Desde el Sideboard #05: Reuniendo a la Legión (English subtitles)

Desde el Sideboard #05: Reuniendo a la Legión (English subtitles)

The first World Magic Cup
Qualifier for Argentina took place in Buenos
Aires on April the 6th More than 200 players battled for
a spot on the national team and a ticket to Amsterdam to represent
the country in early August. With the tournament underway we
took some time to meet a few of the argentinian players that have travelled
all over the world to play Magic. What does travelling to
play Magic mean to you? It is the best way to travel.
Just for playing Magic abroad you are exposed to a
Magic scene that you are not used to, and that’s amazing,
because you can compare how Magic is played at home and
how it’s played elsewhere. I am really doing what Wizard
says: “play the game – see the world” I’ve been going to the US and
Europe twice a year for the last six years to play GPs or Pro Tours. It’s awesome to combine
holidays with Magic, because you get to play Magic all weekend
and then go sightseeing during the week, through Europe, the US, or wherever. Usually these trips end
up being a lot of fun! It was Amazing! For a romantic guy like me,
visiting Paris was a dream. It happened for Worlds and I travelled
with a good friend of mine, it was like a vacation with
friends in Paris for two weeks. I played my first National in 2003,
and I’ve played all of them since. This is my 11th. With my teammates Spampinato and
Calcagno we celebrated an 8th place finish because it was the only time an Argentinian
team cashed in on the team portion of a Worlds. We celebrated it at the
Louvre and it was great! We ended up 8th place and it
was an historical event. We were the only ones to cash in as a team,
that tournament felt almost like a dream. Diego Ostrovich had put us in the spotlight a few
years ago, but afterwards we lost protagonism. We were off the radar at that time. I started travelling for
Magic when I was 15, I came to Buenos Aires for the first
time to play a National Qualifier and I couldn’t make it, but
I grew a lot as a player. Can you tell me what was it like, travelling
because of Magic for the first time? When we went to Rome, the
week before the event I took the time to do some sightseeing
because I’d never been there before. My grandparents were from Italy and
It was a dream of mine to visit Rome. My teammates and I were staying at the same
place and they wouldn’t leave the room, They kept playing Magic. I couldn’t believe it,
They were just not interested. It’s something you can’t miss. My first experience was incredible. I went to Honolulu Hawaii, it was my first Pro Tour,
my first time overseas, a long flight of 28 hours… A huge Pro Tour full of people in a beautiful place…
Finkel knocked me out of day 2… Every time I tell people I went to Hawaii
to play Magic they just can’t believe it. It was in 2001, the venue was
Palais de Glace, for Nationals. Worlds was in Toronto
and I was very young. I enjoyed myself a lot and we stayed for a few weeks
in the city playing some of the local players. I won and I could not believe I was going to a Pro Tour.
The whole experience was unforgettable. I got to travel for free and ended up doing
well and winning some money and had a great time, It was an amazing experience. The matches are winnable. It’s not like you’re facing a Pro
with no chances of beating them, It’s going to be difficult because they
clearly are more experienced than you But that’s the best way to improve your game. Tell us, how did it feel
to represent Argentina? Ever since I started playing competitively and
I learned about travelling because of Magic, Worlds and all the “folklore” surrounding it…
It’s always been my dream. In 2009 I was part of the national team
and I went to Rome with two friends. As a Magic player, it was
the best experience ever. You feel like you are giving
it all for your country, You’re playing with your two teammates
for Argentina, not just for yourself, and that’s a great feeling. I would always wear the Argentinian
footbal jersey when playing Worlds, Playing for the national team was great because
you got to play against other countries, you had a small flag and everything. It’s a way different experience
that’s impossible to find elsewhere. It meant a lot to me. You may think that it’s a game of every man to
himself, that it’s just your name that matters, but when you’re playing in a Worlds match, and your
flag is waving above you, something in you changes. Even if it’s just a game or
something silly for some people; for some of us this is a chance
to represent our country. For any football player, playing in the world
cup is the best thing that can happen to them; It was the same for
me, it was my dream. And I could fulfill it, being
the flagbearer for my country, And every time I would win against someone,
I would check what country they were from. I wasn’t just beating another
player, I was beating a country. I really liked the deck. I thought it was a very
good choice, considering the current metagame. It’s a deck I’ve been playing the whole season, the kind
of deck I usually go for. It gives you more lines of play. I’ve been testing it for 2 months already. I
changed a few cards and today it payed off. The good thing about it, is that nobody sees it coming. It’s very easy to get your opponent to 13 and
then catch them completely off guard with these. I’ve been playing it since it was designed. It’s an aggro deck with late-game,
and I’ve been doing really well with it. I chose to play Junk Reanimator,
designed to beat the mirror match. It was a deck that I was just testing at first,
then I performed pretty well in a few tournaments, and now I got here and I’m doing pretty good! I built this deck for GP Rio, and I did
really well there, so I kept playing with it. Sergio, you just won the first qualifier
for the new World Magic Cup. Tell us a bit about yourself, and
what are your thoughts on the tournament. I’m from Rojas, Buenos Aires,
but currently playing in Rosario. This has been an incredible experience. This is in fact the second qualifier I played
for the World Championship and in all honesty, I can’t believe that I made it to the
finals and won the tournament. There were quite a few difficult matches but
against all odds I managed to pull through and win. Looking back at those 9 rounds,
plus the 3 matches in the top 8, did you ever feel like
this could be YOUR tournament? I felt it in the final match. The last top deck… a mountain. That mountain gave me the match.
If I hadn’t drawn that land… And what did you cast with it? A Hellrider. And I already had 5 creatures in play,
all I had to do was to attack and win the match. And now you’ll get to travel and represent
Argentina in the next World Magic Cup. How do you feel about that? Right now I’m so excited that I can’t even explain it. I’m really excited to represent the country
and getting recognition for Argentina in the international Magic scene, because
it’s a country full of really good players and they all deserve the acknowledgement. They deserve it because
the community has really grown, with bigger tournaments
and more competitive players.

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    Sigan asi! Es bueno encontrar un canal de magic latinoamericano con buena calidad de produccion. Saludos de Costa Rica.

  3. Yo voy a ir a Bolivia este verano. Se que esto video es de Argentina, pero quiero saber. Hay muchos jugadores in Bolivia? No quiero estar aburrido 🙂

  4. Genial el programa como siempre, felicitaciones! (y una gran emoción en el minuto 3:38 ver esa remera!). Abrazo desde Neco!

  5. Muy bueno!!! El equipo se va armando!! Esperemos que puedan llegar lejos en el mundial y traerse el premio mayor!!

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