Cruise Ship News Norwegian Priority Pass Sky Princess Sea Trials Cayman Islands Dock Project Update

Cruise Ship News Norwegian Priority Pass Sky Princess Sea Trials Cayman Islands Dock Project Update

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about Norwegian princess and the Cayman Islands and that’s where we start right
now the Cayman Islands here is an interesting dilemma they have they’ve
got too many tourists I think they fly in they come in by ship
when they come in by ship they tender and I’ve come here a few times I used to
live here and every day four or five six cruise ships are waiting to offload
passengers now the government wants to build this the government wants to build
a brand new dock facility that can handle ships as large as the Oasis class
because they don’t like this they don’t really want this anymore because these
ships coming in every day can’t dock every single day sometimes it’s too
windy and it doesn’t quite work out now over in Jamaica in Falmouth the
government sold the population on doing this building a beautiful pier like this
isn’t it gorgeous here’s the real pier what it really
looks like where did all that vegetation go the ships come in they dock here the
passengers take one look out the window they see a concrete shopping mall
waiting for them if they haven’t got a tour to go on they may not even get off
the ship part of call numbers for Jamaica are off 28% ever since they put
these piers in rather than using tenders there’s another shot of the Caymans
right there the government in the Caymans really wants the beer the people
are having a referendum in about a month or so whether to have it or not if it
were me I wouldn’t do it bring fewer ships in charge triple the price and
keep that Island special I don’t know it might happen that it
goes the other way over at Norwegian uh I yeah Norwegian is joining the club of
all other cruise lines first of all have you got a cabin like this I don’t this
would be a lovely cabin to have to be able to have your own private restaurant
and your own private observation lounge area your own private Haven spa area I
mean this would be absolutely wonderful for one week cruise if you’ve got three
grand $3,500 per person this can be yours and with this comes all kinds of
perks like early embarkation early debark ation tendering privileges I mean
of course you paying thirty five hundred and up per person you’re gonna get the
amenities but if you’re like me and you’re gonna end up in a balcony room
like this you know you might have to wait in line a little bit maybe you
don’t get on the ship first maybe you don’t get off the ship first you know my
attitude is I don’t care the ship isn’t leaving port until I get on it because
I’ve paid for my fare I’m in that port I’m sitting in the waiting room they
have to let me in I’m going to enjoy the dining room like everyone else but this
is what the cruise lines are trying to I guess sell us on they’re trying to say
to us look we got a deal for you here in Norwegian we’re gonna bring out the
priority pass and you’re going to avoid lineups like this for only a hundred
bucks more or two hundred dollars more you can avoid these massive lineups and
when it comes to tendering from the ship over here onto the beach you can get to
this Beach 20 30 minutes faster than somebody else I don’t buy it
I don’t think this is a deal worth paying for the spa pass i buy separately
anyway they’re offering a $50 credit on a spa treatment if you buy this pass
priority pass deal I don’t think it’s such a great deal they’re also offering
breakfast in your room for free in other words room service that used to be free
now they’re charging for it now they’re gonna give it to you for free again if
you buy the two hundred dollar package oh come on you guys I’m not falling for
this I don’t think I want that Priority Pass
for a Norwegian I think I’ll just go to the buffet and have breakfast there and
go to the main dining room and be served loyally for the fare I’m paying
what some good news here’s some good news princess Cruise Lines has just
announced that the sky princess their brand-new ship just passed her sea
trials by the way thank you for thumbs up on this video thank you for
subscribing by the way the sky princess it’s coming out in the next 90 days
she’s going to be doing a cruise in the Mediterranean from Athens to Barcelona
October the 20th then she’ll be in Fort Lauderdale December the 1st starting her
winter cruising season and she’s going to be a beautiful ship to enjoy for all
good news from princess the sky princess is coming to America will be ready
shortly anyway there’s the news of the day um Cayman Island news Norwegian
priority pass I don’t think it’s such a good deal and princess news um enjoy the
video I hope you enjoy it thanks if you did give it a thumbs up if you would and
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22 Replies to “Cruise Ship News Norwegian Priority Pass Sky Princess Sea Trials Cayman Islands Dock Project Update”

  1. Thanks for keeping us up on the news, Bruce! Hope that Grand Cayman can somehow preserve their natural beautiful coral reefs.

  2. Thanks for always keeping us updated Bruce! I'm with Nurse Nancy and hope they will preserve Grand Cayman. I think I will stay in my lower rate cabins, with a balcony hopefully and maybe I will either go onboard earlier, later or if I must, stand in line. If I could pay those big fees, I would be like Super Mario and live on the ship! 😀

  3. I like getting my loyalty perks for being a loyal cruiser to Princess- and being Elite – I get those good perks. And I’m booked on the Sky Princess in Jan 2020!

  4. Bruce, have you tried the Haven, or MSC Yacht club? You have to try it, and believe me, having your own area, pool, lounge and restaurant, the extra cost IS WORTH EVERY PENNY (or a bunch of dollars). I do not get off in Jamaica anymore, the port is dangerous and how many fridge magnets do you need, when you can lounge around a semi-empty ship. The ship within a ship is the best thing to happen to cruising in my lifetime. I appreciate a $300 cruise just as much as a $3000, each has their benefits.

  5. I’m a 8 time Ncl cruise passenger. I booked Haven for my 9th cruise on recommend. I’ll enjoy every minute being pampered at sea!

  6. Is there a limit on the number of Priority Passes or can everyone get one? That might defeat the point. Like you, I'm not sure it's worth it. Good news on the Princess Sky. 🙂 Thanks, Bruce!!!

  7. Well in Jamaica at The cruise port you can clearly see the shantytown just the other side of the walls of the cruise port. I actually walked into the town and came right back. It just wasn’t comfortable especially with my wife.

  8. Great update Bruce. Can say a big fat NO on new Norwegian 'upgrade'. Pay more than enough for their cruises, not paying extra and getting nothing special for it.

  9. Thanks for the info, Bruce. We will be sailing on Royal Princess in December to Cayman Islands. The last time we were there it was nothing but chaos!!!! Our Excursion was late which made us late for everything. We may just stay on the ship. Thanks Bruce.

  10. the cayman islands has to many tourists for sure but they do need to get the tenders out of here bring in the piers tenders suck

  11. Great information, Bruce! It sounds like the NCL Priority Pass falls somewhere between Carnival’s Faster to the Fun and Royal Caribbean’s The Key. We would consider the Priority Pass, but agree with that it doesn’t sound incredibly tempting.

  12. Hi Bruce. Enjoy your channel. Wife and I are quite content to enjoy a plain old standard balcony cabin. We are fortunate to be able to cruise once in awhile, albeit on a budget.
    We agree with those who hope the Caymans can continue to stay pristine and not overrun with tourists. Also, our dear friends are fortunate enough to be doing a BTB on the Sky Princess in the coming year. We are envious to say the least. Maybe, God willing, someday we'll be fortunate to do that too. Be well ! 👍👍👍😎

  13. I love tendering at Grand Caymen. I think some of Falmouth's issue is that you really shouldn't leave the fenced area. Other ports we go to, we love to walk around outside the compound. Not Jamaica. All the shops in Falmouth are in every other port. There's just nothing there unless you go on a tour. And I definitely don't want Georgetown to end up the same way!!

  14. Room service on NCL is free for cont breakfast until 10:30. And if you are loyal to a line like I am to NCL and have reached Platinum Plus status, you get all the perks you mentioned for free…..priority tender, embarkation, disembarkation, priority check-in etc etc etc

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