Fortress Antonia and the True Temple Mount Location

Fortress Antonia and the True Temple Mount Location

When people seek to look backward in
time, there is a common lens available to look backwards from, and millions upon
millions of people have used it. The time lens is located at the Israeli Museum.
The lens is a miniature rendering of the city of Jerusalem in the first century.
The model came from the creative mind of the late Avi Yonah
and in 1973 it was his view of first century Jerusalem and what it
looked like then. Today, it remains the world’s most authoritative
representation of how Jerusalem and the temple looked in those days. But is it
accurate? To date, no one has ever questioned its accuracy nor its
authenticity. Take a close look at the size, location
and design of the Antonia fortress. Compared to the temple area, the fortress
of Antonia is very small. While Avi Yonah claims he derived his model’s design from
the writings of Flavius Josephus, on closer examination of the writings of
Josephus we will find enormous discrepancies between Avi’s model and
the actual writings of the eyewitness account of Flavius Josephus. When
Josephus talked about the Antonia fortress, he said when you approached
from the North which is what we’re doing now (this is the northern wall of the
Haram or the Temple Mount) he said that the Antonia fortress was so big that it
even obstructed your view of the temple. If the Antonia fortress was to the west
and as small as Avi Yonah created it to be then it doesn’t fit the message
of Flavius Josephus. You could not see the temple from this direction as you
approach the north wall. Now as to the fortress Antonia the inward parts of the
largeness and form of a palace it being parted into all kinds of rooms and other
conveniences such as courts and places for bathing and broad spaces
for camps in so much that by having all the conveniences in cities wanted it
might seem to be composed of several cities but by its magnificence it seemed
a palace. –Flavius Josephus, Wars of the Jews A stream of Muslim people are getting
ready to go up on top of the Haram so we’re going to go through this Lions
Gate which feeds on to the Via della Rossa which I think means the way of
grief. That’s according to the Greeks. David, one of the things that grieves me
to the my bones is how they have displayed this Temple Mount model along
with the Antonia Fortress and this Yonah guy that claims that he used
Flavius Josephus’ statements and specifications wherewith to design his
model. But I’ve read Flavius Josephus’ explanation for the Antonia
Fortress specifically and what he says is not anywhere close to the
way the the model that Yonah designed looked. I think the first thing that
comes to my mind concerning the size of his Antonia, Yonah’s Antonia is that
it’s really small. Yeah you know it just doesn’t look like it could contain the
the numerous troops of the of the 10th Legion. Yeah Josephus says that it
contained Antonia was able to contain a tagma, a legion of troops and it’s
interesting that even the English translations change that word from
Legion where it is everywhere else in Josephus and they change it to cohort
which has no relationship to the original greek. Term so it’s just amazing
it’s not just the descriptors those who describe graphically or through modeling
portraits Antonia but also those who do the translations and not only that it’s
not it’s everybody it seems like it’s in and all the his model is and all the
encyclopedias all the religious literature it’s kind of like the lens
even the layman uses to look back into the first century. But that lens is is
flawed Josephus said that it was larger and
more massive than the temple and this meant the entire expanse as well. It wasn’t
it’s 35 acres up there. Wasn’t that the size of the average Roman fort about 35
of the time that Herod built it. Yes all the forts were modeled after a certain
template correct and and the Antonia fortress was even though it was
trapezoidal most of the fortresses were rectangular and this is
a little bit off but it still was basically in terms of acreage the same
the same size right. Herod made accommodation for the geology of the
area which is normal yeah and and he wasn’t specifically a Roman but we can
be assured that he used the best Roman architects and the best Roman
construction methods to build this massive massive structure, much larger
than the temple

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26 Replies to “Fortress Antonia and the True Temple Mount Location”

