ESO Luminous Indrik Mount Guide – Get for FREE the Luminous Indrik Mount

ESO Luminous Indrik Mount Guide – Get for FREE the Luminous Indrik Mount

Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today we talk about
the Luminous Indrik Mount for the Elder Scrolls Online. As always you can find timestamps in the Video
description. Every quarter you will will able to acquire
a new unique Indrik Mount. In the first quarter of 2019 we could get
the Berries for the Dawnwood Indrik Mount. Now we can earn the Berries for the Luminious
Indrik, and later this year you have the possibility
to obtain the Black and white Indrik. Before we are able to obtain the Luminous Indrik Mount we need to get first the base Indrik which is named Nascent Indrik Mount. If you already got the Dawnwood Indrik you
have to obtain again the Nascent Indrik too. All year long you will find the 4 needed unique
feathers at the impresario event merchant. [Opaline Indrik Feather, Onyx Indrik Feather
,Gilded Indrik Feather and the Emerald Indrik Feather]
Each feather is avialble for 10 event tickets at the Impresario. You need to obtain each feather once and combine
them, which will add the Nascent Indrik Mount to your collection. Please take a look at my past Indrik video
if you want to know more about the Nascent Indrik Mount. If you want to evolve your Indrik to the Luminous
Indrik you need to buy the needed Berries. Each week of the anniversary Jubilee Event a new Indrik Berry will be added to the Impresario’s stock starting with the Luminous Berries of Bloom
the first week, and then the Luminous Berries of Budding, Luminous Berries of Growth, and Luminous Berries of Ripeness Each Luminous Berry costs 10 event tickets. You need 40 Event Tickets to obtain the Nascent
Indrik Mount and additional 40 Tickets to get all the Luminous
Berries. That means you need in total 80 Tickets to
obtain the Luminous Indrik Mount. After you have collected all four unique Berries
(you only need one of each) you will be able to evolve your Nascent Indrik into a Luminious
Indrik Mount Keep in mind that the anniversary Jubilee
event is the first and only chance to pick up the Indrik Berries to summon the Luminous
Indrik Mount. The Anniversary Jubille event lasts 5 weeks
and ends on May 9 that is the reason why i would recommend you
to buy always first the Berries, since you can only purchase them during the
5 weeks of the Anniversary Event. In case you still need to get another Base
Indrik you can buy the feathers all year long from the Impresario Event Merchant. Of course you can also earn Event Tickets
during the Anniversary Jubilee Event. You just have to use every day once your Jubilee
Cake Memento and eat a piece of cake. and tadaa, you have already earned your 2 Event Tickets. If you want to know more aber the Anniversary
Event, Jubilee Cake Memento,the rewards, double xp and more check out my Anniversary Video
which is linked in the video description. Thanks for watching and it would be wonderful
if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment. Have a nice day and until next time. Tschüss!

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46 Replies to “ESO Luminous Indrik Mount Guide – Get for FREE the Luminous Indrik Mount”

  1. Indrik Guide:
    Anniversary Jubilee Event:
    0:13 Indrik Evoultions
    0:30 Obtain the Nascent Indrik Mount & Luminous Indrik
    1:39 Look on the Luminous Indrik which you can earn during the Anniversary Jubilee Event
    2:12 Event Tickets – Anniversary Jubilee Event

  2. kinda shitty of them that they only release a new berry every week and nicely gate you regarding how many event tickets you can have

  3. So to get the mount I have to use the event tickets to get all four feathers? I thought it was 4 of the same type

  4. Would it be possible to gain all four indrik mounts as collectables? Say you managed to evolve a dawnwood Indrik, you can then buy another set of feathers for another nascent indrik that can be evolved into a luminous one, therefore having both at the same time as seperate mounts?

  5. Question: do the luminous berries vanish week after week from the vendor? Do you need to buy each type of berry each week or you miss your chance? Or do they just slowly unlock in the event store until all 4 are unlocked for purchase by the 4th week?

  6. Your tip about always getting the berries first is a good one. I know a couple people who got feathers first and realized, aghast, that they didn't have enough tickets to get the last dawnwood berry they needed. They had somewhat recently came back so they didn't have enough tickets since they'd missed a couple events already. Heartbreaking.

  7. need 80 tickets can only get 72 tickets not free unless you consider that you get the 4 berries and 2-3 of the feathers(in case you want the pet) and then next event you get the rest of the feathers(if they still using same feathers) but then you potentially sacrificing the chance at the mount from that event unless you buy the berries and wait till the next next event so yeah it "free" but you potentially gunna be waiting a long time

  8. If I understand it correctly, if I started ESO again now I can't buy this event's mount and upgrade it right? I would need 80 tickets for that, but I can only get 72 during the event.

  9. Even if i collect my tickets every day u will only get a total of 70 but u need 80 to buy all berries and the mount itself. Is there a way to get these tickets any other way?

  10. It is so way over my head…. why hype this mount as much as it has been hyped but not fix the incline/decline glitch. I get seasick when riding it in hilly areas and it really looks silly always standing tipped high above the ground both front and back ways. I have many mounts and no other mount does this. I just don't get it?

  11. I have all four berries but it keeps saying that I dont have them all then I realized the first berries I picked up didnt bind for some reason

  12. Imma do this when I get home bc I really need a mount but I have no money people who have a mount are so lucky

  13. so ive only just started playing and i missed the other events. can i now no longer get the luminos mount? i only see onyx berries in the merchant store

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