are over two 101. So by numerous are thinner
that’s up there, Virgo is so one assertion
might tune of 3 to 4 211 B
studded former rob official 5
minutes to speak posing for a word for those reserved for position on this
year. 1121 no buffers are off if these
are you reading this year than
the market so much. One of them are . You just for confirmation of
old news and information show through confirmation of
counsel law are you all have a
report from a form of legal bomb
from waters are still on nobody
con there was one of room for two only the quoted from below the floor in the market in two months. These are the envy of the soul of the biggest problem
I was having one is to do so
because explaining what
municipal bonds actually is on the easiest way to explain it
from my perspective is the use
of public funds two assists anything is pride so in that context if you look at
the last subsection two Paul B.
Ebert this is from our economic,
services from this one serving o , arsenals read it because of
Sweden, thinks , the first two words as a
systems prohibited from the war
to prohibit is to forbid so that
any of the following activities
I wo so lending, for limiting any property owners
Sapolu E including money
beginning or landing on
guaranteeing borrowing leasing
or selling any prop from any lead the charge or C
mothers exception, and the prep
schools of one there is some
searching 22 B are planning a
mouse o , multiple on the upper and
lower two governments souls, next week so, planning
outs and this is directly from
the prying active, because deals with imp community
improvement system planning
itself deals with issues of land use committee
improve us are taking the kids
about context so if you’re
talking about some planning the
planning to the very bottom of the
improvement area on these
municipal Leone area within a
scholarly community improvement
of which in th on suitability of buildings or
for any environmental social or
economic development reason so
in that context , showing some examples the
title field needs on the community improvement aspect
of land used so for example, the
kitchen is a kitchen regardless
of others, the grant, cops for so 1 to 2 might be an improvement
over another but, use
perspective to be exactly the
same time, so the next parts of Jesus
in some sections six and 700
more fear the powers of council
which allow the giving of four
bon illegal under section 106 only
in the context code, section 28
am planning a and then you’d be giving of
loans and grants spots that is
allowed me to the bottom of the 7.1
eligible cause these are the
only things that money can be
given four so that’s cost
cutting the cos , construction and
reconstruction of lands and
buildings for rehabilitation
purposes over the provision of energy
efficient juicers suppressed eyes did look at the acting dean
and there was possible terms I
realized it’s a more stuff we
still get it in a broader
context low, so in the county’s official
plan the speed and Ernest riles
to one of my mentions from
feeling great field
redevelopment an specifically, Et Soleil commune,
plans in areas to deal with Brownfield and Greenfield
redevelopment will get to mention of skipping
spoons to this is a textbook
example of this is a factor in Hamilton
that currently employs nobody in
this increased anything so this is it would be the
perfect six circumstance for
applying the community
improvement plan two for the
building itself in a different subnet floats up
to three stories: some special
enormous you’d be very difficult
to reuse of building like this f where this there might be
contaminated soil and other
issues that cost sharing a
common revoking the property
would be excess of and that is what I believe the
intention of section 28 of the
planning a position to deal with
situations where you off abandoned buildings for others,
structures that are themselves
impediments to the couple to
make used so in this particular
case we use about space would be
allowed them to use public funds
to assist it could be a flight
for situation like that if income for more than ideal
how do we use the space they
could be done some of move away from a chimney
questions over the last some OK so we disapprove of this will
be so sure some examples that
supplied questions, I know that
there might be embarrassed a
fact is the reason I consider some of
these two B, this will bonus and
is because they’re not in the
context of the community improve was with land use over double
Monroe, Michigan that I know
that only systems alliance you
must have some familiarity with
the $4 is not a legal four U.S.
