DIY: Phone Chest Mount

DIY: Phone Chest Mount

Hey guys, it’s Hannah20001hannaH, and today
we’re gonna be working on how to make this cool mount for your phone. When you’re done,
you’ll have a nice chest mount that will allow you to record both video and audio using
your phone. This is way cheaper than a GoPro. In fact there’s pretty much no cost at all.
All you’re gonna need is a nice ziplock bag, some heavy duty tape (duct tape will work),
scissors, some scotch tape (you can use the normal scotch tape, but I recommend doing the invisible so that you can see your phone screen better) And then you’re gonna need two decently sized rubber bands. The size, I mean it’s up to you. I’d say this size is pretty good. So I’m working with an iPhone 5, but you can do this with pretty much any size phone so there’s no exact measurements; it’s all going to depend on the size of your phone The first thing we’re going to do is figure out how big we’re actually going to need this mount to be

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100 Replies to “DIY: Phone Chest Mount”

  1. PLEASE ANSWER!! On August 25th 2016 I am going to portugal and I really need to know if this will hold for a water slide I have waterproof case but will it hold? PLEASE ANSWER!! Thanks <3

  2. why do people make this so complicated just duck tape all around you and your phone with out the camera and that's it

  3. lol i might not wanna try this when i ride my dirt bike but ill use it all the time for sure with bikes and oother youtube videos! thanks for the aweswome video super helpful!

  4. I just recently made a video on an improvised way to make this using backpack straps btw…. and I linked your video in my description, Thanks

  5. thanks helped a lot I needed one for deer hunting and I'm a kid so I didn't have the money for a real go pro

    i have no phone
    i use my sister's phone
    i make a chest mount for the phone..
    the phone fell..
    and her mouth is UNSTOPABLE..
    but.. i borrowed my brother's phone and after that. it fells too.. and i am just dreaming..(CAN I HAVE 5 LIKES?

  7. Would it work if im doing nerf wars and also can it go outwards off your chest like if your trying to play pokemon go???? Make a chest mount that does what i just said! I dont like it pressed against my chest…

  8. Thank u im a big soccer player as a 12 year old and my plarents wont by me a go pro

  9. Nice for Basic First Person videos. Not recommended for parkour vidros though. I usually use my action camera with mouth mount to do some extreme first person videos like Parkour.

  10. awesome job!!! i used some old shoe laces instead of rubber bands so i could use it for mountain biking. so thanks for this video and giving me the idea!!

  11. I know this is very late, but if anyone wants to use this for sports or anything, I used a canvas belt instead of rubber bands. You just put it on your chest like you would a belt its more secure and it doesnโ€™t restrict shoulder movements โœŒ๐Ÿผ to actually attach the belt I just wrapped tape around the centre of the platlstic bag with the belt underneath (sorry if that doesnโ€™t make sense lmao)

  12. am yeah…. looks like a great ideea but i'm not trusting 2 pieces of rubber band to hold my phone :)))

  13. For any of you out there, i just randomly thought of duct taping the the thing to a belt. Leave the phone in the bag but, dont do the rubber bands. Put duct tape on probably both sides to keep it stable. Also, tape it on the side of the belt that is not touching you with the camera facing opposite of you.

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