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Hi everyone, welcome back. Today we are going
to be making a sideboard for our living room. I’m going to give you a very quick peek of
it in Sketchup. It’s always nice to visualise how it’s going to look. Okay, and then as
you can see on that there is going to be no, actually, i’ll show you the finished product
as well. So that’s what it’s going to look like finished. The unit itself, is only going
to have two big cupboard doors so we’ve got maximum storage space inside as its going
to be filled with blu-rays and other bits and bobs. Erm, its kind of, i don’t want to
say junk, but erm, stuff. There’s going to be a lot of things in there. We haven’t put
any drawers in as we will just fill that with rubbish. We’ve got quite a large kitchen and
there is only two of us, and we’ve got a lot of drawers in there so we have a lot of junk
drawers, i don’t know what they are called, man drawers? Battery odds and ends drawers?
Anyway, we’ve got a few of them already so we don’t need anymore. This is primarily about
blu-rays for us, as we’ve got a lot of those. So, this is a little bit different, there’s
no drawers in there, there is, there was a temptation to try drawers but im going to
leave it. I think another project will get those done. There is a lot of firsts on this,
i think i needed reign in it a little bit. Im going to be using MDF, never used that
befor, i’ve now got a circular saw and a track now, never used that before, erm, i’ve never
put door hinges on, never put door handles on, did i mention MDF? Pretty sure i mentioned
MDF, never worked with that. And also, the top of it is going to be made out of european
white oak. Theres going to be three panels i’m going to glue together to form a solid
top, but ive never worked with hardwood before, so it’s going to be a first for me. Don’t
know if glueing it up and sanding it down counts as “working with it” but im going to
be doing that, so i’m going to get cracking and its going to be a long ish video im afraid
as its taking me a while, but i hope you enjoy. If you have any comments, want to subscribe,
hit that button, erm, give me a thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed it. Seriously, if you have
any comments, suggestions or feedback just let me know below. I am still very much learning,
i’ve only been doing this for a year and i’ve had a lot of ups and downs already. But i
am hoping, i am getting slightly better. But yeah, hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching. So apparently, MDF, ways a tonne. Didn’t know that. So that was another first for me. When i was cutting the tapers for the legs,
two things i did wrong. One, i didnt lock this.
So when you’re moving it, it has positive stops, well mine has anyway.
So its got positive stops on the bottom. So, if you put it on zero, it locks in place
quiite nicely. But then, you’re supposed to tighten this.
So when you are on whatever angle, when you get your angle right,
you’re supposed to tighten it. I forgot to tighten it becuase im an idiot.
Erm, and the other thing, that was on the first one, on the second one
I noticed so i went back and did them all again
erm, so they are all a little bit bigger than they should have been
but thats fine And the other thing, im hoping the video picked
it up there was a lot of smoke coming off there
So the smoke can be caused by a couple of things
one of which is, a load of gunk on the blade erm, there is a little bit on this side but
not much and the other one, is it can just be blunt
and this is the same blade i had on when i got it
so i feel its time for a change You can get them sharpened, but for this
cheap, mitre saw and the size of the blade its not worth it
so i’ve bought a budget blade for £14 on amazon
That will do. So i won’t be doing anymore cutting but thats fine.
The frame is done. I Just need to tidy up those bottom tapers a bit.
So im going to do that now, get it all put together, get the frame put together
and we should be able to see what its going to look like.
But yeah, crack on. Now the frames built… … I’ve just realised i put the legs on the wrong way…
**laughs at own stupidity** Well at least its consistant. **keeps laughing at self** What a moron! So here im cutting the door inserts.
Whilst i was doing this, i’ve decided that it was plenty strong enough and the unit was
heavy enough, the 18mm MDF is definetly heavy enough that
i would do the back and the side pieces for the sideboard
as well in this 6mm MDF.
