This is unfair. Baba, where’s the cheque? [Hey I opened it, I took it] What did you do with it? [I- I cashed it] Baba, you cheated [I swear to god I didn’t cheat] Baba, no one saw you open it. I wake up next morning and it’s open? [Mama did. Mama- Mama did. I was going like that and it opened by itself. See? I can’t even open it now.] Baba, you cheated! [I swear to god I didn’t cheat] So, if you guys don’t know what happened, I put $1500 in this box and I told my dad to open this and he had 24 hours. He struggled and struggled and was not able to do it I wake up this morning, not only is the cheque not in here, but my dad already cashed the cheque but the thing is nobody saw how he got to cheque out. So, he could have got it anyway and no one’s ever gonna know now. [It was open] Yeah, but Baba. [I left it open for you. I didn’t take the money out of it. The box was open, I opened it] You could have got it open in anyway. [I was lucky, it’s by chance] Look I’m not one to hate on my dad, but my dad cheated. [I didn’t cheat] He should have waited and showed me. Let me know what you guys think. Where did the Money go? Did Baba take the money out or did Baba actually open it? Baba, I’m sorry I think you cheated [I swear to God I didn’t cheat] Okay. [I just kept trying and trying, pushing every angle, every way, everything until my hands-] Look at that smile you can even see it, you can even see it. [How could I cheat?] Okay, what are you gonna do with the money? [I cashed it] What are you gonna do with it? [I’m gonna spend it] Muffin do you think Baba cheated? Muffin said you cheated [She loves me, she won’t say that] She said you cheated. [Hi Muffin] [laughter] He probably paid you off to say that huh? Oh, so you guys are a team. You know what? I don’t care, I have an idea. Let’s play a prank on Mohammed. Okay, check this out guys. Baba, here hold the box. Alright, so I just wrote a cheque right here to my brother for $10 but here’s what we’re gonna tell my brother. Baba put it in. Make sure it’s like all the way in. So, my brother is extremely competitive. We’re gonna tell him that we wrote a cheque for $10,000 and put it in that box and his mind is gonna go crazy but here’s the catch. Krazy glue it closed. [Oh, wow] We’re gonna krazy glue the box shut. So, no matter how much my brother tries and struggles. He’s not gonna be able to get in and if he ever does get in, it’s only gonna be $10 and on the note of the cheque I wrote, you got pranked. He’s gonna be mad. Krazy glue it shut. Make sure it’s like, shut shut Baba. You know he’s strong, I never want him to be able to open it [No, he won’t] That’s it? [Yeah] We just gotta let it dry now? [Yeah. Let it dry] Okay, leave it right here. When he comes over we’ll give it to him. How mad do you think he’s gonna get when he’s not able to open it? [laughter] [He’s gonna stay home days and miss work] He’s not gonna sleep. [Yeah] My Brother obsesses over things a lot. So, if you give him a puzzle or if you give him a game and tell him, you can’t do this. He will obsess over it until it’s done So, this way he’s never gonna be able to do it and he is gonna literally combust. Like, go insane Oh, you know what we should? We should go buy another one. So if he hands it to us and says, show me that you can open it. We open the fake one and then show him and then give him back this one. [Yeah, that sounds good] Okay, I’ll go buy one right now. Either I’m seeing things or there’s deer in our backyard right now and it’s definitely staring at me right now. oh Oh my gosh, It’s really staring at me. Muffin, you have to protect us. There’s Deer in the backyard [Go, go, go, go, go, go] Come on, come, on let’s go. Muffin look. There’s Deer. Oh, you wanna go out to fight them? no Muffin it’s okay, they’re not hurting us. Alright Muffin you stay here and protect us, okay? If any Deer try to come in the house, you fight them. Alright, so here it is guys. The Puzzle Box. So, I’m gonna buy this one, so we can have 2 of them. So, if he asks me to open it, I’ll pullout this one instead and you know what guys? My dad doesn’t know this but my dad always does lottery scratchers. So, check this out, there are fake lottery scratchers here. I’m gonna go home and I’m gonna give him this one I’m gonna say, hey Baba I bought a scratcher try your luck but I’ll do it in a very nonchalant way and we’ll see how he reacts, when he thinks that he won. We? So, not only are we pranking Mohammed, we’re also pranking my dad and you know what? We’re not done there. So, check this out. Yesterday Muffin threw up and my mom felt so bad because my mom overfed her snacks. So, I’m gonna put this fake throw up on the ground and tell my mom that muffin threw up. So, I’m getting everybody in the house maybe I’ll buy more stuff and get the kids or something This right here, is salty candy. So, i’m gonna