Hey guys, it’s Ro! I’m gonna be making
a dog haul video today. The last one I made, I think was about a year
ago. So this is gonna be my second dog haul. Because I get so many questions from you guys
about how Cookie is doing? What toys is she playing with? I thought I would share the dog haul video
with you guys. So, let’s start with toys! The first toy that I got for Cookie is a Humunga
Stache Mini. This one is for small dogs, and right on the
front it looks like a mustache and in the back it’s a little ball,
so that when the dog holds it in their mouth it looks like they have a mustache! Just a side note, I found this gift at Healthy
Spot and I’ll put links down below to where I found everything. This hasn’t been used yet, so I can show
you what it looks like when I use it! The second toy…. I couldn’t resist, these are so cute! I found these online, they’re by the company
Haute Diggity Dog! And they’re 2 plushy squeaky toys, and I know
I said I wouldn’t get a squeaky toy for Cookie, but, these were too cute! Look, it says “Starbarks Frenchie Roast”! So those were the toys that she got this week, now
let’s talk travel! I love to travel with Cookie, I bring her
in the car to meetings, or when I run errands, sometimes I just bring her
to the cafe when I have lunch. And, I’m always taking her on walks, so I’m
always looking for really good travel stuff, and I’ve been meaning to get these for a
very long time, I don’t know why it took me a year to get these. But, pop out
travel bowls. They are collapsible travel cups by Popware for Pets. I found these in the store at Healthy Spot,
and, I am so happy I got these. You guys, look at them, they’re flat so
you can put them in the car, or throw them in your purse, or even, they have
these little carabiners, so you can hook ‘em to your little dog leash.
And when you’re on a walk, you can just pop out a little bowl, boop! And give your dog some water! Speaking of going on walks, I got Cookie a
new harness, I’m gonna show you guys her old harness. Not only has she kind of
outgrown it, but, it isn’t the most breathable fabric, it kind of traps in moisture. And this part that goes around her leg is
not in any way bad for her, but it’s not the most comfortable it kind
of has a harsh edge. And I wanted something really soft, really
breathable, so when I was at the store I looked for a harness that would
be a lot comfier. And I found this one! The brand is Puppia, I love these harnesses,
I think they are my favorite dog harnesses. They’re all breathable material,
this is something I would want to wear every day, so I said if I would want to wear it, Cookie would like it. Looking good! Cookie’s jealous I’m wearing her outfit. The third travel item that I got is actually
2 things. Because, some dogs are great swimmers, but
Cookie… Is not! She’s a French Bulldog, and most French
Bulldogs are not great swimmers, some of them actually can’t swim at all.
But Cookie loves the water, and she can swim, I just want to feel safe when she’s
in the water. So, I got her 2 life vests, the first life
jacket that I got is a little bit smaller, the floaties are all around the top. I like the life vests with the handle on the
top, because say you’re out paddle boarding with your dog, you’re going,
you’re going and the doggie wants to jump in and swim around. When it’s
time to go you can just pick her up, put her back on the board. The second life vest that I got her is a little
more heavy duty, it’s for when she wants to go swimming in open
water. This one has a lot more flotation in the front
to hold up her head, which is really important, and it has more foam
all around. So that if there’s a lot of waves, it’s just keeping her afloat, she’s just getting the extra support she
needs! That’s it for travel stuff, now something
kind of random. I got this, this is the one that I like to
use. It’s called The Comfy Cone, for whenever your pet needs a cone. You know,
the medical cone. Usually when you go to the vet they give you
a hard plastic cone to put around their neck. And I really like
this one, I came across it a few months ago, it’s more foamy, it’s
more comfortable, and I noticed that Cookie liked to sleep in it more. So this is just one of my favorite things. And if your dog is recovering or sleeping
and you want it to have a little less structure, to make it even comfier for them,
what you can do is remove these bones right here. It’s just a plastic bone,
and they’re right in between each of the foam, so you can remove a couple
to make it easier to sleep. Maybe I’m an over protective dog mom, but
anything that I give Cookie I like to try myself. I like to make sure, does
this feel good? Yeah. To help Cookie stay clean, I got her some
new shampoos, both of these are organic oatmeal shampoos. And they are for
dogs with itchy or sensitive skin. The French Bulldog breed usually has sensitive
skin, and Cookie is no exception! She does have sensitive skin, so whenever
I’m giving her a bath or we do a little, like, dog shower. Where I sing this song: 🎵Welcome to the dog wash! The dog wash
yeah! Welcome to the dog wash!🎵 This one is just a shampoo and it comes
in a cute little dog bone bottle. And you just take off the top. And it has
a little pump! One thing I really liked about this brand
is it was made with no animal testing. The other one I got is called Comfy Dog, and
it is a shampoo and conditioner and it really makes her fur smell good! I know it’s an oatmeal but it just smells
so good, it’s one of my favorites. Last but not least I got some treats for cookie.
I was looking for some wholesome treats. These ones are by Earth
Family and they are wild salmon wrapped around organic sweet potato! Cookie loves sweet potatoes, they may be one
of her favorite treats. I made her like, little biscuits with them
before and she loves them. So, I found this interesting, I also liked, I read the back
and the ingredients are, Salmon, organic sweet potato, brown rice flour,
organic eggs and olive oil. Alright, that is everything that I got for
this dog haul. Let me know in the comments down below if
there are any cool dog products that I don’t know about that Cookie might
like! And, also let me know if there are any other
types of videos that you would like to see. I hope you enjoyed this haul, bye-bye you
guys! Cookie said she was gonna help me with the
video but then she slept the whole time!

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  1. I have a bulldog and the shampoo we used on him os Selsym Blue for dandruff, so that it is lighter on his sensitive skin

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  3. If you didn't know French bulldog can't swim because there top heavy but some French bulldogs can l.🐢

  4. Oh Em Gee!!! Cookie is so big and adorable the Starbucks toilet and the mustache toy were amazing like if you want another dog haul!!!

  5. please don’t bring your dog to public places unless they are a trained service dog or the area is specifically meant for dogs. it can endanger service dogs and their handlers πŸ™‚

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  7. I will sub to anyone who subs to me 😊 I am just starting my Chanel, it sucks so far. Any views would be great too!

  8. Hi Ro I don’t know if this shop is just in England but I’m pretty sure that they ship world wide . The shop is called millberry hill and they do stuff for loads of animals and they do 100 % meat treats and my dog loves them the chicken chips are amazing xx

  9. I remember watching this before I got my puppy and loving the starbarks toys!! I finally got a puppy and got her one tooπŸ’•

    Feel free to check it out here:

  10. Omg lightbulb you need to get cookie a pet stroller I’d die to see how cute she’d look in it 😝

  11. the orange life jacket she has is from pet smart and im trying to buy my dog a life jacket , has anyone bought the jacket and can you tell me if it works well

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