promises and ask for money it’s
only potentially illegal four
the council to give it another to why that is a little
later on, some other examples of
options could go back to the
very first one and so again the beginning and one
of property that had the money
getting borrowing leasing or
selling off below fair market
value f so, so so the $25,000 and $25,000 just reload to the fish
are the lines: from a show about was four,
holding the motors E in this
context as a development of some
of its column charges of
refunded and a bug in the context of our full
context to me it does raise a
red flag on the calumet farms marking
2000900300040020 dollars of its
fees waived none of the other farmers
markets to my knowledge of any
fees week for the year , an extra series of our
community improvement program
grants which first call to private
businesses from display by
corrupt and into the capri she won three for
these examples of your
interpreted from your
perspective of ideas are you
looking for a response wer likely with all due respect in
the world because you’re reading
the minutes and you have taken
the time to read the planning at only also the legal opinion that
contradicts which assuring shall
I know in this way back and
forth debate as to whether this
is of the reason I pick some
examples from the elderly father
and the pastas because I’m
researching the county,
logically I’m only but this isn’t a form from a
cold eye, I’m glad you know why
we’re still trying but not on
March 1 and we’re looking for
from be as well as from our legal
position so flush from saying I
can’t go one again in this whole
debate of contradiction you’re
here t would only got from you don’t
have the EEI, I don’t respect
your position given what you,
because you’re taking the time
for rea please do not go down that path
because all under one roof orders performers this is where our kids clearly yes final time
on the journey I’d also no
reason. Spider so that makes
none of us legal expert on
Russian which ashore the things that any
taxpayer might question with
another group I am a challenging
on your own goal, and I’m just
I’m spur from you’re doing great job
doing persona seniors is it
legal guardian I do not have
access two of the legal opinion
that I just another area will be some awards
and that in this drama, if
you’re one of the cleanups this
is also from the municipal art
needs this is the kind of thing that I
think every member of council
meets no, my CB Tim Innes
pollack and planning are this is the kind of thing that I
believe as a member of council
you should be reading because
the researchers like this that
whe you can actually BC and for any
money that you distribute if it
is not done in accordance with
the option that’s one, Mr.
Thomps if you’re disqualified from
holding public office and public
customer action that’s a problem
and taking the legal advice from
s so yes and taxpayers cannot
salute the TD toss for this and you pointed
out of my archer, this appeal so
1.2 this is the Dillon rule,
Dillon rule covers anything
that’ essentially the only powers in
this book corporation has
proposed that there’s preceded them are so if
you do, how are you don’t, we
can’t do that so anything for
two, I mentioned in my
dictionary an B. Tony food bank in the double
salvation army 2011 call for C50
$1000 no one in this book to CME News
Corp. can give a campaign and I
can’t answer E charitable contribution from at
some point , so this is this all rapid
offices this is one and 1001 person on a single by the CMP or
the CP the programs are no good
stops either success I question
the legality of my knowledge th two of these bylaws, by a lot
more than 87:11 and 119211 in my
opinion polls while aides section 23.3
of the municipal act and that’s
the delegation of authority by the legislature , do I did put it off for two
years ago as we’ve Officer Don king for procedural
standpoint will have to cut you
off your time useful for adopting for the improvement
plans of authorized policy has
not committed if you put your own swimmers server that the
presentation from a Montgomery
March 26 liking this proportion
we received information that the
corps f judgment motion would go off posing for march. Two members and from this question for both
as well drop in the week of
talks and we agree the serrano’s
shall from a morals reserve your will
wanted shock. Like the stuff you
healthy for one oval suggestions
or problems for optimism as th program. We’re awful. Dollars as border and disagree with, yes up doing things like this
presentation grants just because
again on planning Agassi use
knock us a status thing on
Europe’s makes it a better if it’s us
some improvements us from an
existing business to the same
business. Almost every case
where IC a C but I don’t see any
justification for him again as
my opinion, I noticed some
additional you idea I saw the presentation
that Christmas morning in this
dish is a beautiful but the duke
should taxpayers be responsible rules for trophy figure shows through this summer we we
circulated about when this
presentation was brought four
Jewish kid B of concerns about
four CUC are on these two are reviewed
this on the server mission peer
review to ensure that from the
woodside absolute the
legislation i use a maestro below the 22
percent of Leon a simple format
on for only person of the war
two will appreciate V of the
background , no doubt they’ve done the same
thing solely one assure the
public and the newspapers have a
single mission here today in a
tim we are all the issues are the
concerns being raised Y. O.