give Ebi and Salah salty candy and see how they react . Now if I still lived in L.A, I would get this for Alex Wasabi right here. This is a fart stopper but Nobody in my house farts, do i can’t get that. These are fake cigarettes, my mom would kill me if I smoked so, I’m gonna get these and prank her one day. This is green mouth candy so I’m gonna get Mohammed when we watch a movie or something tonight. Alright, so this should be enough. I have enough here to get my family for days. First off I’m gonna get Baba. and Mohammed and it’s raining today in Jersey so I’m driving the DOF mobile baby. I didn’t forget about you baby. Now that we did the reveal for the Ferrari. Isn’t it crazy that just a couple of years ago me and you guys were so excited for the reveal for this car? Like, do you guys remember that moment when I had that drone shot coming down and I revealed the wrap and everything? This was a big moment, so I’m still in love with this car man it has a lot of sentimental value to me. Alright, Baba I got the box. So, open this one and I’ll put a fake cheque in there so if he ever asks us to open it we’ll open that one. Okay, Baba here put the fake cheque in there and now if he asks us to open it, We’ll just open that one instead of this one. You think this one is krazy glued already? [Oh yeah] [Try to open it and see] Okay. Oh, no way. It’s krazy glued forever. [I know] There’s no way he’ll open this. Whoo! Now, we just have to give him the box. Baba. [Yes] I stopped by the grocery store and I got scratches you want one? [Okay] Here, I’ll scratch 1, you scratch 1 and then if we win, you have to split the winnings. [Okay] I’ll scratch mine too. Oh, I lost, I didn’t win anything Baba. [You lost?] Yeah. *Mouths* He has no idea [Wow!] What? [Swear to god it’s for real] What? [$10,000!] No you didn’t. [I swear to god, I swear to god] No you didn’t. [$10,000!] You did not Baba, you’re pranking me. [I’m not] Baba, where are you going? You did not win. [$10,000- I swear to ak- th- $10,000!] You didn’t win! [Yeah] [$10,000, $10,000, $10,000] Really? [Swear] Where are you going? [laughter] Ba- I don’t know if he’s pranking us. I’ll check right now, the paper to see if he’s pranking us. [$10,000!] [laughter] Are you serious? [Win I- $10,000!] [yelling] [laughter] See it? Let me see. [$10,000!] Oh my god- okay, let me see, let me see. [$10,000! Match 3. $10,000, $10,000, $10,000] [yelling] You won! You won! Congrats Baba! [Aahh, that’s mine] Save it, save it. Oh, no. I just got myself into a lot of trouble, oh no. Yay! Baba I’ll be right back. [$10,000, $10,000!] Guys, I don’t know what to do. Oh my god, I didn’t expect my dad to get that excited, Oh no, he’s gonna be heartbroken. Now I’m gonna have to give him $10,000 He is ex- I’ve never in my life seen my dad- look. Look, he’s looking at it right now with his glasses. I’ve never seen my dad that excited in my life. Oh my God, he had to take a seat. He’s putting his glasses on. Oh no. [Don’t tell me it’s a fake card] What? [Don’t tell me this is a fake card!] Why? What does it say? [Doesn’t say official or anything. Oh my goodness] What? *Bark sound effect* What? [Valid only in your dream] Ooohh- [You made me freak out for nothing] Baba, I’m sorry I didn’t think you’d get that excited. [Oh god!] Baba, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. [Aaahh] I’m sorry Baba, I’ll make it up to you somehow. [Valid only in your dream!] Baba, I’m gonna make it up to you in the biggest way. You know the Ferrari? I’m gonna make sure we get you the Ferrari I’m sorry Baba. [I thought the sticker was for real] I know, I didn’t think you would get that excited. [We should give it to Mohammed] [laughter] I have more, look how many I got, it was fake, look. [Oh] I have so many. [Oh my god] I’m sorry Baba. [laughter] [I-] [laughter] [I wasn’t- I wasn’t acting or anything. I thought-] I asked my dad I was like, Baba were you serious? And he’s laughing, he’s like, I thought it was real. [No, I thought it was damn real lotto card] I’m sorry Baba. Oh no. Well you’re a champ, you handled it very well. [Oh my god] Oh man, Baba. [laughter] I feel bad guys. Everybody give my dad a big thumbs up for being such a big sport, you can take out your anger on me but at the end of the day it was just a prank and I’ll find a way to make it up for my dad, man [You know what he did for me? He pranked me!] Mohammed, listen to this story, Mama listen to this story. [Okay] Baba won $10,000 when you weren’t home. [Oh my god. You know I don’t take gamble money. It’s all his] He said it yours, he said it yours. [No no, no thank you. I don’t want it] Ebi, you want it? $10,000. [Charity, charity. Give it to charity] You want it? [Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah] [Wow, was he that lucky?] Yeah, Baba won. [No way.] Yeah. [Please, please no. Please, please, please] [Wow, that’s