  1. The New Testament Temple is NOT a Physical Building anymore, the Temple of God is the Church : the Body of Believers.
    So a Physical Building Built anywhere will NEVER be the Temple of God, the Veil was Torn Remember….?. And the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ was the Perfect and LAST Sacrifice, that Ended the Need for ALL Animal Sacrifices. You are Fooled by Jesuit Futurism, the ANTICHRIST is the Dynasty of the Popes that have Killed 50 Million Christians in their Centuries Long Inquisitions. They Claim the Popes to be the Replacement of Christ, God on Earth : BLASPHEMY. And yes the Papacy is Revived and Uniting the Worlds Religions under its Authority, and Uniting the Governments under the U.N. for the Global ANTICHRIST System. God bless

  2. I watched the documentary, and it is really a well-done documentary. As for Ron Wyatt, the Tomb being in that garden location does seem right to me. I am not convinced about Wyatt's claims about the crucifixion site, though (and the Ark underneath being that close nearby to the Garden). I think it was on the south side of the Mount of Olives for a variety of reasons, including that it was still considered Temple grounds (that people were punished where the perceived "offense" occurred and it also being outside the city, and having a view to the Temple). All glory and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for giving his life to redeem us from our sins.

  3. Didn't Josephus also say that the Antonia Fortress was demolished down to it's foundations, and that the pool of Bethesda was to the EAST of the fortress?

  4. When they find where the holy of holies 99.9% will never know, they will build where it needs to be and could be already done and when the time comes the ark won't be until the second coming….. Isreal will flee one more time yet the antichrist will be there until the time Isreal understands Jesus is apart of what was said in Genisis

  5. Please, someone tell me what are the exact chapter and verse numbers in the Book of Maccabees that give the written documentation proof about what Ken Klein states that (1) the second Holy Jerusalem Temple was torn down and completely rebuilt to purify it by the Maccabees, and (2) today's present Israeli Temple Mount area consists of fill in dirt and earth that came from the lowering of the height of Mt. Zion.

  6. What about the stone they found by the wall with the hebrew inscription of 'trumpeting place' on it? I'm not sold on either theory, but haven't heard anyone address this yet.