Richard Ault them are, could be
vowed that immediately from some
other , as for the patients are some
reason without any further
questions with respect and they are questions to stop the abuse they do so with this
frequently over the speakers
shelf, but I do think it’s
important that the good counsel does show pollution group of the Vietnam era your
mommy Jennings to charges were
to make one, Jewish, fishing and
one of the soul who flew there
is Mr. Mayor, I watched it all the
luck to you the chance to
finish, I saw them up 22, lives are the big soul idea of ideas one only with Z2
of my coffins are behind the stuff
we should two the work you did
they all the consultants should
continue to be brought in to
supp MVP of my frustration shows 11
show one decides to 12 to come
into play in contradict out
because of overfishing proper
way of d everybody is entitled opinion
powers. Previously mentioned are
yours G bylaws of your order to
protect not just the public in
th over bowl debut one future
office and shall I do get are
somewhat frustrated one and one
were being challenged by route
because suggest any one feels otherwise
of the folder legal procedures
from two terminals for all calls
for another. Because without the we good bowl those programs for
C IP program which are seen
tremendous results with that of
the fun and financing program
which and we’re seeing things up and
running different groups of
social services perspective,
noon on a regular basis are
asking for s them where we can support, one
of the kitchen, polish and shall all those fall into the
structure program should still
years for some black and white inside
the odds but there’s also a
number of programs and fall
there to support the
relationship: one s bill that doesn’t mean that the
midst of the week up to greet
disagree on everything from . Arthur good individuals rockel
older and are two O and of
course a request would
development charges of
affordable housing compl 21 you put a solo cello doing
now is for you, this for money as you are recovering good moves from
this show you some are using raffle the real spell
card and she fuel loss. 401
PERIOR 32 in the shopper two,
speaking from a culture. On a year for summer POR in the
construction of a new four story mall to residential
complex than the Federal
prosecution five will be
proficient to five users call
one bedroom, two are from four on commercial , parking more than for you to
larger walkers special area of
the mobile one from parking are: the spatial see the location is 64 B street
market are full, we just
completed the creek on H covers all three. From a big
issue for the three server
Wilbur shaw mission is always
nothing that can be run over. The completed them
from short time here to make
promotion request the support of
com shall have this location
which is for VO down from the pool area which
she because of back below the real
competition. Issue will legal one. The
benefits from better code from our new leaders should just
outside the boundaries so don’t
put much more like you to request a rush
of all possible to look at the
offer from the from the ocean
and that Bonn and shall pose a
gold whether we push either coworkers
and it’s a large $20,000,000 on project and will surely benefit
community from the assumption to
partner with C: call the social
services and calling have cut t offense going with the addresses
are specially leaves over
designing a new regional column
being on the dozen ER for more
than 4 on the brothers this project no
review for 1000, would benefit
the parking on this question:
the company is something that is
best viewer revitalization is from one of the farm as for one being included down from
personal that a record one
budget deal with the EOB:
charges with your hand permits and fees are
deducted would be out on the
outside of the reviewer showing
her home on view through two memos two
man from over and over: chargers
one reappearance of your reply
from two through on Mr. Mayor, for certain types of fall back
to the shares fees and permits
and charges can be weakened ER buck and the improvement area on
the guns on the type of use, and
some PR move the category on . Just to be clear them to
change the boundaries of
delegates quick as writer it’s
not a simple straightforward
process and roll year of two are you go through formal are public
meetings in improper bylaw
changes so it’s not us a
straightforward thing to do and it also would require us to
revisit the basis for which we
established numbers for sports
car bomb fell short of question
fi will raffle are yards overall,
face a good issue ads show
closely at most four, so this
is, your rental projects that
not a sale showing 241 bull market readers and four
walls are a busted my second
question as a result, mama
correct some are some other as
they were fi working. Possible to build some
errors on one server from two
sisters are more and more about
the French will get all the bugs
o Iran only going for 1000 program
will reward you, for owners
$1.00 true for your muscles for
the one you will Norfolk only wish us tomorrow
for numbers from which are
produced 201110 282 farmers and we’ll see you
might say, I will attempt to
give them some of SQL from coal
on on school funding yes or as a
new star (C only half of this
project will kill you, Nolan
lemar like the idea of snow are
on your room, soul, fully
understood only this is a big thing for 4 hours
if we do not get the kids
actions that may deter the whole
project shall August 1 that we
can al development plans action if we
are that will be probably
dispatch shut the research done
on blossom drive will assist the
sister are you the most cases that the
minimum standards for surely C
when you go through Congress
with this jury percent, D. Cole,
All operation for your customer
promoters 2000 years for newer questions for a dish will
forgive them and that the work
will I know this is a biggie of tying, we talk and 220-2201
trouble around the station are
are pushing the focal point.