for real] [Yeah] [Wow, I can’t take this money] [He know- he knows I don’t take any gamble money] [Is this a prank?] [No, $10,000] [Why did you do the bottom though?] [No I didn’t. They are- they gonna open it anyway. $10,000, $10,000, $10,000] [So, okay since I don’t take any, any gamble money] [We need to take it to charity. Charity] [It’s a prank, it’s a prank] [Yes, yes, yeah] It’s a prank but you have to see Baba’s reaction when he thought that he won. [Oh] Oh my goodness. [I can’t imagine, I can’t imagine] Oh my goodness. Mohammed, now that you’re here. [Yeah] Mohammed let me tell you this story. So, Baba took out the thing. He cheated. So, I- I put a brand new cheque in here. $10,000 cheque [Okay, I don’t want the money] [Please can I open it?] You can give the money to your kids. [Okay] $10,000 cheque, you guys have to share it. 24hours. [Please can I try opening it?] Yeah, you can help your Baba. [Oh, yeah, yeah] [Stop, stop. Let me play with it for a while] Let him play with it for a while Salah. [Grunts] Salah, if he opens it, he’ll give you $10,000. [Yay] The clock now starts at- Mohammed it’s 7:48 p.m, you have until tomorrow at 7:48 p.m. Challenge accepted? [Challenge accepted] Okay, Ebi I’ll make you a deal. [Okay] If you go pee-pee like a big boy, I’ll give you this candy, you want it? [Yeah] Okay, you have to go pee-pee like a big boy okay? [Okay] Go pee-pee. It’s special Willy-Wonka candy. [Whats-] I only have 2 of them, so who wants it? Mohammed? [Me, me, me] You want it? [Uh-huh] Okay, here. [Thanks] Baba, Salah got the 2nd one, I only have 1 other one now. [I want it] [What flavour is this?] Umm, I don’t know. [It’s probably not good] I didn’t even try it. Oh, Ebi did you go potty? [Yeah] You sure? Okay, here you go. [Thanks] No problem. Enjoy! Do you want it or not? Give it to me if you don’t want it. [No, I’m gonna eat it] Okay. Who’s gonna eat it first? [Me] [Me, me, me] Who’s gonna eat it first? [Me] Uh-oh. Ebi doesn’t know how to open it, give it to sitto, give it to sitto. [I ate it] Oh, Salah at it already. [Oh! Aahh!] [laughter] Baba, give it to Ebi, Baba give it to Ebi. Baba, no give it to Ebi! Baba, give it to Ebi! Ebi, try it, it’s candy! [laughter] [I’m putting it in the garbage] [laughter] [I told you- it’s disgusting!] [laughter] [What was that?] It’s salt. [laughter] Oh man. Ebi’s reaction and Salah’s reaction was so funny. That was funny. Mama give Ebi real candy Oh. [laughter] That was funny. So, my brother is an hour into it and he still has not opened it. [It hasn’t been an hour] Yes it has! You started at 7:30. 1 hour exactly, 8:30. [No, 7:45] 7:30. You have until tomorrow at 7:48 p.m. and to prove it to my brother because he said it was a prank. I took it, opened it and I gave it right back to him. So, now he has proof that that one opens. How are you feeling? [Great] [I did it for 2 days, it took me 2 days] You never did it Baba. [I did, ask Mama] You cheated. [Ask Mama] I’m still- I still think my dad cheated, my dad never opened it. You know what I just realized y’all? I never gave you guys an official house tour yet and how could you guys not have reminded me? Like, look at this chandelier yo! So, you guys need to remind me. I need to do stuff like that with you guys because I want you guys to be apart of the family so a house tour is coming very soon. Also if you saw when I bought the house like back on the Dose of Fousey channel. I initially said that the downstairs basement was gonna be where I lived and where I set up my studio. Well for the last month, they have been renovating downstairs and it’s almost ready to show you guys So, expect a huge reveal of the basement very soon. Remember that video where i said, if you guys helped me and download an app from the App Store, my dad has a chance to get a brand new Ferrari, well that app is officially out. So, in the next couple of videos I will be making a major announcement and asking you guys to download the app. The app is a very, very fun game, 100% free and I’m gonna be so honest with you guys, like I promised always and if the app gets enough downloads and if it makes money. My dad will get a brand new Ferrari. Now I’m not saying We need it by any means but my dad has said that if he does get it, he’s gonna do a huge giveaway for you guys. So, when I do announce the app, if you wanna download it and support. It would be greatly appreciated If not, it’s all good. You don’t have to. I’m just happy that you’re here supporting my family. Thank you to everybody who continuously send us gifts. I can’t wait to open all these new packages I go to the P.O box about 3 times a week. So, tomorrow I will be going to pick up the next round of packages and I will make a day of the week a day, where we open the packages on camera so we can personally thank you guys for the time and effort you guys