  7. Jews were not to worship on any high place, ( bamam) ever since Exodus 19. Moses had to bring the Tent of the Meeting to a low place, and God had to come down from the summit of Sinai to come down to see and meet in the Tabernacle . So the Moriah outcropping is a high place for kings, no doubt, and a place for the War of the Angels , over a god of fortresses, spoken of by Daniel the Prophet , and all of that, but the Temple would be at a lower plateau by the foundations of the design agreed to by Moses intervening for the Jews. So no Jew is to go up the Moriah summit , the outcropping of rock is the "Footstool" but the Temple was down the stairs from this higher summit that Solomon had his porch and stables, often called the Stairs of Ahaz. The real Temple would be coordinated as an east to west directive of the rising sun on Nissan One, or Easter at day break , for a solemn procession from the Jewish Cemetery to the Jewish Quarter by the Ophel and Gihon spring outlet that runs as a brook. David walked the Pedagogic fashion of Psalms 23 and Psalms 110 as guided by the pointing of the shadow of the rising sun over Mt of Olives cast forth by holding up the Rod and Staff of the Priest , the procession went from the graves , where the Lord would raise the dead, and cross the valley of dry bones, connecting to Ezekiel 37 and using cartographical surveys pared to Deuteronomy 33 and elsewhere, a code of sighting or spying out the land, given to Caleb and Joshua . So David walked by the long shadow of the Easter Sunrise east to west from the cemetery to the Temple, and finished Psalms 23, and then added " He will drink from a brook by the way, from there he shall lift up his head" This means, the Messiah alites on the Mt of Olives in the midst of the Graves, and the Dead rise, as prophesied in Ezekiel 37 They proceed in the solemn procession along the way of the Lord by the shadow over the valley of Kidron , to the Gihon spring outlet running as a brook ,to take a drink of the living waters, and see there the stairway up the Zion hill, to the Temple. keeping the straight path by the Sun's dawning over them , the long shadow the directive.
    The disinformation and misinformation was intentionally done by the suggestion of the sign God gave to move the Shadow of the Sun back ten steps upon the stairs of Ahaz , showing a stumbling stone or entrapment, to move the site to the high ground of Moriah by the Dome of the Rock, since there it is like the Summit of Mt Sinai , where the thunderings and lightning bolts resembled a War of the Angels in Heaven . Because of the terror, Moses agreed to be helpful to the Jews, they did not have to go up the High Place and now Moses moved the Tabernacle down low for easy access , and that corresponding data is the code for how to select the Temple site. You go out on the First Day , the Sun dawns, the long shadow casts as you hold up the poles and you say "Yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil , for Thou art with me, Thy Rod and Thy Staff they comfort me…. and I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever" That is the pedagogic style of procession and prayer singing. This area in Mt. of Olives is where Jesus ascended and to come back , it is near a fault line , and it is just east of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of David, facing to the east as the sun rises, the tombs of the Jews. The Dry Bones prophesy of Ezekiel 37 suggests a coming catastrophe of the Jewish graves being defiled and the dead bones being dumped in the Kidron Valley. So when the Messiah comes and alites on the Mount of Olives, on the First Day , EASTER SUNDAY , ( every 50th year the Passover lines up to meet Easter Sunday, as the Full Moon he night before, the Morning Star in the gap as the Moon wanes ,and then the Sun rises, giving the long shadow over the valley.) Holding up the Rod and Staff, they permit the Sun to cast forth the shadow like a pointing finger of God. Then walk the walk of Psalms 23 and add Psalms 110 when the Messiah walks the same path as David, he is Eternal Melchizedek come to raise the dry bones , the dead rise and all proceed along the way to the brook and take a drink and see the stairway going uphill to the Temple . The Temple would not be on the summit, but Solomon's Palace would be there ,and Fort Antonia is that same palace grounds, right for a king to go up , because Moses ,Aaron and Joshua went up the summit of Sinai ,but the Jews were terrified. The Jews were to prepare for three days, and not have sex, but wash themselves . So the last days Messianic Jews who might be able to go up the Mount to the High Place, would refrain from sex, and be celibate, and resemble the behavior of the 144,000 virgin Jews, who follow the law of Moses not to have sex in preparation to go up to meet God in the Air. Exodus 19. The fulfillment is in Hosea 6 all about THE THIRD DAY. But for the Jews, Moses brought the TENT down low and the Lord, who came from the HIgh Place of His Footstool ,always then came down to the Temple, to meet with the services there. The High Place will be a fortress god, like Jesus said "When you see the Abomination of Desolation standing in the High Place, where it ought not be, then flee Jerusalem "
    If in Exodus 19 the Jews had prepared as Moses instructed and went up Sinai to the Summit, then the Jews would have had a tradition to worship on a high place, but due to the outcomes in Exodus 19 the Jews had a rule , warned about by God, not to visit the BAMAM or HIGH PLACE to offer sacrifices there, they had to conform to the Tradition of what the Exodus taught , and the Temple would not be on the highest summit, it would be on a lower plateau, where the Jews came up and God came down, a place between Heaven and Earth. But if you put the Temple on the High Place, it is a "Abomination of Desolation" a war cry for the War of the Angels, and the Judgment Day on the High Place. The Antichrist will worship a god of fortresses that the fathers never knew, that means the Jews knew not to go up any high place to worship, the Tabernacle was on a low hill, and that God's place upon the footstool was the Dome of the Rock , where once stood a Catholic Church called "The Temple of Wisdom".

  8. So sad…Hezekiah redirected the waters of the gihon to protect the water source from the Assyrians. Why no worry for the temple? Because it was already within the city walls…so simple. When Babylon came against Israel when was the temple destroyed? When they broke through the city walls. So sad so sad

  9. I learned a long time ago by i dont know who that the mosque is right there where the temple used to be . its also logical …

  10. How ironic. Rome dominated Israel and Jerusalem from the very walls they now pray. Today Islam sits upon that fortress and the walls that were obviously a Roman fort. The Bible indicates that the current Jewish tradition is wrong.

  11. A. If the pagan temple is where it was then why did God allow the pagan temple to be built there.
    B. Where is the water?
    C. The Area next to the temple had to be large enough for Solomons house and his wifes, and where he judged the people.
    D. Solomons house was built where King Davids was, and that was on high ground as he was able to see his wife bathing.

