Every Committee Ever – Foil Arms and Hog

Every Committee Ever – Foil Arms and Hog

So the annual tennis club dinner is this Feb 15th at the club house And the only item on today’s agenda… Eh shouldn’t take long Is the menu. So simple question along with the vegetarian option Should it be beef Or chicken. What about beef and chicken. It sort of an either or situation. I like pasta. A pasta option would be nice. So these are the options that we’ve been given. From the catering company that we selected. Are there any other catering companies? You remember we had a 6 hour meeting last week Where we finally decided to go with this catering company. Should we get a band? Absolutely. No we can’t afford a band. Who was the band that we heard on the radio earlier? Coldplay? God they were very good. Ye I’m not sure the tennis club can afford Coldplay. What about a murder mystery? We’re not having a murder mystery. I’ll make a note of that in the minutes. If we could return to the dinner options. I thought the chairs last year were very uncomfortable. God Mrs. Moynihan’s back was in bits. And, and not the food options if we could discuss them. Sorry lads is there any chance we could move it to the 12th of March. No we can’t. Sorry the 12th doesn’t suit me Gerry. I could do the 11th. Sorry folks the date has been set for months. So if we could return to just the simple question of Chicken or beef. Mary Butler is allergic to shelfish. Shellfish isn’t an option. Apparently her throat closes over. Oh God that’s awful. I’ll make a note of that in the minutes. We should focus on just the only item on the agenda. While we are on any other business. We are not on any other business. Does the Secretary get to make a speech. No. Should the Secretary get to make a speech. Well if the Secretary gets to make a speech The grass courts maintenance manager gets to make a speech. I tell ya I’ve got a bone to pick with some of the members. There’s Isolde Coveney there. Eh… Ciarán Ahern. Litter. Is a big problem there now. OK so… I won’t name names but… Quick as you can please folks beef or chicken? There was a set of keys found in the car park. Beef or chicken? We’re running dangerously low on urinal cakes. Beef or chicken? There’s house martins nesting in the gutters. Beef or chicken? We need to have a committee WhatsApp group. Guys please! Beef? Or chicken. All those in favour of beef… Chicken? Great. It’s a tie. John you are abstaining? Oh I’m voting for pasta. That’s not an option John. Then the beef. Beef it is then. Would it hurt to ask them? Ask who? Coldplay? Doomdah Hi we’re Foil Arms and Hog, thanks for watching If you want to see us live tonight we are playing in Limerick. So you better hurry. I guess depending on what time you are watching this video at. And then we are over in the UK. That is true, while we are in the UK. The first UK weekend we are playing in… Manchester Playing the Apollo. Fancy! We got Nottingham we got Glasgow And Bournemouth. Our first time ever in Bournemouth. It’s the first time anyone has ever been in Bournemouth. That’s not going to help sell tickets in Bournemouth. You fool! They’ll hate us. Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. They’ll hate buy tickets and they’ll hate watch us. It all counts. We have t-shirts to buy look… Foil Arms and Hog stuff. And you know other merchandise. Online to buy… And stuff, you know, if you want to. Other merchandise. Other merchandise. There’s no cocaine there. Metallica t-shirts. Doomdah.

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100 Replies to “Every Committee Ever – Foil Arms and Hog”

  1. In case you were wondering, here's the order around the table:
    – (Hog) Grass Courts Maintenance Manager
    – (Foil) "Beef AND Chicken" guy
    – (Foil) Advocate for Mary Butler, flower shirt lady
    – (Hog) Secretary [voted beef]
    – (Arms) Leading today's committee meeting
    – (Foil) House Martins guardian [voted chicken]
    – (Hog) WhatsApp group promoter, pink shirt/white vest
    – (Foil) John

  2. Can never remember which one of ye is foil arms or hog, but I heard the guy with the curly hair on a radio ad where it was a couple breaking up.

  3. Wonderful video has always however I can't help but mention that if there's only one item on an 'agenda' it's not an agenda, it's an agendum :). Ps. You make my Thursdays worth making it to!

  4. Coldplay would probably do it you know… They're nice guys and they do enjoy intimate gigs! Might as well ask? 😉

  5. This happens so much at school, we're put in a group and told to discuss ONE THING!!! and my group start talking about discos and people they know. Meanwhile I'm sat there saying "sooo… can we get back on track". Never works 😂. Also, can't wait for the gig on Saturday, it's gonna be such a good evening

  6. As my job revolves around committee logistics, I can so relate to this. Oh the struggle just to get a simple answer! Chicken or beef people?!

  7. I’ve subscribed so you guys four times now and YouTube keeps unsubscribing me. So if you’re wondering why you’re not growing as fast as you should it’s cause YouTube hates you

  8. swimming club committee meeting = me on facebook and Instagram 'researching' a thing I had zero interest in researching

  9. My parents are going to see ye in Castlebar tonight. Can’t go yet because I have a few months til I’m 18 ;-; but once I do hit that age, they won’t be able to hold me back 😀

  10. Don't you guys have castles with dungeons in them where prisoners are chained to stone walls and fed cold gruel when they refuse to choose either BEEF OR CHICKEN??!!

  11. Working the 7am shift for the next two weeks so I'll miss the 9am uploads for the coming two Thursdays :'( can't wait for the belated viewing of the videos though <3

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