Only one fingers it’s always fun
2111, four year for this requires one
time for Sheehan the sheet metal
from two CR: much for showing
the department commune that much shoulders various ways we can do
it, I, I have to show the right
numbers are 4100045 PM, is one
for seven years and for youthful are possessed the type of
building one Pearsall shall the
issue question, sir, this one
you are probably one of them related, I’m out of
the most lodges, unless the
$1.20 for that because of the
kitchen or shopping hours show
for mor other financial flows competing
with two final no two men from
goals two murders are the three finger on rubble 114-1000
BC is one of about one a market
one marking the one you this
year’s first question, and that
thi reconstructive numerous projects
and funerals in the area you
press a list of all your
production PRI will be guided do
that to , how the summer of the
disputed: so few of the last one
and did the sure you’re sure:
over the literature, a human
problem. For so many rumors are true
presenters from a pool will hold
a real folder called the real
Allied CPR on your respect for
TO and 2000 Mike Kingery request a
waiver overcharging for walls
accomplish the receivers
information: 41 four. Go for a member server
office are just too. The PC
Press the entire you are alone so shoulder goes along
with with the gun, so I am a
citizen of the supper must unite
them them are not sure that some
EU S on your own surely direction
today on the challenges to two
charges one is a Z cars from every point no are to
get flattened out boundary
adjustment is not a simple
process issues quayle like the
processor a on that program is gonna be
opened up specifically for you
are the purpose only if it’s
going to be opened up its
Camille bill b will believe we’re there yet.
Because we’re not there and it’s
likely not this is not just it
is an expense ought to the Cal
22 I’d like this just beyond
knocked out surely speaking
about the council’s the stars
but from my perspective by five
unchallenged we have a number four are
companies coming is developing a
mother and we started down the
process of leaving D C.s are
waving ar one issue trying to get two
goals for the wettest request is
a proper as another avenue for
the only course for whom you do
afte money will like a call to leave
the shoulder all of whom are in
an abuser on Moscow after that
that we, the council may be the
r you brought a garden should take
the next option B freshman in a
book in a conversation bowl you
one reason that you would put t Good showing show too many goods
from to receive the presentation
as information bulldozers they
were buyers. Jim Emerson think about
this version, so I would fit her
G2, next own role of people 1
May be disarming me know making
a . But they are to add the reviewer you would take a
couple minutes as two months. No member. So you are on the show 1000 know
why you’re a two person for
review list from the 142 to
regard two surge in a location ought to those taking your end
up eating and recommendations:
4:00 PM both Norman you with a
song B142 items 1441 word
suffered are there any questions or
Turkish and you lose from four your bomb for this one question as she wore two specs among them, pull my mom is bins in the ears this earlier shows you
time we’ve seen this report from
the bar two nights on strand of them
are looking at some of the
Mayans on this for 4:00 AM we’ve
been all kidding services two
some in one room, my mind, so because
she were no leads of word processing from working
port Siobhan are official plan
that are just when she ran I
guess what I’m wondering is a Z one we don’t get the cardholder
was in the colony develops , so doctors 14 in trying too are increasing the boundaries
and upper two bopper two sir
lancelot are opportunistic man
with developers who are actually mom put shows a member of my
guess would say is the role of a number of
projects, or two that are are
hindering the growth will vote
on the bell and upper two recent
rally, we’ can we can only one we assign
allocation can we put a financial
commitment to the vocation show
that if they don’t need , or security deposit on
ensuring that their going two
follow through with the
commitments that there are
proposing think that W For that securities forfeiture
law because were giving
allocation for these individuals and is
taking that away from mothers
that could potentially BB using
it for other percussion your show may go up as idle no
no no no no, I think Ross argued
that the officers is pretty darn
good on so far there’s a lot there such
a response system and caution
first of all but the allocation process comes
forward every year so we do get
a chance to review Z, no basis
whether not someone does allocat typically where did the capacity
to lead the community’s Phnom
close to being constrained,
we’ve been less reversible
batting co on major some of those old
possibly that prevents a meals
from being a woman for so long
you write this under some
developments for easier on the list is either
there’s a huge capacity issue
them, so it’s not hurting, but
it also probably suspected of
some can buy goods for these are some
way of making that the possibly
more value: it is today the one
the mothers of this are not the on the purchase of land for 10¢
on the dollar legal battle to
the public in two no one offers
real site plan mother 1000 from
t Back in and pull of them pull
that date? Shall let that one no
longer as valuable as it
possibly could be on the issue the shortages
statutorily a week and recent
approvals and we can recently.
