Ep. 28: RV-Mounted BBQ Grill | RV camping how-to tips & tricks | Grand Adventure

Ep. 28: RV-Mounted BBQ Grill | RV camping how-to tips & tricks | Grand Adventure

Hi, welcome back to Grand Adventure! I’m
your host Marc Guido. We’ve been looking for a better grilling solution for RV
this season. We wanted something that we could mount directly to the RV and leave
it there when traveling, and we’ve actually come up with a great solution.
We’ll show you on this episode of Grand Adventure, so stay tuned. [Grand Adventure theme music] Now, we looked around online and we found
several solutions but none of them were exactly what we wanted – they were big,
they were heavy, they were expensive or maybe you couldn’t leave them on the RV
when traveling. My goal was to free up some basement space and make it a lot
quicker to be able to use the grill, so I wouldn’t have to lug it out of the
basement and plug it into the propane and disconnect and put it away each time
that I used it. My wife had a great idea. She said, “Why
not look at the marine industry?” You know, oftentimes marine products are a lot
better than RV products and in this case it really turned out to work out well
for us. We decided to go with a Magma marine kettle grill. These have literally
been around for decades. They normally mount to the rail of a boat, but I got to
thinking, you know our ladder on the back of our RV isn’t really much different
than a boat, and if a mount can withstand the slamming of a boat into
the water, it certainly ought to be able to handle traveling down the road. So now
we’ve got the kettle grill installed. We’re also running off the low pressure
propane. You can see that the hose goes back to a low pressure fitting on the
side of our trailer. so it’s running off the house propane. That bracket, all you
do is loosen it by hand and it could be swung back against the trailer while
traveling or extended outward into that position while cooking. Let’s head out
into the field and give it a try on the road.
So here we are in the southern Utah desert after a five-hour drive from Salt
Lake City and the grill rode beautifully. iI didn’t work its way loose even
the slightest bit from all the road vibration, including some pretty heavily
wash boarded dirt roads. Speaking of dirt roads, I keep this cover on it while
traveling. That keeps it clean, especially with that dust cloud behind the rig
while you’re traveling down a dirt road. Let me swing this into position and show
you what we do. Just loosen this a little bit by hand and rotate it out away from
the rig for cooking. I’ll take the cover off and I’ll show you. So here it is all set
up for cooking I’ve got the low pressure regulator on here but it also did come
with the one-pound regulator for the one-pound canisters so
I can use that for quick roadside cooking if I want to. The lid is hinged
so that way you don’t have to worry about it falling over, and it doesn’t
take up any additional space to open so it can be right up against anything in
this position. It’s far enough away from the rig that I’m not concerned about any
damage from the heat. It does heat up very quickly. We used it to cook when we
got here on Friday night. I’m extremely happy with this idea! So that’s going to
do it for this episode of Grand Adventure. Tune in next week, we’ll be
exploring this area of southern Utah. We’re in La Verkin. We tried to get onto
Gooseberry Mesa but boy, it’s a busy Easter weekend down here in southern
Utah. Beggars can’t be choosers, and we had to have room for three rigs, so we
got this spot over on Sheep Bridge Road, which you may remember from our Zion
episode. Thank you very much for coming along with us. If you liked this video,
give us a thumbs up down below. If you have any questions or comments about our
grill setup, hit me up in the comments section down below and I’ll be happy to
answer your questions or receive your feedback. If you’re not yet one of our
Grand Adventurers, we’d love to have you along. Please subscribe to the channel!
You can do so by clicking on our YouTube logo right here on the screen. Thank you
very much, and until next time remember: life is nothing but a Grand Adventure.
We’ll see you soon!

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13 Replies to “Ep. 28: RV-Mounted BBQ Grill | RV camping how-to tips & tricks | Grand Adventure”

  1. Great Idea Mark. This would be ideal for people in the UK with Laddered Motorhomes. Thanks for sharing. Phil and Juliet

  2. The downside I hear from users who get a bumper BBQ is that the fat from cooking is getting on the RV AND others say the odor can easily go inside the RV AND that is why they prefer having their BBQ on a table less closer.
    But on the other hand I like the idea of less trouble to set up each time you need it and the the place that is free in the cargo

  3. I was wondering what folks do with their grills when boondocking in bear county.  I can see the potential of the fat residual being an attraction.  I can also see the possibility of a bear damaging the rig if a grill is attached to the trailer.  I recently saw a video were a black bear ripped open a truck bed tonneau cover after the owner had hauled some trash bags earlier in the day.  Seems those bears do not have a whole lot of respect for people's property!  That is a nice grill.  The round shape looks like it will cook evenly.

  4. That's a great Idea … I had a 5th wheel ,with a lot of room for a grill , But now I'm going into a truck camper , with not some much room for stuff , your idea will help out a lot , Thanks

  5. This is a fantastic idea. We're a couple of months from our first RV purchase and I'll be keeping this in mind in the event our RV doesn't already have an exterior grill.

    Also, thank you for taking the time to make your own proper closed captions. The ones generated by YouTube do okay, but the extra effort you put in is very much appreciated.

  6. After one year, how do you feel about the grill? Still happy with the mounting or wished it were different. I would think it might smoke up the back wall some, or get grease spatter on it when you open the lid.
    I was using a small Coleman MAX that actually worked OK despite the poor reviews (its a table top portable unit) but wanting something better, and easier to clean. I have bought a Char Broil Grill2Go X200 Infrared grill. I was wanting something that didn't have food in direct contact with the propane fire. It also is a table top grill and comes with very favorable reviews and comments on the RV forums, except for the cheap china regulator so I went ahead and bought another regulator. (I have not yet used the grill, hope to in a month or so).

  7. How has this grill held up over the time you have had it mounted to the ladder. Still going strong? Thx Marc

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