are putting in to make my family happy. So, if you didn’t know. Every single Wednesday on this channel I do a brand new giveaway. Last week, the Giveaway was for a brand new Hero 5 Black Go-Pro. Today I’m gonna announce the winner. So, there was only 45,934 entries. Now, you might think that’s a lot but each person was allowed to get like, 10 raffle tickets each. So, if you do the math correctly. That’s not a lot. So, you actually have a good chance at winning this raffle . Now today’s raffle is gonna be different than the other one’s. The other ones I personally went and picked the winner but today, a computer is gonna randomly generate the winner. So, if you see your name pop up on the screen right now when I generate the winner. Be sure to dm me on my Kat’s Family Instagram. So, I can ask for your address and send you the prize You guys already saw the picture of the girl who I sent the brand-new iPhone 7plus to but just to prove it to you guys that I’m doing these giveaways 100% legitly. Check this out. This is the box of the brand-new drone that I bought for the winner. I had to send it to my house because I couldn’t ship it to Canada, so now I’m gonna send it to his house but let me show you what’s inside. As you can see, brand-new From the DJI Store straight from the website. Brand new in box just like I promised him. He asked for a red one and let’s see if I delivered. Brand new, still packaged. Spark. That looks white but I’m pretty sure I got him the red one, it should say red on the box let’s check it out Right there! Lava red, brand-new sealed. The reason I’m showing you guys that is because I want to show you that I’m 100% buying these gifts brand new and sending them to you guys. So, you guys don’t think I ask you guys to thumbs up the videos and subscribe and not go through with my giveaways. Like, when i say I’m giving away something on this channel I promise you, I’m giving it away We currently have 529,856 Family Members. Thank you so much to all of you who have subscribed and have been supporting, it’s making my day and it’s making me so excited to post for you guys every single day and just know if you ever want to be eligible to win a giveaway, you have to thumbs up the videos, you have to be subscribed, you have to turn on your post notifications and you have to leave a comment in the comment section below. With a smiley face at the end of your comment. Now, let’s announce the winner to the Go-Pro. Here we go. 1 prize left and it’s only 1 winner. Let me press draw winners and it’s now gonna generate a random Winner. 1 winner, unpicked with 7118 potential users that can win. Wow! You guys know what that means? That mean’s only 7,000 of you entered this giveaway. That’s a huge chance of winning. Like, I used this website last time, that’s a huge chance. So, congratulations to whoever won. Let me know if you liked the giveaways happening this way where the computer randomly picks it? Or if you wanna go back to me picking a random comment in the comment section below. Alright, here we go. Draw. Drawing. 100% Boom. Who won? Bryan Santos congratulations all he had to do was visit the Kat’s Family on Instagram. So, it actually showed me his email, so I’m gonna email him. Now he has to prove to me that he’s subscribed, liked, turned on his post notifications and comment down below and if he completed all of that I’m gonna send him the Brand new Go-Pro Hero 5. As you guys know, I’m giving away brand new cars very soon on this Channel. Stay tuned, the announcements should be coming this week to enter to win the first one. If you haven’t, take a second to subscribe, so you can be eligible For that contest and I do not know what I’m giving away for next week. I will announce it in tomorrow’s video. Now, I know I said I was only posting Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and then it turned into Sundays but don’t hold this against me but I’m gonna try to post every single day for you guys All I ask is, you don’t hold it against me if I miss a day and all I ask is you continuously support, continuously be positive, continuously press the thumbs up button and just keep me motivated and keep me pushing. I know I can do it when I have you guys behind me. So, tomorrow I will tell you guys what prize I’m giving away for next week but until then! F Thank you for being the best family on YouTube and I’ll see you next time. RAAH!

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  1. WELOME BACK KATS! I was almost teary eyed while editing this video. Never had I had so much fun with my family. My favorite part was Ibbi and Saleh reacting to the candy. What was yours? Be sure to THUMBS UP and SUBSCRIBE! πŸ˜€

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    My dad:… THAT DINT COUNT.

    bruh, my baba is so r00d

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