But the possibly all
pragmatically on bubbly seen in IE: the last two
years we’ve seen some really old
draft plans, 4 August is about a
couple role as a cameraman inn fully trying to do is we’ve
we’ve tried to saying if it’s
clear that the plans are to be
backed up by capacities
restricting oth on the servicing of a CD think
of it this way it should serve
taking it is a pot of the posse
is allocating when you put spam
ab in the new area needs to be
bothered me is the Soviet plan
in place to make sure that it
matters are the capacity for example OM
bottle in the fees to be brought
on so that it does a lot of
either the expansion of your
your b from because we have to kill for
that when that’s already in
their nanny. So on the boundary expansion
what I was four for two more Z if tournament or is not being to
build that makes organ and
weaker to apply for new one for
initials long as we TC, some
imports . If your withholding some kind
of security deposit honor mas
your site cleanup that makes it
a little bit more voluble for them to move forward
this week as former get the
issue I don’t know the answer
whether not you can not have
them lea bomb from either the big hammer
the county officers when it gets
to the point where are their
wording other opportunities are
ot criticized the problem is that
you never get to the point where
that’s possibly nosing
competition because you got
nothing too w that’s an example of some one
are for example there are the pros
are places a draft plan approval
and is the case of which the
individual is moving to
implement p and they were warning to move
quickly there’s nothing stopping
them from being able to do about
them so we got some said we’ve s I think that the only in that
particular cases we would be
hard pressed to say it’s not a
good plan is not a viable plan
is real the the owner of the plan is a
moving either case we wish she
was staying order 222 to make it
happen if we got 2. where that
wa metaphor for close to my friend
absolutely back then I think
that becomes a point leap over
Fullerton is saying also was all
str , nor does one must question is:
is there. For the first apple.
Property. We’re still on the
rules to stop the regains the loss of one or we
did the same old one and one reason why do we
sure the bill in polls showing
school because the property
owners older heard the older for examples they were in this
properties were so much money
because you’re so news has been
approved. It sold for a role for
se make a builder bolstered the
properties were concerned only
with only mild . But those are the questions I
doing without new loan from the
worried now because we will 11
is almost one sitting there and
h U.S. boat people possibly
because only one part of my eyes are appreciated: polls showing
and Rocklin we know we’re dealing with the Com’s four year
now we believe you will vote in the three are for
properties of years old and
prime locations are sitting near
him by the portions of all this
only are muscle former railway winds 22
senior official are spoken
resume on the two were three
worship I understand the vote on
the circ typically use on the property.
Any property which is saying
there’s a series of rights and
permissions that you can you say
in a bill commercial purposes furlong
fears are no summer’s coming in
and a buildup I use of soul out
PR /Thomson short 11 strike so the point being used these
are the images are all that
particular property
inappropriate no is nothing wrong with the zoning
on the property the issue is the
individualized does not move 222
implement the property and th , but that’s the key issue is
not the Sony, and help people do
go through processors’ men they
will also own properties and
then PPP, it’s partly loud in a lot
of cases that the only property
gets the bulk because the person
who’s doing the rezoning dozen o are property zone info at some
point, corporation came along
simple, implement, so I’m sure
we’re coming from I don’t think
I’d the last point is when you start
changing zoning arbitrarily
annually through legal process
your fact, that the legal rights
on the motivations, go do it and
make sure that there’s a real
public interest on the answers from the pros to use
more fuel the U.N. mission
property old 1000 troops from
their future are just the cup,
maybe g , as normal some of these
longstanding on businesses or
publishing, four, is in a mostly I guess my question is to pay
back with the Z you have a
better rays at number three cars
to see movies like plus get some
surge or will we can do that, four,
the my question I think you have
the ability to change that. I
think we need to looking 27
hours w have to be taught to do not work
required 2:00 PM sold there are
some limits is two all you
people are you we like the
proficien tell them that you will any of
the week that he looks like one
is that the prosecutor law only
a few, called for, at the $1000 in just a, Miners by rumor
U2 points for an issue we should
number of casa Richard Lloyd,
public flotation in last week an and they’re from all over the
area, ma’am issues they were
also stores are no longer
location. No one is not the
issue from them no location issue right . If your speakers will be forced into two are no
question that this may not be
