Fifth Harmony Bless Crying ‘Harmonizers’ w/ Free Tickets! | Weekdays at 4pm | #TRL

Fifth Harmony Bless Crying ‘Harmonizers’ w/ Free Tickets! | Weekdays at 4pm | #TRL

we Blessed Up a couple of our
fans– our fans– your fans, -outside earlier.
-(laughter) They’re our fans, I like
to think– who were outside. We’d like to introduce you
to a couple of them. -Come on up, come on up.
-Yeah. Come on, ladies. -Come on.
-Hey! -Hey, friends. -Come on up.
-MATT: You, too, ladies. -Come on, don’t be shy.
Come in. Come say hi to them. -How are you? I love you.
-They are so cute. -Do you see them? -Here, why
don’t you stand next to them. It’s so amazing. Hi, beautiful. How are you? We like to say hello
very intimately. -I love hugs.
-I… What’s your name? -No, no, no, don’t come over
here. -What’s your name? -It’s not our show.
-Gabby. Gabby? What’s your name? -Karen. -Hi.
-Hi, Karen. I love you! -Wait.
-So precious. I have to ask you guys. Okay. I see that
you’re getting emotional. Obviously, this must be
so exciting for you. -But I have to know, like…
-The best fans ever. Did you– when you came today
did you have any idea -that you would be up here
with them? -No, I had no idea. -I didn’t even know if
I was gonna make it… -What? …’cause, oh, my God, I was supposed
to be at work right now, I was on the wait list, and I came
all the way from Brazil. I hear it. I knew
you were from Brazil. Te amo. -TAMARA: You came from Brazil?
-Oh, my gosh! LAUREN:
Brasilera. -Te amo.
-Te amo mucho. -Mucho.
-Aw. -Now, ladies, how does that
make you guys feel, when you guys see, like,
such devotion from your fans? -Cra…
-It’s cra– it’s so insane. She’s literally
from a whole other country and she came over here
to see us. And it’s…
We’re– I’m just so happy that we get
to Bless you Up, girl. This is the best day of my life! Like, I love you girls so–
I’m sorry for my bad English– -I’m sorry…
-No, no. -You’re so cute. Keep doing it. …I was ever gonna have
this moment with you. -Aw. -All right, ladies,
I think you guys may have another surprise
for them, right? -We, ooh, I think we do.
-We do. -We do. -Right?
-Dinah? -Hi, Mom. Dinah, you want to let them know
what their surprise is? You are the reason
why I do everything, like, I left my whole family
in Brazil. Well, you guys
are the whole reason we wake up every single day and work
so hard, so thank you. -ALLY: We got another special
surprise. -(cheering, applause) I love you so much. I think Lauren wants
to say something. Right, Dinah?
We have a surprise for you. -For me? -We have a surprise for
you, and you, too, of course. We love our fans so much that we actually have
a surprise for them. We’ve hooked you up
with two tickets tonight. -No way! -To tonight’s TIDAL
benefit show at Barclays Center. TAMARA:
Guys, everyone at home can watch
the livestream concert and donate to help
natural disaster relief, and recovery efforts
on (cheering, applause) Ladies, I know you’re kind
of taking this in right now… (chuckles) I’m getting emotional
just watching this. -Oh, cute. -Ladies, I know
you’re kind of taking this in right now,
but what does that mean to you, to be able
to see them perform tonight? Oh, God, it’s everything. Like, I love these girls
so much. Like, I dedicated, like…
Like, they’re, like, everything to me. Like, my world, like,
literally revolves around them. -(cheering and applause) -Thank
you so much. -All right, girls. Girls, thank you so much. Have an amazing time
at the show tonight.

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100 Replies to “Fifth Harmony Bless Crying ‘Harmonizers’ w/ Free Tickets! | Weekdays at 4pm | #TRL”

  1. Imagínate viajar de tan lejos y tengas la fortuna de abrazarlas, hablarles OMG_!!!! Cuando tenga esa suerte no bañaré en tres días.

  2. llanto incontrolable!!!!…. quiero ser Karen para que Normani me abrace, descansar mi cabeza en su pecho y jamás soltarla.

  3. Owwwwwwwnnn. Tão fofo quando elas viram que a menina era brasileira e começaram a falar "eu te amo" e "é brasileira"… ME APAIXONO TODO DIA POR ELAS 😍😍😍

  4. Hvj dioxide
    True ufkffkfkfk, k fork, rryrkfovvudv6grvrf.rvlrvorvirvkrl, d,,died, died, ,died, doddle, doddle, it good
    Irkrkrorkeodiejeijtjt, Irkrkrorkeodiejeijtjt, Irkrkrorkeodiejeijtjt, rkdfddisyfbll, r,,d

  5. one of my wishlist is to happen to my life like what i watched in this video (sorry for bad english, filipino harmo here)

  6. aww ..Lauren looks left out …the girls at with Dinah ..Ally and Mani..
    and Lauren is at the can see that she cares ..she just seems left out at the end

  7. Ally is so sweet well as the other girls
    Ally looked like she was gonna cry
    ..I wish I could meet them especially Ally ..

  8. Huhu i literally cried 😭😭😭😭😭 I really understand their feelings cuz if i were them in that situation , i d also cry like that . 5H is my life and they brought to my whole world everything , they are my inspirations, my life that i never stop loving and supporting them !

  9. queria abraço Lauren todos meninas fifth harmony ou deus queria meninas abraço fifth harmony 😍😭😭

  10. Imagine how did these girls react when they've known that Fifth Harmony weren't together anymore….

    (sorry for bad english)

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