Daily life of a Korean high school student

It’s 7:54 I have to go to school until 8 So I have plenty of time right now That building is my school We have chocolate milks…juice Water obviously…. It’s kinda expensive.. And some jellys, chocolates… So good Thank you~ Warning. Warning. Hot…hot food Song by: Anna Kendrick – Cups (Pitch Perfect’s “When I’m Gone”) It’s Chinese time now. Look at this. It’s so beautiful, isn’t it. Let’s get some Kimchi!~ Annyeong~ We are Yejin’s friends… Hello~ Hey guys! This is Yejin!~ Hello we are Yejin’s friends~ We are in school’s gar-garden When we tired to study We are here come here and take our rest, walk…. I would like to go convenience store -but….
-Why?? Now i don’t have money… I can’t eat snacks…. [watching Harry Potter] [Clapping hands~] Right, schools over and I’m going to have an early dinner… So i’m heading home right now, It’s 11:03

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