Estimates Debate – Justice Sector – Committee Stage – Video 6

Estimates Debate – Justice Sector – Committee Stage – Video 6

long before they the sentencing and lately I call cured a degree madam Speaker I just start by acknowledging the mr. Mitchell’s comments on world markets all who did bring me into his speech and talked about my determination as I’m sure will be the same as his and his colleague met King in fact my colleague Ginni Anderson who while not a frontline police officer was a very important part of police work in the policy area because the really important thing is the four of us along with everyone here want to achieve the same thing we actually want the best the best is less people in prison less victims and a safer New Zealand and going on to the comments of the speaker from Hokkaido the Honorable David Bennett he spoke to the minister in the chair at the time the Honorable Kelvin Davis he said he will not achieve this he left a vital word out which is the key to this debate he will not achieve this as mr. corrections he will not achieve it alone and that’s the incredibly important part of where we’re at now because I have come to this house from a 40-year career in and around the justice sector and what actually has happened and for the first time as I’ve seen the ministers particularly the ministers of police the Minister of Corrections the Minister of Justice come through on the Appropriations for the first time of madam chair of understand that we are not going to achieve this by the narrow approach taken which is basically a soft on crime claim which I have to admit is we’re hearing from the opposition now and we’ve heard from opposition’s for time and memorial what that does is focuses down to a tiny part of the criminal justice system that simply means we are so focused so down would have heard it today across the floor that means we can’t see the bigger picture and that prevents us from making sure we do what is that is absolutely necessary I look at that particularly in the previous sub minister and the chair spoke about the need for cooperation between departments nothing so basic as people not being able to leave correction facilities currently because they don’t have housing so what you do you cooperate between the housing that is a very minor example of a sort of cooperation we’re going to need because we again get focused down on the read for what we needed to step back and actually look at what the real problem with crime in New Zealand is now why serious crime is increasing and it is because of the rise of gangs in organized crime and persons not use smartly not used in conjunction with sentencing not used in conjunction with policing and not used in conjunct with justice in other departments just simply means that prisons become actually Ali a part of the aggravating the problem instead of helping it out let me just give you a little example there’s one group of offenders who are the lowest RIA fenders right across the board when they come out of prison they’re very serious offenders its sex offenders now interestingly enough there is a group that funnily enough when they go into prison unlike most prisoners going in there are not forced to join a gang no one wants to know them what it actually means is while it’s not a particularly comfortable stay there it means that they don’t aren’t forced to join a gang for survival while and think nobody wants them and that means that when they then go out in the system unlike much of the jailbait which goes into prison because they’re doing the work for gang members are recruited are forced to get tattoos while they’re in there therefore when they come out it doesn’t matter what other programs they do in there it doesn’t matter what Maori initiatives what any other initiatives we have to help them the gang culture is stronger than any of those initiatives so look back at the very unlikely number of people or group of people who don’t really feel as though six of things so what we’ve got to do is whatever we do it’s got about controlling the gangs and we’re only going to do that by a multi-departmental approach so while the opposite can I make a plea your you’ll want to out compassionate you really want to be part of it a joint joined up sector here please do not allow this to be focused on sentencing because if you do that means nothing we’ve done if eventually you do sorry if the opposition do get back in they all safe face the same issue so the joined-up approach means looking at what the real issue that is facing us today it is gangs it is organized crime if we only in this house talk about sentencing thought about that narrow focus will fail madam chair I wish to take a call

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