exactly do but no one is jamming
that the development fees for
dram and is that not, this is not a
social right through the rest
assured that no data from the -,
the thing, and that the
suggestion the one big increase the share
shallots she missed a possible cut here and
we will get seen over him some
of you will suspend people polls
of your folder from luring him
as swirling on 2P1 B and this is a
reporter and outsourcing are
revising for all we can only
publications recommendations on P1B4 miles
from recited the sawmill 404
with two separate also warns any
questions on this report calls
for y one all too common, from Amman;
we do without, wolf for the
sheriff im is not actually going
to save us money what happens is
we we would see a loss of revenue
would see a savings of staff
time redirected to other core
activities within the division,
howeve will run from putting no signs advising a
revenue loss this year and are
strewn by police or three run
again today just it’s a small
amount of for me now have a staff person
on the phone calling trying to
collect revenue for publication
we do as opposed to using a
person on this a large portion will get
one from 22 of you notice from
the guard approved forward on
the years go on with the
increase are using the intranet four
information to review two decreased from our
print publications the board
would promote their enormous
market wrap up the super deals
are 20 sure every single house will be
from further, shall we do a study was a bus
service and a real soul on older
cert well as from the cars or is
it necessary for audio from the on whether not as necessary I think
the decision that was made some
years ago ones are we wanted to
play in the community guide is no less off by the decision that
was made several years ago ones
we wanted to ensure the people
of TV host: Z communication peac five the intent was two tried two
broader overreaching that was a
reason as loss of Phoebe 01 AM
from yet to be revisited me, but
tha your readers through the chair
and if you need further the
feedback on this, like mom to
some of these libraries yield
five that are there to any guide the
feedback, community guy was
frequently we designed it
included we we put a lot more
corporate informa are farmers market orders up so
it was a C really really well
received in one week two through
one about newspaper mom bought
th one D the feedback from over the
years been extremely truly
possibly a ride us a crowd with
the websites a batter young
sizes on multiple causes all are people
who are advertising in their
publications use or publication
will be one at one shows they go
to and killed for one, you can’t
get things a network of seal
mentioned, the move but with the
information that it’s one
received a fulltime audio source and that
doesn’t the potential for more than a
dozen dollars on the clock
shall, you never the less issue
I’m sure we’ll see out bother
them a sh is seen old and from the Cold
War motions in the bowels of two news Tribune News from Russia for some H. Wilson from
from the person will need one,
4311 street, old regard for four from Amazon H tools 63
costs are offered, 4000 courts
moved the picture was second
with any questions on this
report, its c two, commerce 1000 Croatian one
of two sore arm of the resource
for CRP grants of over one old
you are one and only lead to
trou , C, a regional edition on one
wall for one’s office towers
from numerous awards, fuller
support them only gone longer
see what’ risk of dying on news: number
was issued the only new news
department brought the solution
four years ago and one book
about the fires or 2B1 V discussion group and finished
over last year and whole
business of almost referred to
give them this program is free.
Although w B in the speaker’s home for two B. O. Wilson tables and
fewer use. Unanimously on one: your business within two
or one countries will blossom
health reporter one nothing
whatsoever to resolve, too, will rule pressing there are bad for
remote new west, you’ll H24 PM for those older are the only real him over or move. The song for a sum call from a distance B, too, for
202R1 0.24 for you both stocks
and counselors over rumors for a
vote on children from one show, over 5.2121 one for caution workers from: you are motion for VR over two goals two Menschel a mob rule certainly room for
maneuvering O2201 91 for real
publication as for only bolted from the table, and two remover from the motion picture court’s order over from the questions of staff one social forces speak of, but
no less formal budget relocation
pharmacists, Casas more bombers
costing us more are on the lam some of the bulldogs over a
merger below four months old,
just off 12 for 1:00 AM for favor of us, pollsters are
you guys are all on jury are two
motion owners of Jerusalem router business shall resign
from the midst of mom the summer of shows I have five Moon for so
many modes of numerous you’ll
only are the world northern
infrastructure of funding, Joe
was a milestone for shy this one
is to bring about that on public forum on good stuff their CO the project our program of
structure program a sudden of
the release of taking six weeks
from owls are placed 16 summers
two for and also are several different
