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100 Replies to “DO NOT SAY CONTRACTIONS LIKE THIS! Pronounce and use them PROPERLY!”

  1. DON'T FORGET TO COMPLETE THE HOMEWORK! I will be checking 😉
    Sign up to audible for a FREE audiobook :
    Sherlock Holmes book:
    Then download Sherlock Holmes audiobook read by Stephen Fry:
    Or Harry Potter read by Stephen Fry –
    Harry Potter books:
    Or The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Audiobook (easier level)
    And the Curious Incident Book:
    Public Speaking Audiobook:
    Contribute subtitle translations: (have your name displayed under the video and practice your translation skills!)

    Videos mentioned:
    MEET MY FIANCÉ William –
    'Oh /əʊ/ ' sound video as in 'won't' –
    'Air /eə/' sound video as in 'they're' –

  2. I've never actually been hit by a football. Just sayin' (very American I know). I like your vids. Even as an American I would say 'am I not' as it sounds good. A bit snobbish I suppose but who cares? Language is an art. Why should I stoop to the lowest common denominator when speaking? Even Thomas Shelby is eloquent and he's as common as they come.

  3. i speak english completely fine but im watching this,welp i can get to learn more 😀 since i am south african but raised speaking english only

  4. well,i´m looking at you´re video,kinda,but i don´t ear a sound.i think is for one reason: you are not the kind of person people ears…tell you this,i really enkoy the gestures you make with your hand….sorry about the k thing,kboard is messed up,tell you what,you trow me a kboard,ill trow you a like…

  5. lol I though my English was quite good, untill I watched this video. I'd never heard that "I'd" could also mean "I had" besides "I would" for example, also some other contractions were new. I am going to bingewatch to learn more! thank you for your nice videos <3

  6. Hello, I've started following your channel recently, and it's been of great use to me, especially that I'm so into the British accent, I'd fun watching this video, I wish you the best of luck Lucy. (I used a couple of contractions :p )

  7. Please don't use this microphone again, it exports low volume and needs to volume up to hear your lecture while using this microphone. Tons of love LUCY

  8. J'ai du mal à la suivre ,elle ne parle pas de façon assez audible pour des débutants qui ont très peu de notions en anglais …je préfère PAPA INGLISH pour ma part

  9. 5:46 No.3: if you're from Leeds it's probs "couldn't" but said more loosely and lazily as "cun't" which is bad, but funny especially around the grandparents from India who have no idea what the fuck is going on.

  10. I thought contractions were a part of mathematics . Don't remember learning such a thing in English class. Maybe I wasn't listening.

  11. All of my Korean students and acquaintances find an american accent much easier to understand and pronounce. Maybe that should be the first step in the pronunciation process you teach.

  12. The contractions are helpful in spoken English, but I do not understand why some software products display texts where expressions like “we’ll”, “we’re”, “you’ll”, “you’re”, “can’t” and “couldn’t” appear every now and then. Do they try to look cool by doing so?

  13. Hi Lucy, here’s my “short “ story.
    I must say i’ve tried to use the linking words from the previous video. I did two exercises in one.

    Since I was a child. I‘ve used to have some vision problems, consequently I’d to wear glasses and to do some treatments such as a lot of surgeries. My first surgery happened when I was 2 years old, then I had the second one when I was 8 years old and finally I had the third one when I was 12 years old.
    For a long time , as a teenager, curiously, I was satisfied with my own image; nevertheless when I became an adult I’ve spent many years looking at the mirror and feeling awful and absolutely weird.
    Therefore, I’ve decided to do one more surgery as an adult living abroad; moreover, in Germany the medical structure is efficient and made me feel comfortable and safe to take this decision and assume all risks implied to it.
    In short , for a couple of weeks I’ve finally did this complex surgery again. And i must recognise the doctor was very competent and did it effectively. I ‘ve stayed in hospital for 24 hours and came back home in the next day. Now I’m recovering myself by staying comfortable and clean at home and treating my eyes carefully in order to finally have the perfect look I’ve always dreamed for.

    That’s it. I thank you for your wonderful lessons . I’m completely in love with them and studying a lot with my new English teacher.
    You’re great. God bless you!

  14. Rule 1 (don't use more than one contraction) has exceptions. "We'd've", for example. Perfectly correct contraction for "We would have".

  15. Lucy, this comedy routine is hilarious: . The title doesn't make it seem relevant to your video, but starting at about 4:45 and through to the end, the routine is about "the guy who invented contractions". The whole video's worth watching, but from 4:45 on it's very relevant to your video above.

  16. I want to ask. Wath do you think about Selena Gomez pronuntiation on the last song Lose you to love me. Some words sound different from wath I have learned. Thanks!!

  17. Can you explain me. The. (His. Him. /did. Do/Have hat has / That ?). Because I understand your explaining 😊?! Please?!

  18. At 7:25 we have the last letter of the swedish alphabet. The letter Ö… Add an "L" at after that and you get Öl. Now you can go to any pub or bar in sweden and will never get thirsty, but you will get very drunk because of all the beer you just ordered 😉

  19. Jesus Christ, when i saw this in recommended, for some reason, I thought that Piper Perri started to give English classes on YT

  20. Are you trying to manage Spanish language students? or why not to say that? Only because you like the sound or why?

  21. Contractions having multiple meanings is not confusing, the only way to know what they mean is by context. Without context there is no way to know.

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