  12. No one knows where the temple was. It was destroyed and no jew lived there as they were taken away to be slaves. The wall the jews pray at was rebuild many years after they returned. That wall was not part of the temple.

  13. American Indiana jones should let that in hollywood to the movies. To tell the jews that they dont know where the temple ones was is so pathetic and Christian's that fall for this nonsense just tell you in what times we live. Unbelievable nonsense but that's where the church stands now. We really life in the last times to come.

  14. The following from "Wars of the Jews", by Josephus, Book 6, Chapter 4, section 5, proves at least part of Fort Antonia remained on the day the temple was destroyed.
    Where is that part of Fort Antonia today?

    "5. So Titus retired into the tower of Antonia, and resolved to storm the temple the next day, early in the morning, with his whole army, and to encamp round about the holy house. But as for that house, God had, for certain, long ago doomed it to the fire; and now that fatal day was come, according to the revolution of ages; it was the tenth day of the month Lous, [Ab,] upon which it was formerly burnt by the king of Babylon; although these flames took their rise from the Jews themselves, and were occasioned by them; for upon Titus’s retiring, the seditious lay still for a little while, and then attacked the Romans again, when those that guarded the holy house fought with those that quenched the fire that was burning the inner [court of the] temple; but these Romans put the Jews to flight, and proceeded as far as the holy house itself. At which time one of the soldiers, without staying for any orders, and without any concern or dread upon him at so great an undertaking, and being hurried on by a certain divine fury, snatched somewhat out of the materials that were on fire, and being lifted up by another soldier, he set fire to a golden window, through which there was a passage to the rooms that were round about the holy house, on the north side of it. As the flames went upward, the Jews made a great clamor, such as so mighty an affliction required, and ran together to prevent it; and now they spared not their lives any longer, nor suffered any thing to restrain their force, since that holy house was perishing, for whose sake it was that they kept such a guard about it."

    Watch the YouTube video… The "Temple Mount" is Roman Fort Antonia, by Leeland Jones, to see the truth with your own eyes.


  15. Just had to ask my dad who was born in Israel and is Jewish. He knows it’s not the actual wall of the temple, he said the temple was completely destroyed just as Jesus said. I think most Jews do not deny this so idk why videos like this are purposefully or ignorantly trying to make us look crazy. Maybe there are a few histrionics out there but most of us know. We pray there because the stones are from the wall entering the temple compound, those large stones aren’t Roman. Please pray for my people to all come to Jesus.

  16. I recently read the account by Josephus of the 70 AD siege of Jerusalem. He calls it the "tower of Antonia" every time in the translation I read. It had a tower at each corner, one being much higher. It was a very self sufficient place. But nothing about the description sounds like it is talking about a 35 acre area. In fact in the siege, Titus has it all torn down. Read it yourself. By my research the 10th Legion did not occupy Jerusalem until AFTER the 70 AD siege. There had been no legion in Jerusalem for some time before the siege, because the Jews had gained full control there. Please show us evidence that the Romans had a full legion in the city of Jerusalem earlier.

  17. The Temple Mount was the home of the garrisoned Xth Roman Legion (hard evidence such as the size of the fortress measuring nearly exactly the same as other 1st century Roman fortresses). The model is just wrong on nearly every level. There are no Cardos!!!!!! There were two distinctive Cardos as well as the excavations in the LOWER City of David show stepped pavements and dwellings – as well as the discovered and massive Pool of Siloam. However, Josephus clearly stated that Jerusalem was UTTERLY DESTROYED with the exception of the Roman Fortress (so the Romans then bent on obliteration would destroy THEIR Fortress and leave the Temple Mount???!!!!). Josephus also stated the Temple was on the UPPER City of David and supplied by the Gihon (not by an unclean Roman aqueduct). Mount Moriah was directly above the Citadel of David (Mt Zion today). The Temple would have been a NSEW orientation not far from the Western Cardo and what was once the Nea Church.

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