strains, so the first rules for
rural and Northern Communities
infrastructure sold 11 reason
for lot of them are sure all this up
in the minds of a surefire
remembered P years of
international action program
promises were tal one suspects to determine who
are what did submit them up and
firm. The weakest H ugly,
overrule your at some point
publicly tha this is six projects are we
think dollar drawer war within
the framework of more than a
supply died from us what the
process is and this was a matter of taste
one again so, was one short
space of condition and CD rom
sort of you would use would come
back t if due date for this woman whose
arm May 14 so we have to bring it
back to the next council two RB
April 16 council review, fire
project listeners number streams
com bomb is another one coming out
for public transit which won the
one you’re pulling for later and
also for the culture icons from sites and public transit warmers
VE lee in the application form
at the recent posting council
here’s a project to go far
enough on this being takes years of
either taking applications in
may and then we won’t know until
late summer words them on
approved a for this are sure use this is
the four counselors who have
production would you be shows
record juror put them on produce
no one move people my customers taking
a vote no remorse for a process,
so the room. Sleep to counsel C
is about using pop one reads a yet, for the best approach to
clean the Pasadena 511 perhaps
again five number just about
pluses and minuses really only
2.22 CD more condition based on results
of only a one to bring a number
or for one Z people have the
beginning of the IRS of mention
pla from them TV. And as possible
fish thousands of figure might be something in
their pitcher ward for one whole
five oh. They can forgive on this
again. But it includes all of us
show that were all in the blue
Moon one and one on one T no
over w . These mites are pull sliders
December, no way you got from
everybody them were also lower releasing
this being thrown out there so
we can, 12011, at this early, as
older than that they should off the stage for talking over
boulders from one stops years
and one for two years also
marina believe that for surely
as person is worth one us of us another for the reviews
marine and also appears
transport leader had some
friends are also far from the
thinking goes s one form from your mama rose from
two RER report about 4:00 AM
national for – two share one -0
P viewers 292-2207 B2 summer use this report
provides information call
regarding Mary Schumer sponsors
2000 Et members, so 1000 points
local boards so the recommendation is free
for information on, mostly to
the report comes from a customer
counselors any questions or
comment 234 one and one question release
111400 , cycles wishers, only the only
mention of the council of
ministers report for work. Ma’am H223 honor Wireless
Communications one is really quite are just
over 4000 acres of the others
are the reason for the former world for future and we can do one of
the workers mutation calls for
much of a sister was some issues
was so close 100: charters over but as a place to prevent that
occurring in the future. The two so oversold 1000 U.S. USC
perform for your mama: omission
one , and if we do more, some PRI
will serve on the other users will take
this opportunity for 2000 short
of going out for cultures will
find one or two cars were
offering o for two folder for regardless
2002 marks 111 for some good one. Two journalists are
your thoughts on the right now
lives, we did set during a 32%
from higher tuition right now
with R of the polls for two Murayama 1001 bombers or business here was
regarding folder H2 BRC a less
pressure form of 2019 part two:
place 211140 mover pollster Corbett second are also
wrote off for the first question
comes from work justice, and,
lest they also offer 2000 almost so through the chair, this
housekeeping amendment to my
long would allow the transfer of
the one situation that’s
described here in complicate the process this
will allow it to go through with
two, the new special ones from Mr.
Mom one question of the most
opportune to the report for 22
fax from while off my notes of
this game of inches of are lost
the newly goods progress on one, climbed as she
just to think that wall were
pursuing the idea of former
related to a program she are insured we’ve whether by motion or direction
be getting stop the ability for repairs are back
from the actual bylaws of
parker’s to taxicabs and is
relevant only four are whether
we should give are from personal stories for
sharply from one phones expires
on just about every week and
that the audio call for resonant
colo by a question one error were
doing our residential real saber on
whether we’re supporting the
agenda for some period of some
other leading you’re with
protecting D profit publicly looking for
services not being fully
provided or with protecting the taxicab drivers are overshot
are pulling these vehicles show
and only some of my sisters,
because without allowing other
stu I guess I also shown or so other
bug you just about no one on
this unique direction, were
actually pursuing new workbook
bomb, I as marketing over tires and
final but surely your essay
whispers of a book on for you.
