DIY iPhone tripod Mount

DIY iPhone tripod Mount

Today, I’m going to show you how to make
a very simple iPhone tripod mount that will cost you next to nothing. The iPhone has a great camera and the new
IOS 8 has this great feature that allow you to shoot time-lapses. The only problem is that to make great time
lapse footage with your iphone, you’ll need to fix it on a tripod – and the iphone itself
is not designed to be mounted on a tripod, the way a regular camera is. So… to fix this problem we gonna make a
Simple DIY Tripod Mount. For this project you gonna need: a binder
clip, a wide rubber band and a ¼ 20 nut. To assemble the mount, you’ll also need:
sandpaper, flux, solder, a pencil and a barbecue torch lighter. First, remove all the paint from the bottom
of the clip. This is easy to do with sandpaper. Keep sanding until you have bare metal on
the bottom of your clip. In order to solder the ¼ inch nut to the
bottom of the clip, you’ll need to fix the clip to your workstation so it stands vertically
with the bare metal bottom up. Here I’m using another, bigger clip as a
stand. Next, you need to apply Flux, this will help
the solder stick to the metal. I’m applying it on both the clip and the nut. Now take a piece of solder and wrap it around
a pencil, so that you make it in the shape of a ring. Then, place the ring in between
the nut and the clip. You can use the pencil as a helper to adjust the position of the
nut. Take your barbecue torch lighter and begin heating up the solder. You’ll want
to spread the heat from the torch as evenly as possible around the nut, so keep rotating
the clip. Once the ring of solder has melted under the
nut you can add more solder on the sides as needed. And here is the result. The nut is firmly
attached to the clip. But you’re not done yet. In order to protect
your iphone, we’ll add rubber padding to the clip so doesn’t scratch your phone and
increases the gripp. I used a wide rubber band, like the ones you
find wrapped around broccoli. First, with the clip, clamp the rubber band
right in the middle and wrap the looped ends over the sides of the clip so it stretches
over the metal edges – and that’s it, the rubbing padding is secure. You’re done! To use it, just clip it to
your iphone and screw it on to your tripod. Now go out there and make your standing timelapses and videos with your new, DIY iphone tripod mount. If you like this video and you want to see
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100 Replies to “DIY iPhone tripod Mount”

  1. the pressure from the clip smashes the screen. Plus, it slipped off, went way up in the air, came down & hit my damn face! I'm dead serious! 😲 If you're going to do this, at least wear a welding mask or something that'll cover your face & head. I never thought something like this could get so severe & dangerous. 😓 It makes a great weapon though!👍 It hurt like hell when it slipped & snapped in my face! 😄
    LAWSUIT!!! Just kidding but in americunt, people get sued for dumb shit like this. My stupidity, your loss. 😕

  2. Couldn't you also take the top off the selfie stick and put it on a tripod? I'm not hating, this is a legit question.

  3. Great video! I just finished making a swivel stand myself. Maybe you can stop by my channel and check it out. Good luck!

  4. OH yeah you have to have iPhone you can't have a Android ……….,,………….,……………………….,……………………………………………… yeah it makes mad when they say it has to be for iPhone only .

  5. This is the best way I could say with minimum tools to make it compare to other DIYs. Thanks for a great vdo.

  6. Using solder as an adhesive/primitive form of welding? Just use glue. Far stronger that solder that you can ridiculously easily bend

  7. Hello man I'm a big fan of your videos I always watch your videos can you sub back too me and keep uploading good videos

  8. I made this exact mount, and while it does hold my android securely, the excessive pressure exerted on the screen from the clip prevents the touch commands from functioning. Btw, for those who can't solder or don't have the equipment, you can use 2-part marine epoxy (home depot, $3) as I did, and it works great and the nut is on to stay!

  9. Couldn't you just use the binder clip to hold it up cos the metal things that you use to open the clip look like they could hold it

  10. Awesome video thank man, by the way, i have idea how to make cellphone tripod mount too on my channel, check my channel if you interested

  11. Nice vid! We also made some DIY tripods and reviewed them here for anyone to check out.

  12. Too much pressure on the cell phone. Solder is also weak and frame will separate from the nut. Good video and good project choice but weak ass build and design. Your better at making videos than engineering.

  13. these clips produce too much pressure especially to the screen so be careful . I wouldn't recommend this implementation.

  14. I’m definitely doing this. Although I think I’ll use E6000 instead of solder since I already have that.

  15. Can you put the phone in the vertical position with this? I take pictures of my paintings to post online, and they must be straight. Some of them are taller than they are wide, and the pics need to be taken with phone in vertical position. I see no reason not to, but wanted to check first, since you show it in the horizontal position.

  16. Thanks for your video. Newer ideas because now you can buy a selfie stick for a dollar

  17. I have several tripods from years ago when people used real cameras. I made one of the binder clip tripod adapters described in this video. One minor change I made was to skip the rubber band. Instead I added a thin layer of plastic (using a hot glue gun) to the side of the clip that contacts the screen. Works great.

  18. The nut is a 1/4-20 this information will help a lot since the jackass making this video didn't bother to give that info and superglue will work just fine. Nifty idea though that I will use.

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