More than strong enough, its kind of just adding structure
if anything. I’ve kept the base as 18mm So thats extra, extra strong
But here im just chopping down the back bit, i didnt record me cutting the sides
but there was nothing special there, same process
But yeah it seems plenty strong enough and 18mm was overkill anyway. It is pinching a bit at the top here
so it wouldnt close So it was coming in and bouncing open.
So what i’ve done is just seen were it, looked at it from the front, if i had some cards
to fit in, you would have seen so i’ve just sanding down this side
and then it closes now. Ok, so im going to knock the camera off now.
What im going to do, is im going to paint everything one coat.
I’ve using the folding sawhorse there, with a scrap of the 18mm MDF which is where
i’ve chopped a little corner off and erm,
i’m going to use that to paint the doors on and im obviously going to paint the unit on
the bench behind me. I’m using an outdoor paint, it’s a white ash
colour, it was the only white ash one that they had
and thats an outdoor paint i dont know, i don’t think its anything particular
special, its waterproof apparently
But yeah, i’ve used it already before, a little tub
and i thought it was really good give it a couple of coats and it looks really nice
if you do one coat you get a nice, sort of, washed out look
on it, if thats what you are into But i’m going to put, probably, at least two
possibly three coats on everything
So i’m going to turn the camera off, do a coat, i’ll show you what it looks like
when im finished, im not expecting to get it all done tonight
its taking me hours to do the doors Erm, but yeah, im going to get cracking because
im going to put some music on i hate painting, i dont know how everyone
else feels about it There is always something you don’t like
and for me its painting, its a bit mundane So i just put some music on
have a bit of a sing song and enjoy myself.
Sort of. So this is it after one coat.
I need to do the doors on the flip side but it just gives you an idea of what you
are looking at I probably should have used some primer
Sorry for the shakey footage Okay, so this has had two coats now
the softwood, has come out beautiful The MDF, sorry about the noise,
a train is going past about a mile away. Erm, the MDF feels a bit rough to be honest
I haven’t painted that before, so that feels a little
theres a few little bits that just scratch off
so, i’m doing a third coat But not because of that
I am doing it because, you’ve got, i dont know if you can see that there
These ones are better So these knots here
So you can see them showing through a little bit
i mean, everything else, is pretty spot on obviously theres a knot there
So i’ll give that a 3rd coat and that should get rid of them
If i can still see any of these knots ill just, once its dry, ill just
literally paint over the knots again that will definitely cover them.
Still debating attaching the bottom, havent got round to that yet
But other than that, it looks pretty good Okay, so here she is after three coats
its come out quite nicely you can’t tell its two different types of
wood which is what i want
when you feel it, you can, but other than that its fine
So you can see the sides there So i just need to paint the other sides of
the doors, get the doors attached and get the top on
So i was going through the footage and i realised i didn’t record me putting the door handles
on. These things. So,
i thought i’d quickly tell you what i did. If you imagine this is the center post
and you’ve got the two doors coming in i attached the doors,
so they were opening and closing perfectly and they arent going to move
and then, i measured half way up and once i’d worked out where halfway was,
held a spirit level, a bigger one than this with markings on,
got that level and then i went halfway on each side of the
doors frame, on the outside of the door frame put a pencil mark
then popped that off left everything still attached,
held my drill nice and straight, drilled a hole through
and then ive got, these come with a bolt, and i’ve added a washer
pop that through from the inside and then just tighten it
from the inside, because its got two little teeth at the back that bite in the wall, wall?
i mean wood. Fastened that up, tightened that up, and then
they are perfect.
So they look beautifully level. Because your doors, if you are anything like
me, your doors arent going to be perfect
and both will exactly match, so if you drill them before
you run the risk of having one wonky and one not
This way, looking at it, it looks perfect. So i’ve used L shape brackets, i’ve put little
ones here, and slightly bigger ones in the middle there
Spaced these out for no reason, just because. So what i did is, i put the
spirit level across and then held the, so i pushed it down with my thumb
and held it with my finger as i’ve attached so thats perfectly level
So yeah, its ready to attach, just waiting for it to finish. **Meows**

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