Five things to know about the Committee on social dialogue and tripartism

Five things to know about the Committee on social dialogue and tripartism

Social dialogue is central to the ILO: It is embedded in all international labour standards and the Decent Work Agenda. This year the International Labour Conference will discuss the subject
of social dialogue and tripartism; this discussion is being held in the framework
of the follow up to the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a fair Globalisation of 2008; and it is the second recurrent discussion
on this theme since 2013. As the organization approaches its centenary – which will be celebrated in 2019 – the discussion offers an opportunity
to member States and the social partners to renew their commitment towards
the principles of social dialogue and tripartism as key tools of democratic governance
of the world of work. Social dialogue is both a means to achieve social and economic progress and an end in itself, giving people a voice and a stake in their work places and in their societies. The ILC committee will review trends and developments concerning all forms of social dialogue
including tripartite social dialogue, collective bargaining, work place cooperation as well as mechanisms for the prevention
and resolution of labour disputes. It will also review recent developments
concerning cross border social dialogue. Delegates will discuss how the rapid
and deep changes at play in the world of work including increasing inequality and vulnerabilities, the expansion of informal economy as well as the development
of new forms of employment are impacting social dialogue actors and institutions. It will be interesting to see how tripartite
actors are adjusting, or should be adjusting, in order to cope with these changes and the challenges they pose
not only to them but also to society at large. Delegates will also attempt
to address the question of how to maintain the relevance of social dialogue through the enhancement of its effectiveness and impact as a problem solving mechanism and an important tool
for promoting labour rights, improving wages and working conditions and enhancing enterprise sustainability
with the support of the organization. It is expected that the Committee
will adopt conclusions that will guide the action of the ILO
and its constituents in the years to come with the view to advancing the strategic objective
of social dialogue and tripartism, including in the framework of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, and in the process of the on-going UN reform. International Labour Organization (ILO)

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