Not get types of jobs when you
lose, for , through so through the chair,
Vikings formed a political
points that made there,
certainly with from becoming
potentially movi involve ridesharing on
organizations are there could
certainly be some moved to look
at regulating transportation and general under
one by – old I’m aware that some
other municipalities, so we
could look at what that looks
like com the arm the issue of quotas was on
reconfirmed used in 2013 when
there was a broader, review of
licensing and general so if that
particu there was some to be some
subsequent reports and one of
them in 26 team provided two, on
confidential report from the
county sol me at circulate that the most
council members do so that they
know what troubles in a report
2016 because of a blind one is
some comes back from back surgery to
go on another look at that scene
of some singers sing for them too much work is the VIP
enough will be the requirements
for taxicabs from: E report
showed new people walk, intuit
B: redd the lesson is the Pollock said:
the report , you are a sponsored this this
proves that I think is that if
we have individuals out there
that, because of a decent
working v why only why we study in a way
that wall were doing is
protecting an industry that I
can appreciate it if they were
providing th we said no assault all the close
of today’s letter from licensors
that is, now that we’re maybe we
can we buy some witnesses wou if we can say we’re providing
the service a more moderate
members while other lottery
winners of five locker room in
order in kids just to clarify on that
point on one out of the older bylaws
require 247 continuous service
was recognized in 2013, it’s
just not something that we were
able to E complicated stations for least
8 hours in week two requested
the cemetery plots and we do
review so we are monitoring the
standard but perhaps it’s not
like it’s a it’s not feeling the
need for help from couple of a rebel
Jackson that judges sure similar you can
remote bug out the side just
giving blood pressures are other
schools and special that’s their
livel im that I’m an easier to share a
more willing to do so, the
anybody get a license because I
must say, the ride and other
servers I studied the issue would move
talk about this please remove no
one does, not available in the
last of a gusher rushed on a given other, daytime or a
league of boxcars and HM Mary
operating shall we have the book, showed a lot
more weeks to do this before
going to produce dismissals served per week encircling
arrange a meeting with flat tax
the operators choose to provide
some of its feet of a plea and
then w , Sir Cheryl 441 cannot do the work boots about
some problems with regard to
monetize a week and will all
work and we’ve RY luscious up,
we wore by the time of restructuring and
it was a quota system one to
every 1600 , in terms of population so
currently we have 20 licenses
some supporters: yes get some
funding there are different
models that will be further discussion from computers for ago, Wilson
for 2 cups are numerous with low for a vote of stolen from a
business you’re on with regard two pursued a
while of the procedure by all
the way for the socialist one
squatters are true, the three
listed as problem over both reported
shorter culture are some
instruction and call for vote old server for years . One over to resign in the court
for four for more bombers officers for questions,
spears 2330001, one wish to
speak, 500 miles from ago for two more of this emotional
were still there are two: shul
old one is minimal 111 from them
are still one of four other
issue trolley will serve only asked
also good one, we will rise only
one walk up things one to mine
alone, which occupy longtime by by officers who serve on the
riders are reasonable falls
polls for concern about losing
only are officers within the
family, iss may reduce viewers are
constantly Amman concern for
speeding them, about four and
one insurance and the spooler
option of moving , like R’s spy rumor one of
those flooring, 1 minute, for
members, less of the initiation
by the council’s from a buffet, although so, can you do
a certain points would often be
a good idea of losing the only other builders
this time, also them probably the site, on and
on 20 with regard to holders of
some miles concerning only up to
do something about the off we kn issuing a call from officer was
offered richer, on that leads, caution,
with one question I ask,
arguably sure supportable, some
of these goals are pleased that most students throughout
the Carnegie and then maybe pick
up late in the evening of one of the number two, I
guess one, Palmas and that just
eluded him some resolution,
knowing about 10 of those are
speed sign back in the summer believe
older, goals are people out
there and slow for shopper from
reports were the most emotional
on Z my a that can make this stuff, you
know e.g. four. You are on the
CO 2 E when users of the
deterrent in an order that says
that leads R4 retired over the reform as
well be newsworthy of arts and I also
pointed out that we have a show
some for you, please you call
serving but that the Cushman hour after hour of parole. Could this possibly by the press wire and the data from mommy was this item: are the researchers are
clear the roads rescuers do this on your
business base to save on reserve
a spot on a motion was paroled
for use on them is no information on this as a
goodwill, folder that was called
the business is one of the fact that I would
assume that these are draft
motions are for the special in
the direction of staff of the
notices from sewers, with regard to vote
1002 policemen call 2512, from
becoming to go for replies are
you saw titles from Goldman on
th are recovered some from them
from their joining Berwick, one
for a clean or some goodwill , catching up with some other
walk for the stream walk from
the speeds are also due course,
former traffic using crucial, we are many many
pedestrians using up from this
just a matter, before somebody
you saw 3.2 feet all be very
much you surf. Wilson, 5000
foreigners motion rush. And , 231 wizard of oz are more direction,
from association and a golem one Ashton addition, the
Sammamish have two servings ISO
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